Bright out

IntiMint kimono, Zara vest, ShoeMint boots, Alexander Wang tote, RayBan wayfarers

Kept things easy with a feather-light IntiMint kimono wrap and taupe ShoeMint boots. Got these boots in last week and realized I had either lost or donated all of my light-colored shoes. This quasi-revelation has some relevance--I swear--because I had looked to and fro for light-colored a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g to minimize heat attraction. WHEW, not particularly looking forward to this consistent, weeklong 90+ degree weather, but I'm hoping to get by with a zippy week. But it's only Monday and I'm already worn out. Cheers to my foreseen desires to chug coffee all week long!


Tinacious Me said...

so bright! I really like the layering!
~www.Tinacious Me~

Natali said...

Very beautiful kimono and boots :)


Emily Ulrich said...

The breathy, airy quality of that kimono is stunning. A great contrast to the hard, stark white of the kimono.

Isn't it ironic how you never want something until you've gotten rid of it? Always the case!

Andrea said...

You're gorgeous in this, I love the layering, I'd wear that right now!!

Puje Lk said...

Love the style Jenny!

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The Marcy Stop said...


The Marcy Stop

Emma MacDonald said...

Looks like a wonderfully cool and airy outfit.

Bemsy x

Anonymous said...

Love the intimint kimono and how you styled it; you always style electic pieces effortlessly! And I need those boots, in black!

April Lyn

Christing said...

Love the vest layered over kimono! Perfect look!!


Andrea said...

you look great! :)

monkeyshines ♥ said...

amazing layering!


Andrea said...

Beautiful outfit! I love these light colored boots.
xo Andrea
Wonderful and Marvelous

Domonique Wilson said...

Love the vest, so cute paired with this dress!



Naina said...

I SWEAR I'm not completely copying you but I have that vest + those shoes. this is pure coincidence but I'm glad because if there's anyone to take inspiration from, it'd be you!


Alison said...

Love the kimono under the vest. Such amazing layering!

xoxo Alison

Miranda said...

love the contrast in color with the a-wang bag!
i love taupe boots. i find that they are easier for me to incorporate into my wardrobe than brown/cognac boots are.


Hanna said...

love the boots :)

xo, Hanna

Pier 39 Prep said...

Awesome vest! I've been looking for a perfect black vest, but this white one is even more beautiful!

alexsandra g. said...

Love the vest and boots x


Ira Kharchenko said...

Awesome outfit! I love the boots!


Misseblog said...

Gorgeous outfit :) xx

Angie Ang said...

great outfit, love how you put everything together!
(\ /)
( . .)

Jeline said...

Amazing. Love how your bag stands out!


Suzie Q said...

I love the layering with this outfit!

Suzie Q
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Chantelle said...

that vest looks fantastic on you! Great outfit as usual <3

Kells said...

Awesome outfit! Those boots are to die for! I love how you offset the polka dots with a white vest!


Anonymous said...

I always love when you wear that Zara vest

Bonnie,Clyde and Marni..... said...

Love it!!!

Miss_Daike said...

those boots are perfect! xo

stylewithoutstyle said...

Amazing outfit :)

angela said...

how do you keep your AW bag so clean? I have the exact same bag and despite all my efforts to be careful with it AND spray protected it with Aquastop- it still has denim stains from my jeans!

Janet Mandell said...

I love the booties...the color and heel is PERFECT!

Very cool blog!

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Sarah said...

Those booties are so cute!

FashionFlirt said...

Love it!



Phuong said...

AMAZING bag!! love the bright pop of color

Travel in Style

Sohl in the City said...

Great mix of colors and textures.

Juliette Gold said...

Wow this is such a cute look! Great for when summer starts to cool down