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I get a lot of questions about how I maintain my brows and where I get them 'done' pretty often. Brows are huge (literally) right now and I'm so glad we've ditched the unnervingly thin eyebrows circa early 2000s. More on the filling and shading part, but since then I've let them grow into their natural shape/form. I've tried threading a couple of times for upkeep but I don't like the feeling and I'm rather lazy even making the trip. To save myself the money and time, I use this wondrous little thing from The Brow Gal. Not only is it precise, the scissors are compact and light and surprisingly easy to use- you can definitely maintain your shape and keep the tiny strays away as long as you don't mind using it often (I usually trim every other three days). In addition to convenience, this saves your eyebrow hairs from being over plucked, which is a good thing for the serious brow lover. Thought I'd share!


Eva (Creativity and Chocolate) said...

I have a similar scissor and such a shandy little device. Love it! xx


Lucy Mason said...

They look good! I'm so lazy with my eyebrows - I don't tend to shape them just pluck the strays (thank God for Cara and big brows being in!). Great post xx


Sasa Zoe said...

I'm not sure how to do it myself! hehe will look check it out<3



Must try! I never mess with my brows so nervous.


Dominique Candido said...

loving it

Sellout said...

Pretty sure no one was curious, Ong. But you had to do this post because this is sponsored lol!

Jenny Ong said...

Dear Sellout,

Guess the joke's on you because it wasn't lol! God forbid people share things they actually like on their blogs.