August 2012


Truth be told

Forever 21 boots

...these Dicker-esque booties are from Forever, and I'm kind of loving them a little too much. I actually ended up cutting off the pulls on the zippers and I'm waiting for the right time to rough them up a bit in the dirt to make them look better. A little bummed they aren't made more durable for longer wear, but for the price, they're comfortable and they look like they cost a lot more than they do. Ultimately a cheap thrill but I think the boots can be keepers, at least for as long as I can keep them intact. At least I know I can get a lot of walking out of them in NY.


Black in summer for a change

vintage cropped top, H&M pleated skirt, Zara sandals, RayBan wayfarers, Luv Aj choker, Proenza Schouler PS11

Even though I'd choose neutrals over color any day, I think this is actually the first time I've been clad in all black all summer? Pranced around pockets of LA and Glendale in this cropped top (also another piece I've had since f-o-r-e-v-e-r) and short pleated skirt (got an overwhelming amount of compliments on it, similar one here) and felt like my black on black combo was my second skin. Black on black on black just never gets old for me, even though it was a 'refreshing' change for summer.

I'm waiting patiently for the week to pass--a three-day weekend awaits and then it's off to New York for me! Excited to dip into the Big Apple and join in on all of the NYFW festivities (i.e. Diet Coke's NYFW events for the launch of their new look). And of course, no matter how many times I've been, the places to eat at--new and old--are still calling my name. Recent plans for international travel were squashed so this is the only trip I'm looking forward to for the time being. Change of scenery is good, no?

On the subject of change... I really appreciate it when big brands adapt and roll with the times. It's pertinent to keep yourself relevant and connected to your audience, especially with the rapid pace of present media. Diet Coke's launching their new, sleek and modern design on September 1st and will have t-shirts (made by design student Gustavo Alonso--also receiving 10K in scholarship funds from CFDA for his creative art, amazing) with an award-winning design available at Target on the 2nd. Newness and moving forward gets me thrilled and excited to see what's to come. Can't wait for NY to see it all live! Til next time...


Line i love: IRO

IRO: the other Parisian label that I love and would wear in a heartbeat. I'm not sure how long it's been around, but its wearability and Marant-esque designs make each collection timeless to me. We're dipping into cooler weather here so I began looking through photos from fall/winter collections and realized that IRO really has their look down. Each piece of theirs, no matter what collection, is so evidently "IRO" that I start to wonder what sort of genius it takes to make casual and cool ultimately so... very, well, IRO. French-chic, wouldn't we all die happy dressing as so?



Shop Sosie dress, Zara heels

Still amidst this rotten heat wave (currently in Vegas for Project), but I'm making my own efforts to transition into fall dressing. Paired this bright floral yellow dress from Shop Sosie with a lightweight olive-green jacket and a scarf to get ready for the new season... the new season that can't come any slower. If it's not already totally apparent from my previous posts, I'm ready for you, fall. Gonna welcome you with open arms, mixed prints, and a lot of scarf-wearing. Hope you're all enjoying the week so far. Can't wait to pack my bags and set for cooler temp at home tomorrow night!


Fall musings

images via Pinterest

My inspiration board for fall: boyfriend coats and -serious- boots; light, faerie-like makeup with slight cat-eyes; layering moto jackets with pyjama button-ups; holey knits with shorts for, you know, freezing winters in LA; layering knits; knee-high boots (make a comeback!); black midriff knit tops; silver jewelry; and messy buns.


Lyst it

all pieces filed under Lyst

I've been using Lyst to file pieces I'm coveting--it's almost like a Pinterest, but for shopping (and it's good for when something goes on sale!). The search engine works seamlessly with filters and makes deducing which piece to "Lyst" so much easier. Although I'll probably lust after these pieces forever, it's aesthetically pleasing to see them all collectively populate my profile page. And, of course my eyes are wandering towards black and white pieces--a sure sign that I'm way, way over summer. These suede boots (perfection!) WILL be mine, some how, some way, sometime this fall/winter. They're imagined to go with just about everything...

Worn with Malene Birger dress and Acne jumper, and Topshop biker jacket and Michael Kors turtleneck sweater dress with a 3.1 Phillip Lim minute clutch.


Lemon drop

Madewell baseball tee, Kasil Workshop skinnies, Caroline Cree sandals, Madewell belt

Went MIA for a quick bit, only because my AC blew out and the heat has officially gotten to me and I don't quite feel like doing anything but think of ice cream and iced tea and do absolutely nothing. Still trying to stay "cool" with light colors in this baseball tee I've been wearing consistently for weeks, ultra-white skinnies, and nude sandals I slightly altered. The original pair is so good, but I had to take off the gems and tie the lace-ups around the ankles to make them less put-together and a little "more me".


Pink okay

Forever 21 sweater, Zara shorts, Proenza Schouler PS11, Zara shoes & scarf, Madewell belt, RayBan wayfarers

A little bit of knit sweater and denim short action here before heading out to lunch at Tender Greens (one of my favorite spots!) in LA. As much as I complain about the current heat wave, it's nice to know that it ain't so bad in California... I think. OK- got to run to grab some cream puffs for a lookbook I'm photographing! This week has been nothing short of crazy, but at least it's going by quick. Can't wait for the weekend :) catch you all later.


Bright out

IntiMint kimono, Zara vest, ShoeMint boots, Alexander Wang tote, RayBan wayfarers

Kept things easy with a feather-light IntiMint kimono wrap and taupe ShoeMint boots. Got these boots in last week and realized I had either lost or donated all of my light-colored shoes. This quasi-revelation has some relevance--I swear--because I had looked to and fro for light-colored a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g to minimize heat attraction. WHEW, not particularly looking forward to this consistent, weeklong 90+ degree weather, but I'm hoping to get by with a zippy week. But it's only Monday and I'm already worn out. Cheers to my foreseen desires to chug coffee all week long!


Noir et blanc

images via Pinterest

Blogging in 80 degree weather but uh, nothing like a little black and white to get me in the mood for fall. Head over heels in love with the set from the Freja x Zara campaign--something about black and white photos just makes me drawn to one thing in the photo, and it forces all elements of the photo to try to achieve perfection. The same goes for B&W outfits.