Safety net

Romwe jumper, H&M jeans, VJ Style satchel, Forever 21 boots, Jessica Simpson hat

Almost forgot I had these photos until I was trying to clean up the folders on my desktop while sitting through a three-hour flight to Seattle. And since I've fallen under the weather again (why does this always happen when I come back from someplace new?), I thought it would be fitting to post something comfy and, well, always comfortable and standard for me: skinnies, a knit jumper and some good ol' black boots. Not that I don't wear this said combo otherwise, but I suppose it's even more appropriate when I am in dire need of a bed, soup, and over-the-top-easy comprehensible things.

I just came back from Seattle yesterday and I miss the clean, crisp air already. It turns out, I don't have as many pictures to post as I'd like, but I think it worked out because I really just needed to unplug myself. Will be posting what I do have soon though...

P.S. thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday on Facebook/Twitter/text messages/phone calls. Love you all!



Jacquelyn said...

Looove the colour of the pants + satchel! :)


Ballerina'sBun said...

Love your jeans because iam absolutely addicted to pastell colors ! Love the look ! Xx nadine www.ballerinasbun.blospot.com

Maite said...

i love everething!!


Domonique Wilson said...

This combo of the dark knit sweater and the bright pink pants is perfection...love the contrast :)



jas said...

great outfit. love the colours


Hannah said...

Love those jeans. I'm headed back to H&M to pick up some more pastel pants and then I need to find matching pastel shirts for each! Loving the monochromatic pastel outfits right now!


The PvdH Journal said...

It happens to me as well every time I come back to London (perhaps it has to be with living in places with loads of rain!).

Wonderful look- I adore the bright pants with the yellow bag. Not to 'matchy'!

Michelle Lee said...

love your neon satchel!


Daisy said...

love the bag and cant wait to see your photos from seattle!

Sheree said...

love the satchel!

Lets Put Our Hearts Together said...

Gorgeous jumper, you have a great casual look! x

Kiara said...

u are so beautiful!

Tina said...

Love your VJ Style satchel!

xo Tinacious.Me

Steffys Pros and Cons said...

love the pastel pants with the pop of yellow! so cute!

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

monkeyshines ♥ said...

love your pants!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny,

You looked great in the Exclusive Designs collection from Forever 21 - I love the outfit you put together with the mint sheer back sweater!
This was another cute outfit post; relaxed but chic as always. We hope you enjoyed your birthday! Feel better soon. :)



Sarah said...

Love these peachy colored jeans!

Emma said...

I'm in love with the colour of your jeans! So nice!

Happy birthday!! (a bit late!)

Emma xx

Cara said...

Happy Belated!

I love the peachy colored jean and the bright satchel together...such a great combo.

Hope you are feeling better soon...

xo Cara

Daily Women said...

Perfect outfit ! xoxo


mphretz said...

The yellow satchel pops out on your outfit..! Love it <3


Anonymous said...

lovely colours!


Laura said...

I am in love with your outfit! Luckily you found these photo's! You look stunning! :)

xx Laura

Carolyn said...

omg you were in seattle and i missed it?!!

Alexandra said...

Loving this look! The peach pants are unexpected but totally awesome, they really add great dimension to your look. You look beautiful like always!

Alexandra xo


Yuka said...

love it :)


Aubrey and Melissa said...

This is a lovely look, we really like the overall look but those jeans are the best part. What a gorgeous color!

WearAbouts said...

that sweater is totally gorgeous...looks great with the pink pants! <3

The Girl With a Feather said...

Such a gorgeous look! The pink jeans are just amazing! I hope you feel better and happy late birthday!

Sam said...

Love your jeans! I just bought a pair of purple jeans.

thestyleflux said...

Love that jumper! :)


umi said...

great color jeans!!


Anonymous said...

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Katie said...

looove the jumper with the hat! Seattle sounds nice..

(because of the air con being recycled in a plane, it's not unusual to get a bug after travelling, it can be pretty unhygenic up there!)

Katie x

Shelly said...

Photos are really beautiful! I love the way you dressed, more it's not easy to mix these colors, well-done!!!



Anonymous said...

the colours in this outfit are so awesome x

Olivia said...

I love that bag and your jumper

Martiniss said...

Great look, I love the colours and hat :)


Marmalade said...

just found your blog and love it :) Now following xx www.mediamarmalade.com UK Style Blogger

nikki said...

what an amazing outfit! i'm such a fan of the colored jeans.

want to follow each other?

xo, nikki


The Beautiful End said...

Love this outfit, the colour of your jeans is perfect.


Shannon said...

The hat is my favorite piece!

- Shannon

missdanbee said...

those jeans are great!


Nastja said...

Gorgeous!!! :)

I would just like to invite you to take a part in my fist giveaway: http://fashionbynastja.blogspot.com/2012/02/finallymy-first-giveaway.html

Kisses, Nastja

PlaceTrends said...

Love your sweater - I have similar one on my last post :)

I'm following you, could you follow me back??

xx alex


lilmisszolicious said...

beautiful look with great soft colours!!!



Sometimes I find beautiful things like your blog :O)!!!

I´ll come back for sure!!

Great style :)


Jess said...

perfect outfit! xx

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Amanda said...

I hope u get better! This outfit is so damn cool!

Andrea said...

gorgeous outfit!

Halie said...

So good.

Heather said...

Love the Salmon colored pants ! :D

Anonymous said...

I love your sweater, and the color of your jean is so beautiful !

Megan Solla said...

super late but happy belated birthday! i've been looking for pants in this color and i've never thought to look at h&m! were these a recent buy? you look lovely!