Matte black

Madewell lace top, James Jeans 'Couture Skinny 1285', H&M beanie, Madewell belt, Zara pumps

You'd think finding a good pair of black skinny jeans is an easy task… but a lot like its white counterpart, you have to make sure it satisfies the elements of flattering denim wear for neutral colors, since black and white styles are generally bought as timeless pieces. All-black skinnies really just have to feel great, contour the legs right, and consist of long-lasting quality denim fabric (or a blend of, preferably for me). Easy right? Not really--when you have one element but not the other, and so forth. So, in celebration of finding a black pair that is pretty much all of the above, I've been consistently wearing these 'Couture Skinny 1285' jeans from James Jeans for the past two weeks. I'm a denim girl and well I like wearing a lot of black, so they're far more than perfect for me. They're my daily go-tos now, honestly. Like these ones I posted last week, I love my pair of black James Jeans' for the impressive fit and detailing. Classic matte black wash in a classic skinny fit, straight-up with no frills.

From one denim junky to another… if you'd like to try out a pair or two, punch in the code "JJ013" for 25% off of your purchase on James Jeans. Pretty sweet deal for premium denim, no?


amalie said...

i love this! that sweater is so pretty. and cute hat!

Anonymous said...

Those cat ears look super cute. I bought some black jeans last week and eventhough wearing them sounds easy, I find it rather difficult. So thanks for the outfit inspiraton! ♥-Axelle


monkeyshines ♥ said...

fantastic jacket!


Laura Dittrich said...

You look totally awesome! Those shoes are so cool! And the cat ears are adorable x

Fashion Landscape

style guide.L A M said...

Love your outfit! Your photos always looks amazing :)


Andrea said...

I feel like finding the perfect black skinnie jeans is a task for life!! :) However yours looks pretty great and I just love your beanie.
xo Andrea
Wonderful and Marvelous

pelmirk said...

you look awsome
please check mine too

Karolina said...

Your beanie is absolutely adorable!


Floortje van Cooten said...

Great look!
I just made a DIY post about a hat with ears. Maybe you like to see it :)


Raspberry and Rouge said...

Cool shoes! Xx

Vasilieva said...

absolutely loving that hat. awesome shots


The Marcy Stop said...

Obsessed with that hat! Super cute.


EV said...

Love this outfit! & the cat ears are too cute~



Quang Hue said...

Namo Amitabha, hi Neon, your cat hat looks cute and warm. Your denim jacket looks warmly caring. Your denim jeans color looks appropriate but tight on your legs. If that pair of jeans looks looser then it will be better. Everyone visit my website for more Wisdom http://NamoAmitabha.ws

Rhoda Wong said...

love the layering on top!


estellelamode.com said...

Great pair of jeans, they fit so perfectly!


Suzie Q said...

I love the effortless look, Jenny! I love the layering with the tops and the cat ear beanie is just too cute!

Suzie Q
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Anonymous said...

Love love love those lil cat ears on your hat. And yes, the black jeans look great on you, jeans girl <3


katia said...

love this! where is your jacket from?

Anonymous said...

Ah that beanie! Hahah so kawaiii. & loving the pumps <3


s said...

super cute hat.


Alicia N. said...

I totally understand how you feel about buying black or white jeans. You really can't just get any pair of black /white jeans. They seriously have to be the greatest pair of jeans EVER. The quality is definitely important. Unfortunately I'm still in search for a pair. Love your beanie by the way! :D

Alicia @Neon Fox

Perpetuity said...

Adorable beanie! Great look

Sharmili said...

awesome layering!! love the angle of all your shots
xx mili


The little world of fashion said...

I love your beanie!

Lorena Ghanem said...

I love your hat


H, said...

Gorgeous outfit,your style is impeccable!

Angie Ang said...

Adore those shoes!
(\ /)
( . .)

Diva In Me said...

I must say black jeans are like a must-have in the closet. Just go with anything.
You look good pairing it with a denim top =)


Anonymous said...

The hat with the cat ears is such a cute detail!


{jin} @ herimajination said...

i've been looking for the "perfect" black skinny jeans. my j brands just disappeared and need a replacement! def will look into! thanks jenny!! ;)

Swapnil said...

that hat is so cute, loving the easiness of this outfit


Jen Hsieh said...

This might be the most perfect outfit (in my opinion) that I've seen in the blogosphere. I love everything from head-to-toe. And finding a good pair of black skinnies is definitely a challenge - I always end up getting a pair that fades too quickly or isn't actually black. Definitely going to look into James Jeans.


Stephanie G said...

obsessed with your shoes + how they look with black jeans!

steph / absolutely-fuzzy.com

Sabrina said...

As an unabashed cat lover, I also coveted Eugenia Kim's adorable kitty beanie, but this H&M find is awesome! Fun fact, I saw all sorts of cat ears when I went to Taiwan, most prominently on little bowler hats. Love this look, Jenny (and I may or may not wander into an H&M to try and find this beanie)!


Jessie said...

looove this outfit so much!