A short story

Row 1: Rag & Bone, Ksubi, Rails / Row 2: AllSaints, Ksubi, Rag & Bone

My favorite staple for warmer days: the quintessential denim short. I own one that I absolutely love, and it was a thrifted Levi's short gifted from my friend Raneth. It's teetered and tattered to perfection, and just a bit high waisted (pictured here). I find the more that you wear and wash denim shorts, the better the destruction comes out... that is until you no longer need more destruction and should stave away from washing it to smithereens. Such is the case with the ubiquitous Ksubi 'Alberceque' shorts, which comes to you already in teetered and tattered perfection (black version here). Wish I had come across the replenished stock before my size ran out! Boo. But good alternatives to these ones are a green-undertoned AllSaints pair and the Rag & Bone 'Mila' short in black.

And if I were to tire of denim shorts, I'd go straight for the leather. This Rag & Bone 'Highclaire' short with dainty lace trimming and the nude Rails pair are like the pyjama shorts that are actually appropriate for wear outside of the confines of your abode. Comfy and gorgeous either dressed up or down, how summer dress should feel.


nakim said...

I'm loving the AllSaints denim shorts.

Anastasios said...

I love the first and the third!!!!

cool and sexy :)


monkeyshines ♥ said...

amazing picks!


kate said...

denim shorts aremy FAVORITES!!!

Anna Black said...

I love the first pair, with the lace trimming!


Carol said...

need them all !! the same problem like with neas - mever enough of them haha :)


Tess Lecklitner said...

Obsessed with the leather Rag & Bone pair! Leather and lace is always a good thing.

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Eva (Creativity and Chocolate) said...

Leather and denim are my favorites for summer! xx


Raspberry and Rouge said...

I DIE for that leather Rag & Bone. I absolutely love it/need it!! Xx Rebecca


Tanya said...

The rag and bone shorts are gorgeous! x


Elena Vasilieva said...

that nude pair is absolutely best. and ksubi's of course


Laura said...

I love the Rails shorts! They're gorgeous! x Laura

Anonymous said...

Ahh..totally love the Rails shorts! Really liking the comfort of almost PJ like shorts! :)


Bonnie,Clyde and Marni..... said...

Love them!!


moustachic said...

first ones!

moustachic ♡
Twitter/Instagram: @moustachic

Ysabella A said...

I totally love denim shorts, but this post is telling me to try something new... (The nude Rails pair shorts maybe?!)

http://ciaoysabella.blogspot.com xx

Joe Beverly said...

I vote for the Rag & Bone 'Highclaire' shorts, Jenny. But the Ksubi 'Alberceque' shorts are nice too. The Ksubi are girl-next-door sexy, whereas the Rag & Bone are wickedly sexy. Either one would look great on you.

Ria said...

I'm dying over that first pair! I need them in my life. Thanks for sharing.

Mary Pham said...

This is great! I love that the weather is almost right to be wearing shorts again! I have a feeling you would also love what we have in-store at Spaces and Gems. Check us out: http://spacesandgems.bigcartel.com/

Six Feet From The Edge - Debbie said...

Ahhh want them all! But I really like the higher waisted ones.


Abbey said...

I love the beige shorts!



Louise Lam said...

Love these shorts! I am in love with Ksubi denims - they always hit the nail, along with One Teaspoon when it comes to shorts.


MeganRose. said...

so bummed about the ksubi's too :\ ..i heard they run small though...

Hi Tea Style said...

Love all the shorts!!! Thanks for sharing! Perfect for summer, especially here in Hawaii!