Excuse my mini hiatus, I'd unplugged for a little bit after going on a few trips the past few weeks. I found myself in a weird place earlier in the year- after having felt like myself only during travel last year, I went 180 and thought the globe trotting was just an exhaustive, ceaseless escape of xyz. I don't think I was able to brush off that funk until I found a nice little groove after visiting Tulum. I hate to echo too simply what many others have said (because it deserves more), but it's true: Tulum is magical. I'll share more thoughts on it this coming week when I post the photos from my trip x


The Trendique said...

You are so beautiful, girl! <3

Vanessa from www.TheTrendique.com

Tanzanite Jewelry said...

I am such a fan of your style! Love everything about this type of creativity. Your creativity inspires me.