Fall update

Neon Blush, Balenciaga Ceinture boots, Balenciaga Cutout boots, boots for fall, black boots, leather boots, Jenny Ong, Barneys NY, SSENSEBalenciaga 'Ceinture' boots and cut-out boots

Fall shopping is upon us and it's already hard enough wanting all of the new pieces... to make things even more stressful, classic styles are given upgrades that are making my insides hurt (in a good way). As with most girls, I've had the Balenciaga cut-out boots on my wish list for ultimately too long- I was thinking about giving myself the green light on its pre-order, but last week, pictures of the filled-in version surfaced. What, the, hell.

Neon Blush, Acne Colt boots, Acne Pistol boots, boots for fall, black boots, leather boots, Jenny Ong, Barneys NYAcne 'Colt' boots and 'Pistol' boots

These updated babies are the only things keeping me at bay from making yet another Zara shoe purchase. I had long lusted after the perfection of the 'Pistol' boots, but after a few wears I felt they'd be better my style if they had been an inch or so taller. And now, that wish has become reality through the 'Colt'. I'm in love and contemplating on selling my existing Pistols for them... help. Which ones do you prefer from Balenciaga and Acne- the updated versions or the originals?


Eva (Creativity and Chocolate) said...

Great selection, love the Balenciaga cut-out boots and the Colts are amazing too. I'm still more into the pistol boots, I like that the heel is not so high ;) xx


Anonymous said...

I prefer the updated Balenciaga pair; cut-outs have been copied by so many other shoe brands, but the updated ones still have the original look and gold detail. Although the 'Colt' Acne boots are amazing, the Pistol style is more wearable and classic. But seriously, I love all four! X


AJ said...

I think its fantastic though that these brands are updating their most coveted shoes, makes it fantastic for picky buyers who want to truly tailer their look to perfection.
Speaking of shoes, I actually started a shoe based blog, and would love it if you could give your input! xx AtYourHeels

Christian said...

both are nice.

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Sophie said...

definitely the original cut out bal's! i think they'd complement your style more than the filled in versions would. and, well, the cut outs are just to die for. T^T (tears of joy)

moustachic said...

i love the cutouts!


Cassandra Too said...

Definitely sticking to the original version!

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cassandra xx

ChamaFashion said...

I love the originals!

helena said...

I'm kind of obsessed with the Balenciaga ones.

olam61 said...

Amazing blog, very inspired.

Carolyn said...

the acnes are always classic! when are you going to pull the trigger? ;)


Oroma Roxella Rukevwe said...

I prefer the updated ACNE boots but I can't choose between both Balenciagas


Viv said...

Both these boots are great, would love a pair for the fall!


Anonymous said...

Definitely the updated versions! The Balencigas cutouts were awesome but I would just feel more secure all coverd up.



love the updated acne boots!


Anonymous said...

Hm.. I prefer the acne pistol!

Niss said...

I think this season I would go the Colt, they are only about as high as the Acne Star and that is very wearable.

Alyssa said...

These shoes are so cool. If I had to choose (which I don't, because I could never justify spending more than $150 on shoes and these are so beautiful I can't even look at the price without going into sticker shock, I'm sure) I would choose the second pair. They look more versatile when it comes time to actually wear them with other pieces, unless you plan to don them naked, then I suppose it really doesn't matter which pair you get. Also since the second pair is lacking the cut outs I bet they would be cozier and more winter weather appropriate. We all have faith in you! You'll choose the right pair for you and I'm sure they'll look insanely gorgeous and we'll all sit at home and stare enviously at photos of you wearing them on our Mac screens.

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Hodak said...

I really like the cut outs because they're new and original (although I don't think I can personally pull them off)!

And I actually love the original Zara boot better than the taller ones! (They're also prob more comfy! c; )

JooJoo Azad ~ Free Bird Fashion

Anonymous said...

Balenciaga cut outs and Acne's 'Colt' boots

Frank Vinyl said...

im a sucker for the balenciagas! do it!!!let me live vicariously through you please.


Diva In Me said...

Seriously can't get enough of the Balenciaga boots!

Anonymous said...

ACNE PISTOL is so wearable. The new higher heeled version is a bit much in cities like NYC where you have to be able to walk walk walk and really fast at that.

I'm totally giving my high heels a rest this season. I see too many high heels around, and often they make the wearer look like she's trying a little too hard.

Anonymous said...

I love cutout boots but I think that maybe it'd be more practical to buy the filled in version in case you find yourself in colder climates where cutouts would do more harm than good.

As for the Acne boots, I think you've already answered that for yourself when you wrote that the higher heel is more your style. But maybe you should go try them on in store to see if you like them enough first.

Love your blog, Jenny!