Neon Blush, Balenciaga cut out boots, Barneys NY, black bootsBalenciaga boots

Yes, the ubiquitous cut-out boots- I've waited a few months for these on pre-order and finally they're in my possession! To be honest, I become weary of cult-favorite pieces, especially when the price tag surpasses three digits, but these were just too good to escape my mind entirely. I think a good way to justify something like this is to see the creation as an art piece, and well, these Balenciaga boots are arguably a masterpiece. Barneys NY just started their purple card discount (for every $250 you spend, you get $25 on a gift card), so if not these boots (which are still available!) then seriously scavenge for something else you've been eyeing for.

Other cut-out goodies:


Moira Parton said...

Oh wow! I'm so glad I got a similar pair. x


Anonymous said...

Enjoy this, Ong. Us mere mortals can never attain this. I've been saving for one year and a half already and I'm still far off.

Shirley Wu said...

They are so sleek and structured! Dying for a pair myself!


Caroline said...

oh babe soo glad you have them i totally can imagine your wearing this in a milion ways !!! amazing purchase, lucky you ♥
have a great day and kisses from


Chiamaka Abasilim said...

Love them.


Catarina Magalhães said...

Love Them!
An Ideal For Living

Anna Black said...

They are a work of art, I wish I had the money!


Bruna Camargo said...

Wow, 1295. That's nutso!