September 2012


The last day

Zara jacket, Forever 21 top, Zara pants & pumps, Forever 21 beanie, Zara tote

Luckily for my current state of hustle and bustle, I've got a slew of back-up posts to make up for the lack of free time I have... I need to publish them all soon, or else they're going to become really outdated and late in season (but I mean, it's still hot as hell here in LA). Here's an outfit I wore during mine and Steve's last evening in New York, our last crawl around SoHo for a little while. The weather had just gotten cooler and crisp and surprisingly my feet weren't entirely obliterated after a week of constant walking. Complied with these suckers for at least a few hours.

I know I'm terribly late (thanks for the reminder emails about the overdue photo diary post), but I'm crossing my fingers to post the pictures from New York before September ends. I have to, or else I should just be okay with being the biggest procrastinator ever.


Wearing isabel

Isabel Marant 'Daria' dress

After heavily pining for select collections from New York Fashion Week, there were only a few others I was looking forward to seeing in the forthcoming Fashion Weeks. Of course one of them being Isabel Marant S/S'13, set to premiere this week at Paris Fashion Week. Cannot, wait, obviously... Isabel is a cult favorite and I mean, how could the label not be? She treads ever so perfectly between a hip and a boho vibe, and her collection boasts the most special pieces in the best casual-cool kind of way. Unique prints and embroidery, the coolest knits, and signature outerwear. Pining all over again.

What I love most about Isabel is the versatility of each of her designs. (Side note: I've worn her black Betty sneakers with just about everything.) Here I sort of imagined how I'd wear her 'Daria' smock dress and the ways to wear it in transition from the ends of summer to the cusp of winter, with my favorite look probably being the middle outfit. I always seem to do this--layer skirts over dresses--just because I love the fact that short dresses can multifunction as itself or as a top. Paired with low-heeled boots, a wardrobe-essential pleated skirt, a beanie (my favorite accessory!), and complete with a backpack and ear cuffs, the Daria dress can be worn as part of a street-chic look.

The first outfit looks to a more relaxed-boho, spring/summery vibe when worn over a pair of skinny boot jeans and brown boots. And the last outfit--finished with an oversized coat, metallic pumps and a timeless black clutch--a classic combo for a crisp winter's day. Isabel throughout the seasons... I probably wouldn't have it any other way.

Find Isabel Marant at Can't wait for the Fall pieces (Étoile and all, too) to start trickling in.


1st: worn with Mother skinny flare, Chloé bag, Maison Martin Margiela boots, Jennifer Zeuner bracelet
2nd: worn with Topshop beanie, ASOS ear cuffs, KARL skirt, Pierre Hardy backpack, Marsèll boots
3rd: worn with Zara coat, Topshop heels, Zara choker, Proenza Schouler clutch, Linea Pelle belt


In flames

Forever 21 top, Zara shorts, Melie Bianco bag, H&M cap, Acne boots

Something I wore a day or two before leaving for New York--super easy and comfortable in this Helmut Lang-esque top from Forever and short shorts from Zara. The heat's still lingering but I've been wearing this shirt non-stop, kind of hoping for it to magically make fall come quicker. Alright, gotta run and get back to work. I've been trudging through the week feeling like a zombie. It wasn't until just an hour ago I realized that tomorrow was Friday that I got excited, tingly feelings in my heart haha. Happy, happy Friday you guys!


Surviving the heat

Levi's lace inset dress, Madewell belt, Forever 21 beanie, Isabel Marant sneakers, Proenza Schouler PS11

Yeah... NYFW is over but I've barely begun looking through the photos from my stay. As mentioned here, I unfortunately was a victim of mosquito bites and as the days went by, they swelled pretty badly so I ended up sacrificing comfort for (concealed) looks by wearing long-sleeves and pants... damn you, mosquito. I got one near my forehead/temple and due to it swelling from major humidity, I tried to hide it with my trusty beanie (you'll see in the next few posts that it makes quite the continued appearance). The first day (pictured above) was like a hot slap of reality! Luckily my arms and legs didn't look diseased just yet, so I got to wear this cutesy, airy inset dress from Levi's. Layered over a pair of short shorts so that I could hike the dress up and still be deemed socially acceptable... so appropriate for the gross NY heatwave. Thank you Levi's, for saving me from overheating.



Excuse the load of pictures you've probably already ogled over a hundred times (if you're like me), but I had to publish this offensively long, wrought-out, picture-heavy post for my own sake. I figured putting all of the pictures from NYFW in one post would save me a great deal from clicking back and forth, navigating endlessly through Vogue, where I got these pictures. This blog started as an outlet for me, as a digital space for me to store all things fashion related... and well, here's the part that doesn't involve narcissistic pictures of my own style, but instead a focus on things that I probably won't own but admire for their creative ingenuity.

3.1 Phillip Lim

Easily my favorite collection! 3.1 Phillip Lim S/S'13 is cohesive, creative, fun, fresh--everything I want to be for this next season (and probably forever). It's equal parts girly and tough, which makes me excited as ever as I totally see myself internalizing this combo. To top that, the 90's feel of the entire collection (read: tied shirts at the waist, plaid, overalls, Barbie pink) has really got me thrilled in how Phillip Lim has managed to bring back an old style--that most people I think are weary of--and make it completely relevant and new. Genius, thank you, Phillip. Also, thank you for the splicing and stitching up of prints and adding chiffon in all of the right places. This collection seemed like a deviation from all of his other ones but at the same time, it is so rightfully Phillip Lim... that it just makes sense.

Theyskens' Theory

Probably my second favorite collection--Theyskens delivers with tailored but shapeless dresses, unkempt looks, and oversized jackets. He mixes the grungy look with the pristine, clean(er) dresses and, like Phillip's, the collection just balances itself out in that way. I'm a little mad over that knit sweater dress...

Alexander Wang

A. Wang SS'13, full of structure, a whole lot of splicing and inventive cut-outs. The pieces alone are very forward and probably not wearable in my taste, but I can't help but to stare in awe of the pure creativity that is so transparent with the barely-there plastic fiber. Can't say it enough when talking about this guy--genius, Alexander Wang, just genius. A few other favorite pieces come from...

Helmut Lang

Helmut Lang: the boxy jacket; the wispy, shimmery bottoms; and short suits.

Rag & Bone

Rag & Bone: David and Marcus gives us loosely-fitted shirts, oversized and boxy, edgy biker jackets, and ridiculously cute (for a lack of a better word) shorts with lace trims. Utilitarian with a twist--so good.


Rodarte: all in the details--tons of weaving, quilting, and mixture of textures. As mentioned, probably none of these pieces are ones I could wear, but the sheer brilliance of creativity breathes so hard through the collection...

Reed Krakoff

Reed Krakoff: easy on-the-go, sheer sleeves, boxy leather shorts, and foldable bags.

Oscar de la Renta

Oscar de la Renta: no words needed for how beautiful this intricate art of work is. Silver, shiny, and extraordinarily embroidered and embellished... the pieces above are impeccably gorgeous. Plus, that added streak of neon pink hair really edges up the otherwise pristine look.

Proenza Schouler

Proenza Schouler: last but not least... the careful engineering of mixed prints is admirable alone. I could never wear anything of the likes, but it doesn't take away from the fact that the complex artistry in each look just screams downright cool with a wisp of chic. What else can you expect from Jack and Lazaro?


Travel necessities

Instead of stuffing my PS11 with a makeup bag, I take with me a little clutch (from Bloggers' Wardrobe) full of my go-tos for emergency cases. You don't even know what these items have done for me during my stay in New York, especially for someone who's sort of fixated on cleanliness. My must-haves for traveling:

1) Mini Tide to-go for food-meets-white-clothing emergencies; 2) sugarless gum for a little refreshment; 3) Korres body butter to stay extra moisturized; 4) bandaids (hallelujah!) for full-day walks all around NY; 5) floss for a clean row of teeth; 6) Visine to rewet the eyes and to keep the whites clear of course; 7) Boscia green tea blotting sheets to keep the face looking shine-free and ready for photos; 8) on-the-go Neosporin for any open cuts (gotta be safe); and lastly but maybe most importantly, 9) hand sanitizer! For me, touching anything near the train or in the cabs warrants a small drop of sanitizer. Just wanted to share my preferred on-the-go travel items--what are yours?


A familiarity

Urban Outfitters netted top, DV by Dolce Vita tank, Vanessa Mooney necklace, Zara shorts, Melie Bianco bag, Zara sandals

I'm finally back in LA after almost a full week in New York! Normally I would've loved the longer stay in NY but even a few days felt unbearable with the humidity and bug bites (see previous entry). It's a weird feeling to have missed home this much, but it ought to be a good thing to appreciate the familiar things. I've got a load of pictures of NY to share though--hopefully I've got some time this weekend to sort through them in time to post next week. Til then, it's settling in with unpacking and getting back into the groove of (home-ish type) things... maybe a trip or two to the oceanside this weekend in lieu of the near-100 degree weather? What're you guys all up to?


NY footprints

Zara flats, 3.1 Phillip Lim sandals, Zara sandals, Acne boots, Zara pumps, Isabel Marant sneakers

Ah, kind of fell off the face of blogging for a few days to catch up on life here in New York... it's been a frustrating couple of days settling down (delayed flight, weird queasy feelings during the entire day flying, missing the BCBG show because of lack of sleep/a nasty case of bug bites) but before I knew it, the days flew by quick and I only have about three full days left. I'm trying to suck it up and quit complaining about the gross weather to just enjoy the rest of the trip. Looking forward to the Herve Leger show later today, and of course, a bunch of other food spots. I'll check back in soon xx


In the flesh

Alexander Wang pouch, Oliver Peoples sunnies, Acne sweater, YSL lipstick, Alexander Wang pumps, Chloe bag

Full-on desires to dress myself in all nude/neutral pieces this fall... something about wearing head-to-toe nude just makes you look and feel a hundred times more sophisticated chic. Kinda like the effect black on black on black has, but with a dash of femininity. And I hate saying this, but AHH I feel like I definitely need those sunglasses by Oliver Peoples! Such a good shape and cool shade.