January 2012


Safety net

Romwe jumper, H&M jeans, VJ Style satchel, Forever 21 boots, Jessica Simpson hat

Almost forgot I had these photos until I was trying to clean up the folders on my desktop while sitting through a three-hour flight to Seattle. And since I've fallen under the weather again (why does this always happen when I come back from someplace new?), I thought it would be fitting to post something comfy and, well, always comfortable and standard for me: skinnies, a knit jumper and some good ol' black boots. Not that I don't wear this said combo otherwise, but I suppose it's even more appropriate when I am in dire need of a bed, soup, and over-the-top-easy comprehensible things.

I just came back from Seattle yesterday and I miss the clean, crisp air already. It turns out, I don't have as many pictures to post as I'd like, but I think it worked out because I really just needed to unplug myself. Will be posting what I do have soon though...

P.S. thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday on Facebook/Twitter/text messages/phone calls. Love you all!



Somewhere in between trying to muster up enough energy to pack five hours before my flight for Seattle and playing the most addicting app game ever, Scramble with Friends, I managed to take a photo of a few products I've been loving as of late. As mentioned in this post, the Rose Face Mask from Fresh is still one of my favorites. But I've added onto my list of must-haves...

I recently discovered Badger, a small but impressive company that makes organic balms and skincare products - exciting! I had been scouring the net for organic-but-affordable products for a long time and Badger does not disappoint. So far, I've tried their Damascus Rose Face Oil (face), Damascus Rose Balm (under eye), Every Day Moisturizer (body), and Cocoa Butter Lip Balm (also in 'vanilla' - I'm obsessed). LOVE every single product. Every thing is packed with antioxidants and feels absolutely nourishing. The moisturizer and lip balm smell like fresh vanilla macarons, too, so that's a plus in my book.

The other products in the picture: EOS sphere lip balm in "summer fruit", also mostly organic (95%). The smell is great, the feel is even better. My lips are truthfully kept moisturized for extended periods of time with this odd-shaped lip balm. KORRES lip butter in "pomegranate" - overall just a great moisturizer with the perfect pinkish-red tint. Not sticky, not overbearing. Lastly, Benefit's High Beam! Quite late in the game, but I do realize the legitimacy in the cult following for this product. Simply put: it's amazing. Every girl needs this if they want their face to look like it's glowing (of course, aside from drinking plenty of water and eating ample amounts of vegetables and fruit). A must-buy.


Sheer breeze

2020AVE blouse, Kasil Workshop shorts, DV by Dolce Vita sandals, Zara bag, 2020AVE cuff bracelet

Engaging in minimal layers once again, and instead, made up for that lack with bright, bold colors... love this sheer, two-toned top from Lush! It's just the perfect little taste of sunshine and summer-esque days before I head to rainy Seattle tomorrow. As usual, I have not packed and probably still won't get to it until seven or so hours before my flight, whoopee.

Can't wait to show you some of the behind-the-scenes photos I took for the Kasil Workshop FW'12 lookbook photoshoot! You can get a quick sneak peek from my Instagram here, but I can say that the pieces for fall/winter are pretty damn amazing, edgy, and fun. Should post those shots soon. And for anyone who had any interest in the Chan Luu-inspired wrap bracelet I wore in the previous post from 2020AVE, or this silver/gold cuff (my new favorite, despite thoroughly enjoying being an outsider in the current arm-party movement) I'm wearing here, you can get 15% off of your total purchase with the code "neonblush". Happy Wednesday guys! xo


Bright blues

GAP striped tee, Zara pants and jacket, Joey heels, Michael Kors watch, GAP leather tote, 2020AVE bracelet

Can't get enough of these pants - they've got an odd fit but the print is just too good not to try and remix it into another paired-with-a-simple-top combo. It's the best I can do to add any sort of pizazz to my outfit, to make up for the fact that the past week I've been wanting to dress in sweats, feeling like a chicken running around with its head cut off. Work has been busy, so I'm awfully stoked to take a mini-vacay to Seattle in a few days. Really wanting to experience winter weather but I also hope to bring at least a little bit of So Cal sun with me...


Birthday wish list

My birthday's coming up in a week and well, birthdays just warrant a nice, long list of things you'd want to spoil yourself with. Here's my list, complete with just enough bright colors to sway me from my usual spectrum of neutrals and edge me into the spring season. Been obsessed with the YSL 'Le Orange' color for a while now, but now I think I'm finally going to go for it. And, in its own right, can we just give a few seconds of appreciation for that marvelous Proenza Schouler clutch? It is so good, too good.

1. T by Alexander Wang tee
2. Isabel Marant necklaces
3. Illesteva sunglasses, leopard
4. Illesteva sunglasses, wooden
5. Balmain white denim jeans
6. Proenza Schouler PS11 clutch in colorblock citron
7. Ralph Lauren belt
8. YSL lipstick in Le Orange
9. Michael Kors watch in silver
10. Giuseppe Zanotti sandals


In the mix

Forever 21 blouse and hat, vintage denim vest, A'GACI skirt, Theyskens' Theory boots, Alexander Wang tote

This week at work is going to be hectic with all the preparation needed for a few lookbook shoots, but after a relaxing weekend, I think I'm up for it. And even though there's still a week and a half to go, I've also got Seattle to look forward to... it's the home stretch! Home stretch to wrapping up another year and turning 23, that is. Eeks. x


So weightless

A|X jacket, Custom Junky plaid vest, vintage DIY denim shorts, Dolce Vita boots, Zara bag

Wore these obnoxiously huge Mickey Mouse-like sunnies on the warmest and brightest day this past weekend - they came in handy! Honestly, it's starting to feel like spring is already here - did we really just skip winter? I'm donning shorts, cropped vests (20% off with code "NEON20"), and messy ponytails like it's nobody's business. Maybe I'll get a whiff of real winter air when I head out to Seattle at the end of the month for my birthday (turning twenty-three, and yes, at this point in the sentence you can picture me shuddering). Can't wait to scope out the city in the snow and experience the winter we never quite had here in LA.


That print

vintage silk top, Zara pants and scarf, Jeffrey Campbell boots, Melie Bianco bag

A few shots from my short trip in SD last weekend. Opening my arms this season to the endless possibility of prints, starting with this abnormal tribal pattern from Zara. Loving the red, blue, black and white on it, and how the pattern on each leg differs slightly from each other. Not to mention... my body has been attached to this silky smooth button-up. I'm impartial when it comes to silk blouses - I kind of just love them all - but this one is my absolute favorite. Can't wait until the core of spring/summer comes around, so that I can wear this free-flowing blouse with some denim shorts (I plan to DIY/ombre). A lot of you guys asked where else you can find the JC Rumi boots, since they're sold out pretty much everywhere they pop up... ModCloth's got them in all sizes (and in the original black leather!). You're welcome!

Speaking of spring, I did a pre-spring closet cleanse and put some stuff up for sale here. Also, since I'm shamelessly plugging myself, I've finally made a Facebook page for those who've requested for me to. So if you don't have Twitter (@neonblush) or Instagram (@neonblush) or whatever, you can tune in to bits and bobs of my life through the Facebook page. x



Images via Style.com

Absolutely loving all of these pre-fall and resort looks from Balmain, Phillip Lim, Opening Ceremony, and Alexander Wang. Printed blazers, gold-capped boots, sheer sleeves, dark mustard, that jelly-like Pashli bag, and ankle-grazing shoe straps... drool.



J.Crew sweater, vintage DIY shorts, Jeffrey Campbell boots

Confession: aside from my love for the color yellow, I also obsess over all things eggshell colored. I found this sweet pair of mens' jeans while scouring racks of vintage/secondhand stuff the other day and thought it would look cute as an oversized-ish pair of shorts so I snipped away. After one wash, I think it fits just right. The drop is a little longer than I'd like, but I'd choose feeling comfortable and having enough room to breathe in a pair of shorts over camel-toe-bearing, skin-tight ones anyway. Paired the freshly made shorts with an eggshell-ish colored jumper from J.Crew, my favorite jumper at the moment. And can we also talk about these boots! I got a pair in my usual size seven a few weeks ago but when I tried them on, they were a size too big. Surprising - thought my feet had shrunk and I was feeling all bummed out until I found a pair that fit from Eilatan. Win!

Cough Syrup by Young the Giant


Something green

2020AVE jacket, Staple knit, Helmut Lang shorts, Sam Edelman wedges, Alexander Wang tote

Green (and purple, more so) is not usually a color I'd dote on but there is something about a deep utilitarian-ish green that reverts my initial thoughts on that color family. I love pairing deep greens with light blues and the butterscotch color I still can't seem to shake...


Two thousand twelve

AGAIN Ashby dress

Happy 2012! I've said it on Twitter and I'll say it again: 2011 was a great year, but I feel like it can only get better. I've never been one to have any resolutions but this year will be a year of meeting (or at least getting closer to) my goals. Thanks for reading my blog, much love and gratitude! xo