A touch of Tarte

Tarte clay eyeliner, mineral powder, concealer, and mascara

During humid weather, I like to keep makeup usage to a minimum... or at least feel like it's kept to a minimum. As I finish my previously bought makeup products, I've been slowly transitioning over to Tarte's natural line of goods. All that I've tried so far has felt light on the face and covered just enough-- really ideal for summer makeup. And as some of you may relate, many times when using natural or organic makeup products, I've felt that there wasn't enough coverage or they just plainly do not work at all. So, I'm just really ecstatic to finally settle on a brand I trust and thought I'd share with you all!

My favorite finds of the four products above has got to be the maracuja creaseless concealer and the waterproof clay liner. None of Tarte's products contain ingredients that are believed to harm your skin (parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, GMOs, sulfates, etc.) but the concealer goes above and includes pure maracuja oil--nutrient rich in vitamin C and fatty acids--which helps moisturize and brighten the skin. I've actually got a bottle of organic maracuja oil waiting to be used (finishing up the skin balancing oil from Jurlique) so I'll get back to you on how it feels to use just the oil. But back to the concealer-- it really is creaseless and lasts just about forever. It's got enough stick but feels extremely light. And as for the clay liner, ahh it's easily the best liner I've come across yet! The Amazonian clay component makes the waterproof liner smooth and hydrating, and yet with the natural ingredient it is still extremely easy to apply... which makes it no wonder why Tarte's now my favorite eco-friendly brand. But, I'm still open to discovering other great natural products/brands, do you have any to recommend?


Suzie Q said...

I love Tarte for the reasons that you listed. I'm also in the midst of transitioning all my makeup products to bad chemical-free brands. Some that I love that I feel work well: Origins for skin care and Sheswai for nail polish. Smashbox liquid liner is great too, cruelty free and no parabens.

Suzie Q

Jade said...

Happy to see you interested in natural/eco-friendly lines!

For makeup, RMS Beauty, Vapour Beauty, and Ilia Beauty all have really beautiful colors and formulations that are really healthy for the skin.

Mili said...

Eep I wish that concealer came in my shade :(

Mili from call me, Maeby

Mae said...

I'm mostly one for natural skincare:

Osmosis is amazing because it's all about balance and building the strength of the deeper layers of skin and working from the inside out and outside in (supplements + skincare)

Michael Todd True Organics is also another amazing one

Beauty: I mostly focus on cruelty free products but Korres is pretty good in terms of natural or mostly natural. The mineral powder foundation is good and doesn't look super powdery or cakey. And surprisingly, it actually matches my caramel golden tone skin!

Love + aloha, Mae Xx // thereafterish.com

Christine said...

Try Jane Iredale! They're all mineral, no harmful or toxic ingredients. They all have very good ratings on the EWG. Have you looked up your Tarte products there to see if they are good too? You never know.


I use Jane Iredale BB cream, eyeshadow, and mascara. I love the bb cream and the eyeshadow. The mascara looks great when you put it on, but it flakes and smudges easily.

Jane said...

Ho I adore Tarte. I had this pink lipstick for years now, It's still on of my favorite!!

Camille said...

I came across your blog by happy chance and I just love it! Following you straight away on bloglovin.

I've never tried any tarte cosmetics but I've wanted to. Maybe I'll take a peek at the eyeliner!

xoxo, Camille

MusicLuffler said...

Tarte incorporates a lot of natural ingredients, but they're not (nor do they aim to be) as natural as some other brands. Some people are perfectly okay with this, but I second the recommendation to check everything on EWG's Skin Deep database. Some of my favorite brands to use are Aubrey Organics (hair care, shaving cream), Lavanila (perfume), Tom's of Maine, and Dr. Bronners (soap, lotion).

spreadfashion said...

I love tarte products!

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Krista said...

I've heard Josie Maran's makeups are really good! And I'm also dying to try some from Miranda Kerr's line Kora :) I personally love all organics oils, especially because I live in Finland, it seems to be the only trick that works for me in the winter

Anonymous said...

JANE IREDALE is the best organic, natural, and cruelty free make up out there. They use the highest quality minerals and ingredients. Tarte, Bare Minerals, etc use a less than stellar mineral that irritates the skin. Recently, many customers of Bare Minerals saw break outs due to the company's change of ingredients. I've been using Jane Iredale for over 10 years and its the best make up that's ever happened to me. It is MADE for sensitive and highly irritated skin. TRY IT! you won't
regret it!!! You look like a Golden Glow for a more summery color or a Warm Sienna for a cooler winter shade.
Also try their bronzer in Rose Dawn for winter
and Moonbeam for summer.

Jenny Ong said...

@Anonymous: thanks for the info :)

ThoughtsofGlam Co said...

I love Tarte. I just did a gifts under $10 post and included a couple of its items in my list because Sephora and Ulta are offering it for insane prices.