April 2012


Wake up

Chicwish jacket, vintage blouse, Zara skirt, Jason Wu x Target satchel, Theyskens' Theory boots

The gloom set the mood for some computer cleansing, which caused me to look back at the mass of pictures I have sitting on my hard drive. These were from a while back--I guess I had forgotten about them--right before I dyed my virgin hair. Kind of hard to believe that it was so black back then.

But let's fast forward to the present... recently I purchased these Acne boots (see my Instagram @neonblush), which makes me a happy camper, obviously, as I've been pining over these classics for many seasons now. This may sound ironic but I swear it makes sense in my head: I know I own a lot of black boots, but I'm trying to move towards buying less and buying better. Not sure how much of 'buying less' I'm doing in what context... yeah, you get what I'm saying, right?



Zara pants, jacket, pumps & tote, Forever 21 jumper, Calvin Klein belt, Jessica Simpson hat, Michael Kors watch

Kind of in love with this snake/fish scale-y printed pant from Zara right now. Actually, scratch that--I'm sort of, kind of, really just obsessed with Zara at the moment. I can convince myself to stay away for about two weeks and then I'll come back and the urge to buy is greater than ever. I need to curb this Zara fixation.


A lot like summer

Zara coat, Shop Sosie dress, Beginning Boutique belt, Forever 21 sunnies, Zara sandals

Taken a few weekends ago when the weather shifted from the awful (and unexpected) cold and rain to really warm weather. It already feels like summer, being able to play in the sun for at least a few hours after work. Embraced that happy-go-lucky feel with this geometric-print dress (and, ironically, the heavy faux fur coat to tone things down a bit).


Neon marathon

Zara jacket & dress, vintage scarf, Jeffrey Campbell boots

Staying true to the name and adding a tinge of that neon feeling. Can't say that I don't wear this tank/dress enough.

Knowing I'd sit in regret (for selling my Coachella tickets) after seeing all the Coachella blog posts trickling in, the boyfriend and I sought after a random, wispy field and blasted hipster-y, desert-ish type of music to create the mood I would be missing out on last weekend. Hah. The weekend ensued, though, and consisted of card games, socially-awkward and -unacceptable dancing, 4:00am pool parties with a few friends, and a delicious ricotta-and-blueberry-pancake breakfast with French-pressed coffee (with a bit of retail therapy) ...to remedy the exhaustion of staying up all night playing water footsie with said friends. Whew. It's no Coachella, but I wouldn't have had it any other way.

Marathon by Heartless Bastards


Simple gal

StyleMint tees, Kasil Workshop shorts, Luv Aj choker, Zara heels, Proenza Schouler PS11

As a born and bred LA girl, sometimes a solid combo of tee-and-shorts does the trick just right for me. Like finding that one awesome pair of jeans or the perfect black purse (the PS11 is my favorite, obviously), a good t-shirt is a timeless piece that needs to be sought after, too. These ones I’m wearing from StyleMint feel buttery soft against the skin and provide a load of versatility. Consistently wearing Kasil Workshop, Zara shoes, and a Luv Aj choker throughout the process, I’ve teamed up with StyleMint to create a few different looks with their timeless-but-fun crew neck tees. I’d like to think of these looks as something simple but celebrated with detail.

Get your tees here, first-timers get 20% off with the code “NEON” (open until 4/30).



Zara knit, Chicwish skirt, vintage blazer, Proenza Schouler PS11, Zara sandals, Ray Ban wayfarers, vintage belt

Just a note of highlighter yellow (one of my favorite sweaters) and the last bits of sunshine from a couple of days ago to offset the grayish mood setting in today. I can't say I'm a fan of this non-stop downpour, but it is refreshing drifting off to sleep and waking to the sound of steady rain... even when I feel really under the weather.


Little black bag

Proenza Schouler PS11

Surprisingly not wearing the crap out of this perfect little black bag just yet, but I have been doting it every time I turn to my closet in the mornings (that's where it hangs) for the last two weeks. I had never been a bag lady so making the jump for this one was really quite magical, I'd say.



ASOS top, Kasil Workshop skinnies, Zara pumps & mini tote, YSL ring, Michael Kors watch

Something timeless yet fun and refreshing: a mirrored, floral, neon top paired with something starkly simple like white bottoms and nude shoes. I was a little hesitant about the loud top but I think it did me a great deal of sprucing up an outfit that I would otherwise make very casual... that little cinch of effort without really putting that much in. It's featured in ASOS' May 2012 magazine by the way, check it out on page 24!

Phantogram - When I'm Small


Back to cali

A|X jacket, Equipment blouse, Current/Elliott jeans, Melie Bianco bag, Steve Madden wedges, Ray Ban wayfarers, Luv Aj choker

So glad to be back home with perfect weather after spending the last three days in Vegas AND braving a dreadful seven-hour car ride going there. Looking forward to cleansing my body with loads of unsweetened green tea, kale smoothies, and lots of other veggies and fruit.

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