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Neon Blush, Clean Reserve Saffron Rose perfume, Sephora perfumes, conscious and pure ingredientsNeon Blush, Clean Reserve Saffron Rose perfume, Sephora perfumes, conscious and pure ingredientsCLEAN Reserve perfume

Every year I try to get creative with Mother's Day gifts, but I don't get very far because like her daughter, my mom knows what she likes and prefers to stick to it. She doesn't care much about clothing or accessories; fragrances are my mom's favorite things to get and this year, I thought I'd shop around to introduce new scents and brands that aren't as popularly advertised to her. In doing some perusing in Sephora, a new line--CLEAN Reserve--caught my eye. True to their name, their scents smell great and *clean* (they're young and refreshing but mature), and the packaging is also neat and uncluttered. What I appreciated most, though, is how they responsibly cultivate and source ingredients, on top of teaching sustainable and innovative methods of harvesting to farmers whose lands they source from. I've never been more impressed with a brand's balance of quality product with its totally sustainable approach, from the ingredients, to philanthropy, to the packaging. Just thought I'd share this bit about CLEAN Reserve, but back to the matter at hand- below are some other new scents I came upon at Sephora. NEST's "Midnight Fleur" struck me with the heavy floral notes- love the inclusion of jasmine, and I might have found my mom her new favorites: Tocca's romantic "Florence" and Atelier Cologne's musky "Santal Carmin". Or if you're unsure what will make her happiest, a sampler of Sephora's best-sellers probably wouldn't hurt.

This post was done in collaboration with Sephora

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