Statement in ombre

Zara ombre blouse, Le Mont St. Michel top, Kasil Workshop artisan shorts, Zara sandals, YSL ring, Michael Kors watch, Forever 21 and J.Crew bracelet, H&M choker

After having recently written a quick blurb for Chictopia's Everybody Is Ugly (here) on how to incorporate statement accessories into your spring wardrobe, I found my way back to wearing a little more jewelry and accessories again. Gold always contrasts nicely with cool blue, and this ombre Zara top is way, way cool. Anyway, check out the short write-up to see what I'm ogling over for the spring season.

What was supposed to be a relaxing weekend actually felt like a long, wrought-out list of to-dos squeezed into two days... but, I did get the chance to check out the Rose Bowl Flea Market! It only occurs once a month and I've been trying to get my arse out there for a year and a half, do I feel accomplished? Heck yeah. Awesome place for home decor and furniture! Too bad I didn't walk out with vintage jewelry that I had gone in to look for; instead I unearthed two awesome belts, which is still fine by me. Hoping to try out the Melrose Trading Post next... any one been?



Fashion Agony said...

It all works together amazingly!
Love the ombre blouse!

Fashion Agony blog

Val - A Cleaner Closet said...

Beautiful! I love how you've layered the ombre with the neutral top - super chic.


Domonique Wilson said...

Such a fan of ombre clothing at the moment, so this blouse from Zara ticks all the boxes! Always wanted to visited Rose Bowl...shame you couldn't find any vintage jewellery!


Bonnie,Clyde and Marni..... said...

love your outfit!!!!

Anonymous said...

amazing blouse!

Phuong said...

you look gorgeous in this ombre look

Travel in Style

Ballerina'sBun said...

Omg you look so natural beautiful ! Love the look ! Xx nadine www.ballerinasbun.blogspot.com

la vie quotidienne said...

Super Klasse Outfit my dear...you have a great legs and you use super good the shorts with Heelllsss..Congrats for your sense of style...Lovely T-SHIRTTTT

Today you can check my LV scarf and Bag Outfit:


XOXO from Munich

La Vie Quotidienne


KeyKey said...

I love Your watch!!! You look amazing!


your shirt looks amazing!
xo, Tina

Sharon said...

How do you do your hair? They are always so perfect! :)

Lisa Ann Karst said...

I am kind of a flea market junkie... Melrose is nicely curated, but on the smaller side. I have always found more at the Long Beach flea, and it's not as exhausting as the Rose Bowl can be. It's on my calendar for this coming Sunday, maybe I will see you there!

☮ Lisa Ann


diana kang said...

love love this top! xx

Anonymous said...

Love it, nice look. I concidered buying that blouse too, ombre is awesome. ♥-Axelle


monkeyshines ♥ said...

beautiful shirt!


Daisy said...

love the ombre top :)

Alexandra said...

Ugh I hate when your weekends turn into an errand run! Glad to hear you got to stop by the Rose Bowl though, I hear it's amazing! This is a stunning look - the ombre is perfection and you look beautiful!

Alexandra xo


nataliya said...

looooooooooooove! almost looks like you're wearing a dip dyed romper!!! which is a great idea!


Steffys Pros and Cons said...

your shoes are incredible!

Steffys Pros and Cons

Andrea said...

your blouse is beautiful!

Borjana said...

Oh my that blouse is sooo interesting and unique,definitely a statement piece that I need in my closet.and the way you styled it so inspiring;)

Anonymous said...

the ombre is really pretty! <3


-telmasofia said...

XOXO, telmasofiia.blogspot.com

Katie said...

oo i love the gold with the ombre blues, great look.

Katie x

Sheel said...

Your look stunning in these shots! Love the outfit. Who knew blue and beige would look so great together? I am definitely a fan :)

Laura said...

Absolutely love your outfit!

xoxo, Laura

Tina said...

I first thought you had a romper on, either way outfit looks great especially with the ombre effect (: BTW I want your shoes!!


tea and tees said...

I love this look! I've been looking for a pair of sandals like that and you pull them off so well!
As far as the Melrose Trading post goes, I'm obsessed. There have been months where I go every weekend. My friends come to me when they want to check it out. It's great. The Rose Bowl can be kind of intimidating, with it's huge antiques area and the separated clothing area. But the clothing area is pretty similar to Melrose, Melrose is just smaller and more compact. I highly recommend it! It's only $2 to get in (but you can find a coupon here http://www.melrosetradingpost.org/discount-admission-coupon.php) and very easy to navigate!
Hope that helped!


Taylor said...

fantastic pictures! that first one is one of your best ones yet!

Grace said...

i have hair envy! love your locks :)


Tuesday Chronicles said...

Absolutely loving this look. You've got a great blog! Thanks for the inspiration!


Aisha Shaya said...

Trading post is ok, very small though. You will be done in a hour or less.

Jean said...

Melrose Trading Post is pretty cool. I still prefer Rose Bowl because its bigger. Love your blog!

Anonymous said...

I've been! The stuff there is great and much more refined than the rose bowl, but pretty much anything you find there can be found at the bowl but for twice the rose bowl price. If you're feeling low on patience, its definitely the way to go. But rosebowl is the cheapest way to go with much more stuff!

Sam said...

Gorgeous pics! The scenary is amazing.


thestyleflux said...

Lovin that ombre blouse!


Alexandra Cordero said...

You look stunning!!!
It really flatters your figure! Much love!

Anonymous said...

I was at the Rose Bowl too last weekend, it was kind of slow but it's always fun to people watch and go through the piles and piles of vintage.
The Melrose flea market's much much smaller! But still worth the trip. It has fairly nice cheap jewelry and a few good vendors of furniture. I'll be going this weekend!

Christine Yun said...

Love how you paired your whole look together.


Anonymous said...

That top is gorgeous! Ombre is definitely my favorite spring trend!


jennyjk said...

sighhhhhhh i seriously cant get enough of that ombre style. i really like how your paired the ombre with another hint of color inside.


Anonymous said...

I love that! xx

See you later said...

Great style!! Love your blog.

I have just begun a blog, maybe you're interested in this.


Christine said...

I am your NEWEST FOLLOWER! I just found your site! Such great style- and you are so gorgeous- I love the watercolors emerging this season! woo hoo! ^_^ hope you can visit my blog too!

God bless

Monse Fuentes said...

great outfit, i love the shirt

El blog de Monse
El blog de Monse
El blog de Monse

Anonymous said...

heart the outfit + the melrose trading post. just went last month and planning to go again soon~ lmk if you want to go together! -pepper

Julie Khuu said...

Was just there last wknd honey! Love the Rose bowl but you know what's even better?? Long Beach Flea Market (this Sunday!)...soooo much better than Melrose *teeny tiny in comparison* Happy Shopping hun!

p.s. that last shot of you is RIDICK! so gorge!

Peace. Love. LOL!

Haute Khuuture.com

silvia in venice said...

amazing outfit the shirt is fabulous!

Charmaine said...

I love the top


jules said...

I love how you worked the blouse into the shorts.


Evii & Artemis said...

Totally loving the ombre ^.^

Sonali Khosla said...

You look GORGEOUS!! I love your ombre blouse and your sandals! Just discovered your amazing blog from chictopia and absolutely love your sense of style! Following you now :)