In with the new

Zara print top, American Apparel shorts, vintage belt

Still working out a few kinks but it's basically done, I think... my new blog, domain name, ta-da. Excuse the messiness, I'll clean it up some time soon.

My blog has turned one year old, and I've felt nothing but happiness and gratitude since I started it. Thanks for reading! I'm having a few giveaways happen (finally, I know right?), hopefully soon, in lieu of the bloggie anniversary. Stay tuned :)

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Anonymous said...

awesome blog, keep it up!
love it, and i'll keep coming back for sure!

Anisa Young said...

cute new domain! I like it! One year already? Wow, let's hope for many more to come! Your posts are always so amazing <3 Anisa

NESHA said...

oh wow, your blog has changed! I can't see some of the features on my laptop, like the header image or the search box (just half of it...) but it looks like its coming along good! i like to change my blog layout once it gets a bit boring sometimes, its healthy for your readers!

Isabel said...

Wow! That year went fast! Liking the new blog name :)


Sheryl said...

CONGRATS Jenny!! love the new blog name and the layout is simple and neat....i like it..Just realized that I wasn't following you on GFC..just did!! ;)

I am in the midst of working on a new blog layout too..
Can't wait to get that done.



She Wears, She Shares said...

You're changing it to Neon Blush? Please explain. I thought Jenny from the Block was genius! Hope it wasn't a J.Lo related thing :) Either way, I'll follow you oh oh oh oh. :)



trebleandlace said...

I was freaking out a little bit yesterday when I couldn't get to your page. Happy anniversary! I'll have to change your name on my blogroll. :)

Maycie After Five said...

Your shorts are adorable! I love them. Can's wait to see the final results of your blog renovation. Happy blog anniversary by the way.

Sorcha said...

Love the new domain name. Congrats on the anniversary! :)

Sorcha x
Bonfire Brunette

M.ery said...

happy blog anniversary!! thank you for writing posts and share photos with your readers. you are amazing :**

Patricia said...

LOVE the new name! And happy anniversary. =)

Anonymous said...

I love the new layout design and the new domain! Yay for blog anniversaries (:

Anonymous said...

OMG these pictures are gorgeous!!!


Sinara said...

I love the pattern of her blouse. I have a skirt with the same pattern in black and white. congratulations on the blog!