May 2013


Pointed edge

Lovers + Friends jacket, Zara top and skirt, Karen Walker sunglasses, Proenza Schouler PS11, Zara sandals

Having borrowed inspiration from Balenciaga's gorgeous SS13 crop tops, Zara's got me once more. And yeah, I know I said I'd put this skirt to rest for a little while, but pairing it with this cropped top was too inviting to. After a little altering, it was inevitable for a revitalization. Anyway, the weather's been climbing pretty high throughout the week and all I'm seemingly into wearing are crisp whites, pinks, and beige--either that, or going black on steroids. That--sticking to one side of the spectrums--and a little bit of SPF, Jurlique's silk finishing powder, and liner. Keeping it to a minimum these days.

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Giveaway: RayBan aviators

RayBan aviators

Usually I stick to oversized wayfarers and huge rounded sunglasses but something about the warm weather makes me more drawn to aviators. They add a bit of attitude to your otherwise standard summer weather outfit, don't you think? I was tempted by the colored mirrored aviators but eventually I whittled down my choices to neutral ones, of course. And because I'm a big fan of aviators, I'm hosting this RayBan aviator giveaway-- one person will win the same frames shown above! Look below for info on how to join the giveaway:

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The giveaway remains opened until next Monday, June 3rd at 11:59pm PST.

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Thanks guys, good luck!


Scarf dress

Lovers + Friends dress, Joe's Jeans leather jacket, Nordstrom beanie, Zara bag & sandals, Ray Ban wayfarer

These longer, breezy days have been celebrated in a combination usually resulting in something leathery thrown over a short dress of some variation in print, topped off with some headgear and the basic sandals (that I'm now convinced are securely fastened to my feet at all times). The only switch being a neutral color away, anyway.


The little black bag

Céline bag

Now I wish this were a 'new in' post, but sadly it isn't. As timeless as the type of bag is, I'm always scanning the internet for THE black bag. Right now, this is it. A simple black shoulder bag with buttery leather... just enough shape, but not too structured. The 'Blade' might not be as loud and recognizable as the Trapeze or the Luggage, but it's perfect to me.


New safari

Current/Elliott jacket, Zara t-shirt, Levi's shorts, Karen Walker sunglasses, Zara pumps, Daniel Wellington watch, Jennifer Zeuner bracelet

Just wanted to check in with you guys for this weekend! It's been so gorgeous out, and this easy weekend was fitted in the summer staple Current Elliott 'infantry jacket' and a pair of destructed denim shorts. A tee and pair of shorts are all I'm about right now, but decided a splash of tortoiseshell and a pair of asymmetrical pumps would upgrade the look for a stroll down Rodeo. Hope you're all enjoying the rest of your days xx


Athletica minima

ASOS t-shirt, Zara skort and bag, ASOS cap, Vanessa Mooney necklace, Zara sandals

I'm sure I'll be channeling a sort of athletic vibe this entire summer- while it is the forecasted trend, I feel like it's also the natural destination for the usual black-and-white clothes wearer or for the minimalist. Whatever the case, the skort is still getting a lot of love (yeah, eye-roll or yawn totally warranted) and it made sense with a boyfriend tee and a leather cap this time around. I'm so glad the weather's cooling down about, uh, 25 degrees or so this week- I'm putting this over worn napkin fold to rest and putting on some new denim skinnies I got my hands on recently. Also sort of glad because it curbs my mega cravings for ice cream... for now, haha. Catch you guys later!


Better in twos

Kasil Workshop cropped skinnies, Zara sandals

When a good thing comes along, especially the kind that comes at a more affordable price, I've just got to secure my relationship with it by getting it in two colors. I had gotten the Madewell 'perfect belt' in black and brown, the ever so popular Zara skort in black and white (and even seriously contemplated on grabbing one more in blue), and a slew of other basics I convinced myself I needed more than one hue in. It might seem crazy but I rest in knowing that at least I really like the piece, ha. The latest set of twins is the YSL-esque leather sandal from Zara... one in the perfect summer nude, and one in a classic black. Found that both pairs fared well with Julep's nail vernis in "Jennifer", my current shade of preference, and figured that purchasing both colors was a well made decision. Happy feet, happy Friday!


Middle part

Zara shirt, Rich & Skinny jeans, 3.1 Phillip Lim sandals, Nordstrom beanie, Vanessa Mooney necklace, Linea Pelle tote

During the short heatwave that passed by last week, I wanted nothing more than to step out, if needed to, in breathable and comfy pieces. Doing this though--at least for me--almost always results in outfit combinations that are less than stellar. I figure in times when layers are undesirable, the little details are what speaks volumes... so minutes before stepping out, while fidgeting with different pairs of denim, denim shorts, un-cuffing and then re-cuffing these Rich & Skinny skinnies, I haphazardly decided it would look much better with a middle part. Grabbed a pair of scissors and snipped it while wearing the jeans, not even measuring whether the snip was centered, nor checking to see if either slit measured the same lengthwise (see those frayed ends?). So not the expert DIY-er, ha. Anyway, kept things light and grayish with the Phillip Lim sandals (my favorite pair to wear for summer!), and added my trusty beanie when temperatures cooled.


A touch of Tarte

Tarte clay eyeliner, mineral powder, concealer, and mascara

During humid weather, I like to keep makeup usage to a minimum... or at least feel like it's kept to a minimum. As I finish my previously bought makeup products, I've been slowly transitioning over to Tarte's natural line of goods. All that I've tried so far has felt light on the face and covered just enough-- really ideal for summer makeup. And as some of you may relate, many times when using natural or organic makeup products, I've felt that there wasn't enough coverage or they just plainly do not work at all. So, I'm just really ecstatic to finally settle on a brand I trust and thought I'd share with you all!

My favorite finds of the four products above has got to be the maracuja creaseless concealer and the waterproof clay liner. None of Tarte's products contain ingredients that are believed to harm your skin (parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, GMOs, sulfates, etc.) but the concealer goes above and includes pure maracuja oil--nutrient rich in vitamin C and fatty acids--which helps moisturize and brighten the skin. I've actually got a bottle of organic maracuja oil waiting to be used (finishing up the skin balancing oil from Jurlique) so I'll get back to you on how it feels to use just the oil. But back to the concealer-- it really is creaseless and lasts just about forever. It's got enough stick but feels extremely light. And as for the clay liner, ahh it's easily the best liner I've come across yet! The Amazonian clay component makes the waterproof liner smooth and hydrating, and yet with the natural ingredient it is still extremely easy to apply... which makes it no wonder why Tarte's now my favorite eco-friendly brand. But, I'm still open to discovering other great natural products/brands, do you have any to recommend?


Two drops of blue

Elizabeth and James button-up, Zara skort, Alexander Wang pumps, Karen Walker sunglasses, Proenza Schouler PS11, Vanessa Mooney necklace

Another round of the ubiquitous white skort from Zara, this time with two drops of blue-- my go-to combo as of late. Paired the casual top and bottom with sleek pumps and my all-time favorite accessories, the PS11 and Super Dupers. Essentially the two button-up shirts are the same, except the one used as a cover is my bf's and I thought adding another touch of blue would pivot the outfit more interestingly so. Also noted, how trouble free and necessary a cover up is in transitioning between LA's fickle temps.