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Neon Blush, Jenny Ong, Zara blazer and shorts, clear clutchZara blazer, Choies box clutch, YSL ring

Paired my affinity for blazers with my affinity for denim shorts -- a match made perfectly with statement accessories and pink-hued lip stains for summer nights. I think the striped blazer is still on sale at Zara... did anyone find a bunch of goodies for themselves?

Neon Blush, Jenny Ong, Vanessa Mooney, Zara, Rag & Bone, Celine, Outfits, InstagramL-R: wearing Zara skort, Vanessa Mooney cuff and rings, and Céline sunglasses; Rag & Bone sweater, Zara top and skort; Joe's Jeans leather jacket, Zara mesh top and Lovers + Friends dress

It's the season for short shorts but I find myself sticking pretty closely to black skirts and dresses. Love them with a crop top, layered under, or with mesh tops.
Neon Blush, Jenny Ong, Gjelina, ocean trout, small platesMmm, so one of the reasons why I wanted to involve more of my Instagrams on the blog (I'm not trying to be repetitive, I promise!) is because I've gotten a few requests on blogging about the food I post. Instagram is a much more personal and quicker environment so the blog kind of serves a more in-depth view of things unrelated to outfits and styles.

Above is one of the small dishes you can find at Gjelina, a cutesy, hip place tucked away on Abbot Kinney Blvd. in Venice. Gjelina isn't my absolute top choice for food but it's solid and the place just has a great vibe. I do love their ocean trout on rye, though (above). It's savory and a little bit sweet and delicious, the goat cheese light and the rye bread slightly crisp but chewy.

Neon Blush, Jenny Ong, food blogging, restaurants, Marugame Monzo, Cafe Beaujolais, Baco Mercat, Los Angeles dining, Green Street Tavern
Some other places I visited this past month-- Bäco Mercat: one of my favorite spots in downtown! Also a small plates kind of place, which makes going with a group of people more enjoyable. You get to try a variety of dishes, and you're going to want to if you're at Bäco. My favorites: their Caesar brussels sprout salad, their double mushroom flatbread (tell them to throw an egg on it!), and Hamachi crudo (hash brown, fish, avocado creatively put together).

Cafe Beaujolais: though I've never actually had French food in France, I've been to a good amount of really great places in LA, Seattle, and NY. This place is a list-topper. For French food and for the level of authenticity, it's dirt cheap. I went here early in June with Steve and I had gotten the halibut entree the restaurant is ubiquitous for- omg so good. Creamy, savory, so flavorful. Veggies are cooked perfectly and the mashed potatoes are laden with delicious, coma-inducing butter but it's alright once in a while, right?

Marugame Monzo: this fairly new spot may be overshadowed by the crowd outside Daikokuya but it's definitely worth visiting. I'm a pasta and noodle fanatic so when I learned that Marugame offered fresh udon (handmade in-house!), I had to visit. My buddies and I perched ourselves right in front of the window where we watched the udon being rolled, layered, cut, and separated into strands. I ordered the popular uni dish (sauce was AMAZE, the uni was alright) and tried the standard hot udon with broth and one of their fried shrimp rice bowls- can't wait to go back and try more dishes.

Green Street Tavern: not one of my favorite places, but I have been wanting to try their squash risotto. Surprisingly the risotto was pretty light in nature; a bit sweet and nice in texture from the tiny cubes of butternut and kabocha squash.

Neon Blush, Jenny Ong, smoothies, healthy, eating right, fruits, chia seedsI've posted some homemade smoothies maybe 3-4 times last month, but in reality I probably take in two a day. I'm obsessed. I don't own a Blendtec or Vitamix yet, but I still go at the blender like there's no tomorrow. I find that it's just easier to incorporate healthy ingredients that I normally don't like eating on its own (in my case, nonfat Greek yogurt).

Green smoothie: two handfuls of spinach, one banana, a cup of ice, and a splash of 7-grain nondairy milk. Blend and then sprinkle chia seeds and garnish with mint to freshen it up!

Breakfast sweet smoothie: a cup of blueberries, one banana, two heaping spoonfuls of Greek yogurt, and a cup of ice. Blend and then sprinkle with chia seeds. Breakfast done quick.

Spring rolls: I pride myself in the fact that I can make quite a few of these, with all ingredients still carefully intact hehe. I know traditional spring rolls use certain ingredients to achieve that authentic taste, but I substitute just two ingredients and feel that it's fine like so. Rice paper rounds + noodles + romaine lettuce (instead of iceberg) + wild-caught shrimp + firm tofu (instead of pork) + slivers of carrot, cucumber, mint, basil, and bean sprouts. So good and refreshing for summer. On left: the dreamy butterscotch pot de crème from Gjelina. For some reason, the sea salt flakes are almost always unevenly distributed, but otherwise it's a perfect savory and sweet dessert. Yum!

On the right: selling yet another itsy part of my soul to Zara. I contemplated on returning these because they took so long to get on my feet, but I eventually sided with 90% of you guys who advised to keep. I'm loving them! Ring and cuff from Vanessa Mooney.

Neon Blush, Jenny Ong, Zara, Vanessa Mooney, CelineL-R: Vanessa Mooney goodies, Zara pumps, Choies clutch and Céline sunglasses

I love me some silver, nude and see-through accessories. These all are my go-tos at the moment, loving the neutral palette for spring/summer accessorizing.

Neon Blush, Jenny Ong, flowers, roses, coconut water, healthyAt the start of each week, I try to get some fresh flowers. There's no surprise that they improve the atmosphere and are just lovely! I got these roses from a local TJ's (14 for $16?) two weeks ago and they're still going strong. And as much as I love flowers, I love coconut water and strawberries, too. Best reenergizing drink, straight from the coconut.

Follow me on Instagram if you aren't already! It's where I post things first, and since I'll be traveling to some place new next week, I'd love to share all of that instantly. Happy week of July 4th guys x


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