Layer me up

Sally Hershberger hair, layered hair cut, Asian hair styles, Neon Blush, Sally Hershberger West Hollywood
It's been a couple days since my cut at Sally Hershberger and I'm going to admit that I'm still narcissistically obsessed with my hair. I've reiterated a few times before how I don't usually fuss with hair- I kind of suck at it, and truthfully I'm a creature of habit so I don't usually experiment with different lengths or colors (the 'ombre' on my hair is actually an accident from the likely combination of sun exposure and two dye jobs, one from a chestnut brown color and the second an attempt to get my natural color back). So I get extremely excited when I find a salon (and/or a hairstylist more specifically) that can make my 'ordinary' hair feel extraordinary.

I arrived at their West Hollywood location last weekend and was blown away with the view- they share a building with Kelly Wearstler but they're perched on the third floor and the store overlooks a good span of LA. Coupled with a solid curation of good music, plenty of tall windows and a generous influx of sunlight, the Sally Hershberger LA salon is breathtaking. Sat right down and consulted with Tanya, who was carefully observant of my hair texture, the way it naturally splits, the shape of my head as well as its apex, etc. Got a soothing wash with Sally Hershberger's luxurious shampoo and conditioner and sat back at Tanya's station to get layers.

Before I knew it, my hair was done- cut, dried, styled. I hadn't even realized how much time had passed because of how much I genuinely enjoyed talking with Tanya. I'm no hair aficionado, but I know a good salon when I see one. My experience at Sally Hershberger was--I know this is going to sound corny, but I rarely feel enthusiastic about hair salons--magical. There's something to be said about mesmerizingly walking out from a salon feeling like absolute royalty. Lots and lots of thanks to Tanya and Sally Hershberger for making it possible! Looking forward to trying some of the texture and volume lift sprays and sharing it with you guys here on NB.


Portia Hunt said...

Your hair looks so great - love it when you can walk out of a hairdresser's feeling completely content with what they've done.


Pelin Onal said...



Melanie said...

Wow, your hair looks really great! It's very important to have a hairdresser you trust and a salon you love!

Greetings, Mel

Lucy Mason said...

Beautiful ! xx


Stephanie C. said...

Loving the hair but also you always look gorgeous regardless of what someone has done to your hair. I love the casual no fuss look and even though I can't pull that off without a lot of time and effort, you always look effortlessly flawless in every single photo.


Q said...

loving the hair! looking good hon!.x


Lily Chen said...

Your hair looks gorgeous! It would be such a dream to have a haircut there...one day of these days, one of these days :)


Leslie: HauteReb3l said...

You have gorgeous hair!


Niss said...

its gorgeous - the accidental ombre really stands out x


Trinny said...

Love it! I need a new cut as well perhaps I should try her?

elarmariodelanena said...

absolutely gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Your hair looks fabulous!

XX Kat

EM said...

You're so gorgeous!!


monkeyshines ♥ said...

beautiful hair!


Nicole K said...

I can't see all of it, but your hair looks amazing!

xx Nicole

Patricia G. said...

I love so much your hair!!!

Tanya Sc said...

Your hair looks so beautiful!


Chiamaka Abasilim said...

Your hair looks great.


moustachic said...

you are so adorable!


Gina said...

You are gorgeous! so is your hair:)
I love what I can see of it.

XO, Gina

Sasa Zoe said...

Love your hair<3


Romantic Tea said...

You're really cute :)

Mun said...

Great hair with an equally gorgeous face to match :)

Mindy | Arc Line Space Dot said...

So excited to read this post. I'm long overdue for a haircut (it's down to the middle of my back) and haven't quite found my go-to stylist yet. Will try Tanya and tell her I found her through your blog! Thank you!