Street glamour

Wrangler jacket, Style Saint lace top, PacSun tube top, H&M skirt, Nike Air Max 95s, Saint Laurent clutch, Adornmonde earrings and choker

My hodgepodge style of high and low, of glamour and street, is something that I think is a result of growing up in Los Angeles. On the periphery, there is the well-known caricature of LA: an idyllic montage of Hollywood allure, of long days perpetually engulfed by a relentless golden glow, of clean lines and glossy surfaces. Having been born and growing up in the city and seeing it from a closer lens though, I was much more attuned to the grittier edges of Los Angeles.

The weathered walls and streets of east Los Angeles, in juxtaposition with the more decorated architecture of the west side, rouse this set-up. The Los Angeles I know is, respectively, a bit of oversized and destructed denim, a messy midriff and Air Max sneakers balanced with notes of West Hollywood through unkempt lace, a Saint Laurent clutch, gold hardware and a form fitting skirt.

In a closer look, an interpretation of Los Angeles—a balance between luxury and casual—can exist even in the pieces themselves. With the Saint Laurent clutch from FarFetch for example, the soft touch of the rich, understated suede is the canvas for their signature ‘YSL’ emblem. Instead of the sharp silhouette and shiny finish this style is known for, the logo is rough and seemingly tattered, taking inspiration from worn wood.

As echoed here on Neon Blush, the balance of femininity and masculinity, of timelessness and trends, is what I feel is most natural to me… perhaps because of the city I grew up in. It was always a variation of denim and lace, black and white, and either sneakers or heels, but the ability and encouragement to practice complete sartorial freedom is what helped to mature and impact my perspective on style as a product of my environment. Cheers x

Photos by Ron Khy


Anonymous said...

this look is awesome and so unique!
Fash 'n' fudge
Fash 'n' fudge

Ludo Andréa said...

Great pictures! This denim look is so cool!



Mikey T said...

Love the hints of sportswear in this outfit! Super chic x
Mikey - mikeystyle.com

Vonny said...

Waw luvv that sneakers! really cool :D


Anonymous said...

I love the denim jacket. :)

Ev said...

Such a cool look!


Monika Wlodarczyk said...

Love the mixture of styles!

Lucie Aubry said...

Love the way you paired those two tops, your outfit looks amazing!
Lucie, xx


Monika Wlodarczyk said...

Love the look!

Margaret Hong said...

What can I say? The layering of the black bandeau on a white lace top?! And the denim jacket as well? I think i need to work harder on my layering lol

xx Margaret
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