Surviving the heat

Levi's lace inset dress, Madewell belt, Forever 21 beanie, Isabel Marant sneakers, Proenza Schouler PS11

Yeah... NYFW is over but I've barely begun looking through the photos from my stay. As mentioned here, I unfortunately was a victim of mosquito bites and as the days went by, they swelled pretty badly so I ended up sacrificing comfort for (concealed) looks by wearing long-sleeves and pants... damn you, mosquito. I got one near my forehead/temple and due to it swelling from major humidity, I tried to hide it with my trusty beanie (you'll see in the next few posts that it makes quite the continued appearance). The first day (pictured above) was like a hot slap of reality! Luckily my arms and legs didn't look diseased just yet, so I got to wear this cutesy, airy inset dress from Levi's. Layered over a pair of short shorts so that I could hike the dress up and still be deemed socially acceptable... so appropriate for the gross NY heatwave. Thank you Levi's, for saving me from overheating.


Vanesa Cruz said...

Cool look. :)

Vonny said...

love your sneakersss!

allthingspam02 said...

I love the background of your photos.


Charlotte said...

beautiful look!

- ordaining serendipity

Work Of Style said...

Aww poor you, this is no fun :( but you managed to look super amazing anyway! This dress is gorgeous!

Andrea said...

what a cool look! i love every piece of this outfit!

Stephanie said...

yikes, sorry about the mosquitoes =( on the plus side, i'm loving your wedge sneakers and this levi's dress is super cute!

Frank Vinyl said...

beautiful girl. def an outfit inspiration


sequin said...


monkeyshines ♥ said...

adorable look, feel better!


far and wild jewelry said...

love the grungy elements you added to toughen up this sweet dress. even though the beanie was mosquito induced it looks great! can't wait to see more photos!


FashionFlirt said...

Amazing photos!! You look absolutely stunning girl! XXX



Nicoleta_B said...

Exelent urban chic look!




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Sabrina said...

Aww, I dig this casual cool but still very cute look! I'm sorry to hear about your mosquito bites--the EXACT same thing happened to me during a recent trip to Mexico (continuous and furious spritzing of Off didn't seem to faze those huge and hungry bugs, urgh), so twenty four in total with many that's sadly visible on my legs, haha. Love those Marant wedge sneakers, only I'm wondering about the comfort level--because I'm thinking of getting a pair myself!


Chi said...

poor girl :DD
you look great in thas dress, first i thought it was a playsuit :)

Outi said...

you look amazing!!!


Bri Wang said...

Pretty dress!
Love that you added the beanie.



tineey said...

hate mosquitos! your outfit is so badass. i love it!

Floortje said...

You look lovely!

Kate {Modette} said...

I am in LOVE with your bag! Ahhh, so jealous! xx

Kate {Modette}

oleah said...

love the outfit!


StyleNonsense said...

A Beanie Is Actually Quite Perfect For This Outfit.

Viv said...

i totally know what you mean by getting bitten all over.. it happens to me too often here in NJ. but luckily i can't tell at all from these photos! i can imagine that beanie did not help you keep cool though ;)

anyway, the outfit is super cute.. love that you stayed comfortable with those Isabel Marant kicks.. wish i could get my hands on a pair without spending an arm and a leg!


Kirstin Marie said...

You look great. Sorry to hear about the pesty mosquito bites. Love the beanie. xo

alexsandra g. said...

This is amazing x


Angie Ang said...

Such a cute combo! Love those shoes!
(\ /)
( . .)

Danielle Hope said...

Very cute. The beanie really is a brilliant idea!

Katie said...

oh no, poor you! you still look great though, & i love the bag!

katie x

Xeana said...

Cute! Great cap!

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The Fashion Milkshake said...

Great post!

3 words LOVE YOUR STYLE :)

I'm an instant follower of you now :)

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stylewithoutstyle said...

Love this outfit! You look so lovely :)

olindastyle said...

Love, love, love your boots! You look stunning!
Huge hugs from a spanish follower, blogger and architect!



James(and)AnneMarie said...

i love the sneakers. actually love everything. great look! x


James(and)AnneMarie said...

i love the sneakers. actually love everything. great look! x


Diva In Me said...

Awww..poor you =( I hope you'll get better.
You still look really good with the beanie =)


Emma Westbrook said...

This outfit is perfection! I'm quite jealous of your PS11. It's been on my wishlist for so long now.
Regardless of mosquito bites you look amazing!

Marie thefashionandgeek said...

Gorgeous outfit! You look amazing!
Kiss from France, Marie.

Marie thefashionandgeek said...

Gorgeous outfit! You look amazing!
Kiss from France, Marie.

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thechicndamned said...

I was about to ask how you survived the heat with a beanie on, but now I see why. On the plus side, looks super chic with the rest of your outfit!

x karen

martha said...

pink & black ? such a sweet combination ...don't really understand the need to buy an overpriced bag a lot of other girls have, but that's just me.
Pinned it !

Mayflower said...

Love this outfit ♥