I'm way overdue for almost all of my travel compilations and I realize I'm going out of sequence here... I've yet to post my trip to Tokyo in 2015! and this past NYFW in February, but I had to share my experience in Tulum while my sentiments are still somewhat fresh. When I fall in love with a place, I run into the problems of knowing how to divide my time between 'fully' immersing in the moment and immersing in moments well enough to be able to capture the essence of it... or the fear of not doing these places any justice through photographs in general. I usually sit on these photos to collect my thoughts because I want to post-process the photo set in a way that it is telling of how enriching and this experience was, but then I'll end up wanting to just keep them to myself as a way of keeping them 'sacred'. But here you have my attempt.

This was my very first trip to Tulum. I'd been pining to go for years and I built up this extremely idyllic image of what it would be like... and even after all that, the experience met and even surpassed my expectations. Maybe it was the good vibes my friends and I were riding--it had felt like a premature toast to summer, with our friend Teddy graduating from law school, AND we'd managed to pull off surprise vacation planned three months in advance--maybe I was overdue and finally primed for this sort of trip. But one thing is for sure: Tulum was a quiet sort of beauty for me. And that's the perfect kind, in my opinion. It wasn't glamorous or ritzy, but just chic enough in its own untouched, disintegrated glory. Cenote dwelling, blissful and exciting. The food, the best of the cheapest I've eaten. The few exchanges we had with locals, warm and genuine. The decor and architecture, simple yet charming and better yet, intentional. While out cavorting on unpaved roads and into clear waters under perfectly overcast skies, I'd never felt more present with both the external and the internal- at peace in both my surroundings and my thoughts at once. Thanks for being a space that allows for that and for reviving the spirit, Tulum x


Dylana Suarez said...

Looks so so fun!



Marquise C Brown said...

Amazing photos, thanks for sharing!


Liesa H. said...

omg, these pictures are breathtaking! Truly amazing!

Ludo Andréa said...

OMG! Amazing photos!



The Trendique said...

Love your black bikini <3

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Carolyn said...

gorgeous! loved watching Rachel's vlog on this trip too!


Rilee Jefferson said...

I love the depth of your posts. They give insight into your personality! Looks like a great time!


Maciej & Monika said...

Wonderful pictures. They make me want to go on vacation. The funny thing is that the title of this post means 'cheese' in polish :)


Joe Beverly said...

Si quieres ser, tienes que estar en el momento. Vaya con la diosa!

Lubica Tothova said...

Amazing pics...


Joana Sá said...

In love with this photos
So amazing! <3

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Shay said...

so much envy. would love to switch lives and faces/legs with you and rachel. keep recording amazing things :) <3

Alisa Gromova said...

Wonderful pictures doll!


Jenelle Witty said...

It just looks like such a wonderful place! The food, the swimming, reading on the beach... bliss!

xx Jenelle