Suede trainers

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I'm having a pink moment, coincidentally while I have the urge to look for a pair of high tops, and voila: I come across these Balenciaga beauties. Usually this color would probably turn me away, but the combination of the leather and the suede, and the shape really get me. I'd like these for spring time but if they were offered in white or camel, I'm completely sold for the entire year.

By the way, two things! I'm starting to tag these posts with 'shoesday', pretty much to neatly file away posts dedicated to just shoes (any day of the week, I actually haven't decided on assigning it a particular day). Some belonging to me, but mostly of ones I'm virtually window shopping. Also, I noticed today that I hit just a little over 11k on Bloglovin'! Thank you to those who have followed NB in the beginning and those who are new. NB is something I really enjoy publishing so this made my week- thank you!


Chiamaka Abasilim said...

Congrats on your reaching over 11k bloglovin followers and the trainers are cool.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the milestone!! Such a great idea I'm looking forward to more posts like this! :)



Love them!


ChamaFashion said...

I love them!