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Tarte eyeliner, Karen Walker sunglasses

I had been using my MAC Fluidline eyeliner for what seemed like for-ev-er, and when I finally reached a small-enough mound, I went on a search for something better. I liked MAC's Fluidline but it would last fewer hours as I used more of it and I felt like it stiffened my lids a bit. To add, I don't necessarily like MAC's ingredients.

Finding good and effective makeup made without parabens and synthetic ingredients is so hard to do, as I'm sure most of you know. So I was really excited to come across Tarte's EmphasEYES Waterproof Clay Liner, because it's made without the junk and it works absolutely great. The Amazonian clay-based liner is so silky smooth and it really does stay in place for the entire day. To vouch for this, my lids have worn it for at least 12 hours without reapplying--amazing. And it comes with a double-ended brush, which is a win-win all on its own... just thought I'd pass along a good product to any of you who are in the market to buy a new eyeliner!


Rhoda Wong said...

gorgeous sunnies!


Suzie Q said...

I also don't like make-up with the bad ingredients in it. I love Tarte's line, I'll have to check out their eyeliner. If you want to check out other good liquid eyeliners without any parabens, etc, I currently use Smashbox and love it. It lasts all day and it's also cruelty-free =)

Suzie Q

monkeyshines ♥ said...

wonderful sunnies!


Emma MacDonald said...

It's always such a relief to find a great eyeliner, it definitely makes up for all the terrible ones you have to try before you find the perfect one!
Bemsy x

Andrea said...

Love the photo and I love the review, I think it seems like a great product if you have the time to apply it properly.


Awesome sunglasses!


Elaine Daniels said...

This is really great advice, I'll be sure to go out looking this Tarte's Clay Liner asap!



Alyssa said...

Excited to try that liner! I love that it's clay based, I'm always on the lookout for beauty products that are natural based/organic. Pretty sunglasses.

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Annie said...

I went through two of MAC's fluidline and switched to Bobby Brown! I like Bobby Brown's more than MAC's. I'm almost out, so I will try this one! Thanks Jenny :)