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When I travel, no matter how near or far the destination, my skin dries out immensely. I think it's because I take on stress from procrastinating on packing, the lack of sleep before and during a flight, recycled air and pressure from flying, etc. It doesn't help that it's also hard for me to sleep soundly anywhere, not to mention jet lag in new countries. To remedy this I bring a set of my trusted skin care products, one of them being this micellar water cleanser from Simple Skincare.

I use this to remove makeup, or to just freshen the face before going up in the air or even in the mornings before applying bb cream. I love that it's made with triple-purified water so there are no contaminants that could irritate the skin and it's gentle enough to use both night and day. While other cleansers feel refreshing at first, most of the time my skin will feel drier minutes later; Simple Skincare's micellar water cleanser keeps my face feeling hydrated and balanced until I drift to sleep.

So every night before I go to bed during a trip, my routine is as follows: 1) drink at least two glasses of water, 2) use Simple's cleansing facial wipes to get most of my makeup off, 3) dab the micellar water cleanser onto a cotton round and wipe my face all around to make sure I've gotten everything, 4) apply Simple's replenishing rich moisturizer to my face and neck area.

This has been my go-to routine for travel for the past few trips and the simplicity of it has really been effective and saved me a lot of time and distress over dehydrated skin. You can find Simple Skincare at most drugstores like Walgreens, and for a limited time, you can get your own sample of Micellar Cleansing Water here.

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Sasa Zoe said...

Simple is the best:) XO

Shall We Sasa

Carmen Henry said...

I love the Simple makeup remover wipes so I will definitely give the cleanser and moisturizer a try :)