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Neon BlushChanel Rouge Coco lipshine, J.O.A. button-up, Adornmonde earrings

Swayed by my anxiety surrounding recent events, I've been desperately trying to meditate and write my thoughts in order to cope. I haven't had the energy or wanted to expend any energy in making frivolous fashion decisions. So as it turns out, at the very least, life seems to *feel* much easier (or the days seem easier to get by) being a serious repeat outfit offender-- no seconds spared to decide which tops go with which trousers, or what to layer under or over. For the sake of sanity, I am, however, learning to discover the mood-boosting abilities of a brightening lip color and the beauty of flora... however fleeting.


Home comforts


Neon BlushDiptyque scented oval, Marvis toothpaste, Aesop hand wash

I've always been a bit of a homebody but as of late I've been truly relishing the comforts of home... especially when it comes to some R&R time. It could have something to do with aging or settling into a new place and filtering out skin/bath products that I just don't care for, though it is no secret that quality home goods and dreamy scents have a special way of not only relieving stress, but also elevating my surroundings in general. Below are some tools and products currently making me feel perfectly fine with nesting for days:


Summer sateen


Fleur du Mal top, Lavish Alice skirt, Elizabeth and James bag (similar), RAEN sunglasses, Adornmonde earrings, VANS sneakers

This hot weather has got me repeating this silk and satin set for days, like, really-- I wore this exact ensemble three days straight. It's perfectly slinky and draped in all the right places so there's room to breathe and more at ease. Elevated with some gold hoops and made casual with trusty sneakers, it's the ideal get-up for comfortably getting through humid summer days.


Peaches and cream


Neon Blush, food and photography, summer salad ideas, peaches
The combination of a ripened peach sitting on a cloud of fresh burrata is high up on my list of some of the best things to eat, like, EVER. Aside from longer days, peaches are the things I appreciate most about summers- they are delicious on their own, they make the most divine pies, and they also make savory salads that much more enjoyable (and a tad sweet). If you haven't tried this combination before and would like an easy, delicious and light lunch, here are the contents you'd need to just mix together:

1 - peach, sliced
1 ball - burrata, opened
2 handfuls - salad spring mix (romaine, arugula, radicchio, mizuna, spinach, parsley, dill, cilantro)
5-8 - heirloom tomatoes, halved
splash of balsamic vinegar
pinch of salt and lots of pepper

Bon appetit!


Dried tangerines


Neon Blush, makeup, NARS liquid blush Torrid, Chanel Rouge Coco lipstick, Giorgio Armani mascara, SEPHORA, J.Hannah nail polish Ghost Ranch, Smashbox eyebrow powder, Marc Jacobs eyeshadow paletteRéalisation Par handkerchief, Staud top, J.Hannah earrings

This summer, if I'm not bare-faced you can find me in warm, golden hues--

Brows: Smashbox brow tech shaping powder is one of my favorite brow products. It's kind of tricky, though- the applicator is finicky and sometimes deposits a lot of product, and sometimes doesn't. I can never tell if one flick of the wand will let loose a bunch of powder onto unwanted areas, but the few times I do get it right (and when I clean it up), I'm pretty happy with this. It does what it says it does: it adds natural looking volume and really does stay on all day long (without turning your brows oily later in the day).

Eyes: I used all but two of the shades in this Marc Jacobs eye-conic eyeshadow palette. I love MJ's shadow palettes- they're pigmented, usually packed with all the right warm tones with a hint of fun color, and can easily be worn as liner. A mix of matted base colors, a swipe of a metallic-y muted orange, and a thin line of wet black lamé. Top off with one layer of Giorgio Armani Black Ecstasy mascara, a great formula that glides right on for full but natural-looking lashes.

Cheeks: I like putting on two shades of blush, not for any other reason than the fact that I feel like it looks slightly more natural than one large flush of a single hue. NARS liquid blush in "Luster" and "Torrid" are my go-tos this summer; the combo is just the perfect amount of peach with the right amount of luster for a hot day.

Lips: as echoed in many of my previous beauty posts, I'm not much of a lip-wearer. I appreciate lipstick on other girls, but for some reason the feeling of anything on my lips makes me feel super self-conscious. That is, until I started wearing Chanel (474 - Daylight here to be exact). Their formula is pleasantly and surprisingly hydrating, and rich but lightweight all at once. Chanel, you've got a convert.

Nails: polish and color of the season, "Ghost Ranch" from J.Hannah.


Like honey and wheat


Neon Blush, Jenny Ong, Realisation Par, Rachel Comey shoes, The Dreslyn, Los Angeles, Heidi Klein woven straw bag, silk scarf, lips handkerchiefAYR sleeveless blazer and jeans, Rachel Comey shoes, Heidi Klein bag and Réalisation Par scarf

I'm pretty sure I've used this Réalisation Par handkerchief every single day for the past two weeks now- there is something to be said about a small accessory that can be used day in/day out and pull the entire look together every time. Not certain if I'm just drawn to its versatility or if I'm really feeling the hints of red that pop the other slivers of honey and wheat right now. Maybe it's both, or maybe I'm turning a new leaf in favor of colors.


Triple threat


Neon Blush, NARS cosmetics, Glossier, Into the Gloss, lipstick as eyeshadow, pinkish tones, Too CooL For School lip balm tint, lip tint, Sephora, ILIA natural makeup SPF, lip balm with sunscreen, MAC lipstick nude matte
As of late, I've been really into that monochrome pink look-- the same shade on your lids, your cheekbones and right below the bow of your lips, but perhaps in different finishes. Below are some of my tried and true favorites tripling as lip tints, cheek stains, and eyeshadow:

NARS has a great set of liquid blush (in 'Torrid', 'Luster', and 'Dolce Vita' here) that are easily blended and build-able (a little goes a long way, so be very conservative when dispensing). I like these as bases for my cheeks and eyelids. My go-to lip products come in matte and glossy finishes: MAC Liptensity lipstick in 'Doe' and ILIA tinted lip conditioner in 'Darlin' swipe on matte, and Too Cool For School lip balm in 'Spilled Wine' and 'Peach Melba', Glossier balm dotcom in 'cherry' are balmy so they come on shiny. With the sheer, glossy product, I like to swipe a bit on the top of my cheekbones and middle of my lids to give a fresh pop. And last but not least, Smashbox L.A. Lights lip/cheek color in 'Silver Lake Sunset' is true to its name and provides a beautiful, glimmering pink perfect for a whimsical, summery look.


Of myself


Neon Blush, Jenny Ong, SK-II, SKII, skincare, Los Angeles, beauty and fashion bloggerZara corset and slides, Bassike trousers (similar), RAEN sunglasses (similar)

As a woman, the idea of self-worth has always intrigued me-- what freedoms does it grant, what are its bounds (when there should be no bounds?), what does it mean within the scope of society? Whenever I'm consoling a friend, I like to remind them of this notion pretty often- that the most liberating feeling, from just about any problem when pared down enough, is knowing that you are your own ever-changing mold of what is imperfectly perfect, that true worth is never dependent on another being, that you can and have the ability to be unencumbered by preconceived societal formulae. I believe that when this is fully realized, the spirit is infinitely immeasurable and thrives on a life of possibilities.

SK-II encourages us to be the sole force in shaping our own destinies in their latest campaign 'The Expiry Date'. I absolutely love its age-positive message and celebration of the individual. Watch the video below:


Summer in stockings


Neon Blush, summer in stockings, Big Star Denim shorts, corset, Prada vintage heelsZara top and corset, Big Star denim shorts, Wolford stockings, Prada heels (similar)

I never thought I'd invest in a relatively expensive pair of stockings, much less wear them outside of fall, until I'd gone shopping for a replacement in Paris last year. Since then, I've been completely swayed by the sheer power of quality stockings and have tried to find ways to incorporate them more often... even on warmer days. Sometimes, just sometimes, I like to layer a pair of wispy tights under high-waisted shorts to give an edge to outfits for summer nights around town.

Neon Blush, summer in stockings, Big Star Denim shorts, corset, Prada vintage heels


Simple is as simple does


Neon Blush, The Dreslyn, Los Angeles, simple style, Rachel Comey patent slingback shoes, Land of Women white slip dress, Rachel Comey pink swimsuitLand of Women slip dress, Rachel Comey swim set and slingback shoes, Tome x TDE tote

Generally speaking, most sales no longer sway me. I think the four-letter word use to glisten and come at me like it was practically Christmas morning, but as I've grown older I realized that if by the time sale season comes around I haven't already purchased what I was eyeing, I probably didn't want it that badly. This applies to most items... except those that I find on The Dreslyn. Their exceptional curation of designer styles consists of all arguably lifetime wardrobe pieces, and the seasonal sales are just giving us a chance at scoring on a smart investment piece. Sale or no sale, I love The Dreslyn for its range of perennial labels and thoughtful styles.

I'm no stranger to their annual warehouse sales either (when designer items sometimes go up to 80-90% off), but this season's pickings are too good to pass up... especially with the chance to take an additional 20% off select items. Everything worn above is from The Dreslyn, but I did some extra scouring of their sale section so that you don't have to:

Neon Blush, The Dreslyn, Los Angeles, simple style, Rachel Comey patent slingback shoes, Land of Women white slip dress, Rachel Comey pink swimsuit


Flick of neon


Neon Blush, Jenny Ong, Zara puffy sleeve top, Big Star Denim blank shorts, Amazon sheer tights, Marc Jacobs Beauty neon eyeliner, makeup, summer makeup inspirationZara top and corset, Big Star denim shorts, Wolford sheer tights

In true Neon Blush fashion: shaking things up a little bit with a sliver of teal (Marc Jacobs crayon highliner in 'Whirl(pool) 51') against my otherwise monochrome 'fit. I'm slowly feeling more comfortable donning colors again, but I have absolutely no reservations about wearing them as a subtle flick of eyeliner, especially for summer. It's a fun and easy way to freshen up the look when you don't want to wear too much on your face, ya know? Now, if there was a way to actually wear neon as blush...


As easy as


vintage blouse, wrap blouse, The Frilly customizable pants, bespoke, leather tote, mini TDE Tome tote bag, YSL Saint Laurent sunglasses, round oval sunglasses, acetate light bluevintage blouse, Frilly trousers, Saint Laurent sunglasses, Tome x TDE tote, Adornmonde earrings

While aging is considered to be unnerving in the beauty industry, I'd like to think that growing older has been a blessing in regards to fashion. My personal style has really begun to cement over the past few years: I'm no longer swayed by trends and it's taken a load off--both metaphorically and literally--not having to think about what to wear or how to wear things because of a more cohesive wardrobe, or conversely, not having to stress over all the clutter that accumulates from collecting cheap thrills. I really wish someone had advised and pressed me about the better ways to shop, and reasons for doing so (more on this in a later post), so that I could've saved myself from wasting time, money, and more importantly, the environment. Here are some tips for a ("fashion") life better spent:

Ageless vintage - If you have a bit of patience (and it is a virtue), scouring for vintage pieces is the most rewarding as they're the ones that have gone through a couple rounds of curation, more or less, and a few rounds of appreciation. This wrap-blouse I found at Goodwill six years ago is still one of my favorite things hanging in my closet. It's delicate, timeless, surprisingly versatile and the best three dollars I've spent. Those who have thrifty minds with expensive taste should try The Real Real, the best luxury consignment stop, IMO.

Bust/waist/hip - Know your measurements! I know vintage and thrifting isn't for everyone, so if you prefer to shop new, having this bit of information makes it easier to purchase clothing that fits well (and therefore have more staying power). You won't have to waste time hassling with returns, or keeping clothes that fit just O-K and then potentially never wear them again. I can't stress it enough, but I'd like to think that having a good sense of sizing preps you to shop slowly and make better choices, causing you to question things like, "I really like this style or collection, but will this item even work for me?" or "How does this piece accentuate MY body?"

Customize - If something is made just for you, I think it signals that 1) getting something personalized must mean that you really like this piece, and/or 2) there's meaning behind it, with room for potential stories. When you begin to buy things for yourself--things with unique details, etched initials, customizable features--without any external influences, it's that much more special. As a result, you might cherish these pieces more and I believe that's how fashion should be. My friends over at The Frilly are doing amazing things with a platform and technology that give consumers an easy way to buy quality made-to-order pieces (with in-house designers formerly found at luxury brands). I've got about five items from The Frilly and I'm really blown away by the accuracy in my customized pieces (these wide-leg pants fit me like a glove).

Having a hand in this process of slowing down and choosing how and what to buy is the first step we can take to lessen our environmental impact. I appreciate fashion and the creativity behind it just as much as the next person, but I believe the formula of mass-produced styles eventually goes down in vain and that is a luxury our world can no longer afford.


Light of the earth


Neon Blush, Loccitane Provence, Terre de Lumiere collection, fragrance, perfumeL'occitane perfume and bath set

My feeling overwhelmed with our current political atmosphere has opened my eyes to the importance of not only staying well-informed, but of mental and physical self-care (more on that here). In order to be effectual, I'm convinced that the light needs to be sparked first from within. And to maintain that, I'm a firm believer in recalibrating by way of meditation and momentary escapes.

Inspired by that gracious, earthy golden light, L'occitane's Terre de Lumière collection has been my source of mental escape: a spritz of 'Lumière' conjures the South of France, a coat of the body milk takes me to a warm place and time where things feel just right. I'm slowly realizing that dreamy, intoxicating aromas are veritable therapy for me...

Neon Blush, Loccitane Provence, Terre de Lumiere collection, fragrance, perfume


Fresh favorites


Neon Blush, Zara puff sleeve top, Storets striped skirtZara top, Storets skirt (similar here and here), Adornmonde earrings (similar)

A puff at the sleeves, ruffled layers of pinstripe pattern: a fresh take on lifelong favorites. My summer wardrobe will consist of variants of white crop tops, pinstripe bottoms, and a mix of gold and silver ornaments.




Neon Blush, face mask sheet, Dr. Jart, skin care, The Art Cell, Pink Milk Mask, Egg Cream Mask, Saturday Skin face mask, glow mask, pearl mask, KNC Beauty lip mask, shining, hydrating, glowing
Even as a staunch skincare enthusiast, I sometimes feel keeping up with the latest beauty secrets and trends in this digital age can be absolutely exhausting. You're urged to follow a specific regimen for your mornings and a different one for your evenings; sometimes commitment to a ten-step process is recommended; other times you're encouraged to whittle your medicine cabinet down to the basics for a less-is-more approach. I do a little bit of everything, but most days I prefer to "listen" to my skin as each day goes and change my regimen accordingly. As a result of this information overload, exhaustion, and wanting to target one issue at a time, or sometimes a combination of all the above, I'll use sheet masks because well, they're extremely friendly for the mindfully-lazy: these serum-soaked sheets prevent water from evaporating too quickly and thereby deliver moisture effectively in just fifteen minutes. And they kind of bring you an at-home spa-like experience.

To give you an idea of the ones I've been using and what they're best for, here's a quick breakdown on my favorite brands for the skincare concerns I have:

Dullness - Duft & Doft's Pink Milk mask contains milk extract that helps to brighten dull skin. Niacinamide, a vitamin, is one of the major ingredients in this mask and it boosts your skin's immunity and improves its epidermal barrier so that you get that nice, healthy glow. I really love this one for a quick illuminating fix.

Dryness - Too Cool For School's Egg Cream mask and Dr. Jart's Ceramidin mask have both felt incredibly rejuvenating. Too Cool For School's mask contains egg extracts, niacinamide, coconut water, and other various botanical ingredients to nourish and hydrate the skin. The ceramide in Dr. Jart's natural fiber mask protects your skin's natural moisture barrier and conditions and locks it in.

Pores - Dr. Jart's Pore Minimalist Black Charcoal mask contains arginine and activated charcoal to cleanse and purify pores. Whenever I use this, my skin/pores do appear clearer.

Firmness - SNP Jelly Vita Firming mask seems to work well for the most part. The bergamot and chamomile flower extracts and adenosine help tone and make the skin resilient again. After using this mask, my skin does feel refreshed and light on the touch.


Whipped into shape


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Drybar. All opinions are 100% mine.Neon Blush, hair tips, dry shampoo, DryBarNeon Blush, hair tips, dry shampoo, DryBarL: before using Drybar dry shampoo, R: after

As a proponent of weekend travels and second-day hair (and even third-day at that), I'm a huge dry shampoo enthusiast. I've gone through a number of formulas and I've arrived a small handful that I've found to be the most effective and the best for hair health. Lately I've been using Drybar's Detox Whipped Dry Shampoo Foam at Sephora and pairing it with my all-time Drybar favorite, their 100 Proof Treatment Oil, to create an easy, undone-but-amped-up look that's achievable in under five minutes. I prefer this to other dry shampoo because it's powderless and doesn't leave behind, well, powder. The foam formula absorbs oils quickly while leaving my hair feeling light and fresh (and it smells delicious).

Neon Blush, hair tips, dry shampoo, DryBarNeon Blush, hair tips, dry shampoo, DryBar First I comb my hair upwards, starting from about two to three inches down from the root. I'll continue this all around my head until I've combed some strands up and out and then distribute the foam into my roots. I massage the product with my fingers until it disappears completely, which only takes a few seconds.

Neon Blush, hair tips, dry shampoo, DryBar I like that sort of bed-head look, so I'll take my comb and, starting from two or three inches from the root again, brush my hair upwards to create friction and volume. Repeat all around head. Finally, I'll rub Drybar's 100 Proof Treatment Oil onto the ends of my hair and pat the upper portion to keep my hair shiny and do away with major flyaway strands. The end result: weightless and undemanding, refreshed volume that lasts throughout the day.

Neon Blush, hair tips, dry shampoo, DryBarPhotos by Ron Khy.




Neon Blush, NIKE Equality tee, political t-shirts, Rag and Bone shearling beret, palm trees, Los AngelesNike 'equality' t-shirt (similar), Rag & Bone beret (similar), Louise et Cie boots, Balenciaga 'City' bag

When political matters are considered beyond the realms of our minds, our state borders, and the vast oceans that lay between us and others... that's when we can begin to arrive at equality, so that people, regardless of race, income, age and gender, have access to resources to live healthily and peacefully. Here's to realizing that more than ever, now is the time to stand up for what is fair.


Lens lust


Neon Blush, RetroSuperFuture sunglasses, cat eye sunglasses, oval sunglasses, retro, square rectangle sunglasses, Yves Saint Laurent, Linda Farrow, Givenchy, YSL sunglasses, RAEN Alex Knost, tortoise shell sunglasses, Los AngelesFrom left to right, top to bottom: YSL cat-eye sunglasses, Retrosuperfuture 'Ines' sunglasses, RAEN x Alex Knost flatscreen sunglasses and figurative sunglasses, Linda Farrow round sunglasses, and Givenchy round sunglasses

I obsess over sunglasses quite a bit- I love how easy it is to transform your look by merely putting on a pair of sunglasses. Whether you lean on the simpler side of the spectrum, or if you're drawn to extravagant prints, a pair of sunglasses will either accentuate your aesthetic or balance the look. Gathered my favorites up top, and combed through hundreds of styles to bring you the gems in the following styles:

Cat-eye/retro: Retrosuperfuture 'Ragazza Carusa' / MYKITA 'Dawn' / Chloé 'Carlina'

Square/flat: Retrosuperfuture 'Lira Maculato', Thom Browne 'TB 703' / Saint Laurent 'Bold 1' / Tom Ford 'Rock'

Wire-frame: Vuaret 'Round Swing' / Ahlem 'Concorde' / RAEN 'Benson' / Retrosuperfuture 'Wire Zero'

Rimless: Tom Ford semi-rimless / Maui Jim / FRED




Neon Blush, pinstripe tops, Los Angeles, bloggerNeon Blush, pinstripe tops, Los Angeles, blogger&OtherStories button up (similar here and here), Zara pinstripe top, Uniqlo x IDLF sweatpants, Incher sheer socks, Zara heels

O.K. Back from the radio silence now, for good! This rut felt like Mercury was in constant retrograde since the start of the year, and something just clicked after returning from a fourteen-day trip in Japan last week. I'm not sure if this sense of clarity is due to the fact that I'd left the country when it was (almost symbolically) hazy/rainy and come back home to longer days full of sunshine, but I guess it's true that my clock spins on its own time-- it feels like the new year is finally here, now.


Tulum: what and where


Neon BlushMajorelle dress, oval sunglasses (similar here, here and here), suede tote (similar)

As a continuation from my last post, if you're wondering about the places you should go to and the things you should do on a short visit to Tulum, I'm sharing a pared down list for a truly relaxing time. Read more below!

Neon BlushNeon BlushNeon BlushFree People netted top, Onia swim top, GRLFRND denim skirt similar)
Neon BlushNeon BlushNeon BlushNeon BlushNeon BlushOnia bikini bottom
Neon BlushNeon BlushNeon BlushNeon BlushNeon BlushNeon BlushNeon BlushNeon BlushNeon BlushNeon BlushNeon BlushNeon BlushNeon BlushNeon Blush
1. Stay: Casa de las Olas - I've never felt more at home at a hotel/bed and breakfast. We'd arrived at Casa de las Olas a lot later in the night and our hosts were kind enough to stay up and wait for us to arrive. Each morning we spent hours conversing with fellow guests and sharing stories of life, travel, love and our inspirations with our hosts. I was truly in awe of how intimate Casa de las Olas had felt right off the bat- we were well received and could clearly see the love and care poured into this blessed space. Casa de las Olas, the only property in Tulum that is Platinum LEED reviewed, is one hundred percent sustainable by powering itself through solar power and using only biodegradable items. To top it off, it is one of the oldest properties built in Tulum and is found on one end of the strip, making it a truly private hidden gem.

2. Rejuvenate: Be Tulum - named one of Conde Nast Traveler's 'Top 8 spas in the world' for good reason--the combined use of sacred copal smoke, oils from home-grown herbs and flowers, and unique vibrational instruments at Yäan Energy Healing Wellness Spa makes it a truly inimitable experience. We stepped out of Be Tulum in complete bliss.

3. Nightlife: Papaya Playa Project - one of the (many) wonderful things about Tulum is that when the moon is full and casts a bright light over the beach, Papaya Playa Project hosts the Full Moon Party. It's where you can find yourself literally dancing into the morning moonlight. It really isn't hard to do, considering the space feels otherworldly; the weather cools perfectly, you're kept wrapped by the wave's kisses (and can even just wade into the waters during warmer nights), libations are aplenty and delicious, and the DJ is sure to spin the most entrancing songs for a night to remember.

4. Explore: Akumal - getting to play with animals and dwelling in the waters of Tulum are some of the best things about Tulum, and I'd heard from several people that snorkeling with sea turtles at Akumal has topped many of their other activities. It's a bit of a trek out from the main stay areas of Tulum, but it could be worth the drive out.