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I'd been obsessed with bushy brows since the start of college and for many, many years I'd never been able to achieve it. Genetics cursed me with thin, light, sparse hairs and even (regrettably) using black mascara in desperation to 'thicken' the brows wouldn't cut it. All I could do was fill in with pencils, but was never able to really give my brows natural 'dimension' - attempting Bambi/Cara brows (the 'fussy', undone look at the start of your brows, see here) was out of the question.

But, I have been trying a few different combinations of brow products and I've gotten slightly closer to my ideal look, using Anastasia's brow pencil in 'soft brown' (a couple shades lighter than my natural hair color) and Eyeko's brow gel (which is amazing btw). Going with a softer, lighter pencil to fill in creates a natural looking shadow, and then brushing brow hairs with a darker shade (closer to your natural color) coats it with a nice layer that thickens it just right. Eyeko's glides on easily and holds it for the entire day - the closest I've gotten to Cara brows.

In light of my small but new makeup discoveries, I've also rehashed my obsession with shiny lips. Marc Jacob's Enamored Hi-Shine Lip Lacquer in "320 Love Drunk" has been my go-to lately - I've gotten into gloss again mainly because I wanted to balance out the matte eyeshadow I've found myself using more of. Timed with the onset of summer, and as I move away from shimmery shadows, I thought it would make sense to place a pop somewhere else on the face, if not the eyes or cheeks. "Love Drunk" is just dark enough, and matches my natural lip color, so the gloss doesn't feel like it's too aggressive. Moisturizing and long-lasting. Into it.

Neon Blush, Eyeko cosmetics, Eyeko brow brush, brow mascara, Rimmel London Wonder'Lash mascara, Anastasia brow pencil, Marc Jacobs beauty, Marc Beauty, Marc Jacobs high shine lip gloss
And lastly, one of my latest favorite beauty finds is Rimmel London's Wonder'Lash mascara (you might remember my mentioning it in the post on London, here). I've been using it religiously, especially on my bottom lashes, as it gives the right amount of oomph without being too aggressive. If you're looking for a natural-looking boost with literally no clumps ever (thank you argan oil!), go for the Wonder'Lash. Favorite mascara of the moment.

Pair these products all at once and you pretty much have my day to day makeup regimen x


Janinafran said...

Those Marc Jacobs lipglosses are amazing! I love using them as my everyday lip product :)
XO Janina

Vonny said...

really want to try that rimmel mascara. Thanks for sharing :)

Ji Liu said...

Great! Good like!abiti da sera economici

Ronlet Lovejoy said...

I hate my eyebrows too! mines are thick but theres a section that grows no hair!! it's a pain! :( love the post xx lovejoystyles.com

Dominique Candido said...


Mariel Parton said...

all these look amazing, really want to try the Rimmel mascara <3


QueenLina said...

the eyeko brow gel is sooooo good :*


Denise de Assis said...

I really need to try it!
Kisses from Portugal dear


Cynthia Nguyen said...

Hey Jenny, do you know if the mascara is good for holding curls on Asian lashes though? I find that the formula product for most mascaras are too wet and doesn't hold the curls after you curl them and I'm hunting for good mascara that's not waterproof (which dehydrates your lashes a lot).


Jennifer Kaya said...

Nice photos,... Great post!