October 2011


Neon lights

Zara jumper/bag, A'GACI shorts, Steve Madden wedges, Michael Kors watch, Urban Natures family tree bangle/ring, Courtney Kaye bangles/necklace

Whoops, sorry for the blinding pink. It just so happen to be the brightest day of the week, too. Ha. I'm sure it was an eye sore for people walking through the Grove - that's where I was this weekend anyway. Did a lot of shopping and now my bank account is whimpering a bit. That's what I get for putting off shopping for so long.

So in celebration of Halloween... I ended up doing nothing. Life got a tad too hectic for me to attain a costume, let alone enough time to sit down and come up with something. Hope you all had/have a rad Halloween!


Blushed velvet

Kimchi Blue velvet dress, Forever 21 sweater, H&M choker, Steve Madden wedges

In love with this velvety material and the blush color. The thing with LA weather, especially in the fall/"winter", is that you never know how you're gonna feel, I mean, consistently. You're cold one hour, and then you're feeling all sweaty the next. I thought it was perfectly convenient to pair this short velvet dress with black thigh highs... to you know, brace myself for the inconsistency that is California autumn.

Not that I don't wear boots any other time, but wearing MORE boots in the fall just seems as natural as pulling out your plaid shirts for the season. I'm particularly in love with these ones:

1. Jeffrey Campbell 'Northern Lights'
2. Rag & Bone 'Mid-Moto'
3. Jeffrey Campbell 'France Wrap'
4. B Brian Atwood 'Paramour'

First... how gorgeous is the wine color and little snakeskin detail on that Brian Atwood boot? Ugh. Most likely going to go with the first one (I wish I could afford the Rag & Bone pair). JC knocked the beautiful, studded Chloe boots to a capital T. Let's face it, I'll never, ever, spend $1,200 on any pair of shoes... these JC ones, at $1,000 cheaper, will suffice.


Golden honey

Shoppalu Lustre 'Harvest Moon' jumper, Kasil Workshop coated trousers, Steve Madden wedges, T+J Designs necklace, Forever 21 sunnies, Jewel Mint 'Mumbai' bracelet, VJ Style ring

Running on low fuel at this moment... trying hard to get through the week alright! This gets redundant, I know, but man I can't wait until the weekend. I'm in the process of rearranging and painting my room and it's not looking pretty. Not comfortable, either, sleeping in a tornado explosion. Did I mention that I can't wait for the weekend?

My iPhone 4S is finally coming in today and I've already made sure to make some time to play with Siri - obviously high on my to-do list. Anyone know of cute cases for the iPhone (4/4S)?



Leyendecker dress and knit vest, AK Vintage necklaces, Beso Beso bracelets

A couple of pictures from Dietch in DTLA a while ago. Had so much fun prancing around in the sun in that awesome rust-colored knit top and light dress. Aren't the necklaces from AK Vintage near perfect? Great for spicing up any ordinary outfit.

Can't be any happier that Friday is finally here; I've got a bunch of things to do but really excited to finally be able to chill out after having gone through the horrors of preparing for my sister's wedding last weekend. WHEW. Gonna enjoy these next few days, hope you all do the same! x


Dr. martens

Old Navy denim jacket, Sans Souci floral dress, Dr. Marten 'Kimora' boots, Melie Bianco tote, T+J Designs necklace

Aren't these boots pretty sweet? They've got that Doc Marten badass look going on but with an added heel (score!) to fem things up... plus they are a cinch to walk in since they're a part of the 'AirWair' collection. I've always wanted the original Docs in cherry but because I'm not yet over 5'7" (not EVER is more like it, who am I kidding), I try to stray from boots that rise above the ankle with no heel. These babies, however, are good as gold, adding a few extra inches while creating the illusion that I'm wearing regular Doc Martens. Nice.

Naturally, I paired these tougher-looking shoes with a girly, floral dress. I mentioned this dress back in August (I think), saying that it was my favorite cut-out dress - still love it just as much, and as you can see, I'm transitioning into LA-autumn with it. Really not much transitioning being done if you ask me.

P.S. I want to do something drastic to my virgin hair (chop, color, perm?). It's getting to be a hassle when I have to wait forever for my hair to dry because it's so long, or when it's almost impossible to style it because it's weighed down and falls flat most of the time. Thank goodness I have the HANAair dryer from Misikko to help me out a bit. I am stubborn and usually detest hair dryers but this one is a dream... dries fast and doesn't burn my hair at all.

Brokendate by Com Truise


Tie dyed brights

Denj silk tie dye scarf, Causeway Mall knit, Kasil Artisan trousers, Melie Bianco bag c/o LuLu's, Forever 21 boots

With it being 80-90 degrees in the middle of October, I think it's perfectly okay for me to be donning spring/summer brights, no? ...On top of loose knits with sleeves almost entirely cut out and relaxed-fit trousers that are much roomier than necessary?

I want to dabble in chunky-knit wearing, with this sweater, or with this fine cashmere piece. I find myself wanting to shop for fall but just coming out disappointed (not in the clothes) because I really can't reasonably dress for the cold anyway. Autumn, where you at?


Late afternoon

Sheer top c/o Threadsence, SOLD Design Lab skinnies, Dolce Vita 'Jemma' boot, 'Mumbai' bracelet c/o Jewel Mint, Melie Bianco bag

Late afternoon: my favorite time of the day. It's when the sun starts to rest and the weather cools down, but most importantly it's when that magical hour seeps into the air, the hour that makes it so nice to take photos. Easy-breezy feel was heightened when the flowy sleeves on my arms flew in every direction possible (and obviously, as you can tell, my hair, too). I love the color and the asymmetrical cuts on this top from Threadsence. Perfect for dressing up or down, and the color is good for the fall and summer. A great piece to repeat.

Another goodie I'm happy to put in heavy rotation these days: the 'Mumbai' bracelet from Jewel Mint. The rusty-silver plated circles encased by little beads look so good, despite my odd obsession with gold jewelry lately. I think it's time to return to the silver color for fall. Whatever the case, you should check out Jewel Mint's designs - they offered readers 50% off their first purchase with the coupon code "BOCT50"! Hope you guys all have a fabulous weekend; I'll be crying and laughing and everything in between at my sister's wedding. Happy weekend xx


Trench weather

Romwe trench coat vest, A&F striped button up, Chicwish blouse, Levi's CurveID jeans c/o of Levi's and Lookbook, H&M choker, GUESS wedges, Melie Bianco bag

Took a quick shot of my outfit the other day - can't wear these jeans from Levi's enough. They are really thick, but even through the thick fabric it's really comfortable because it molds to your shape. Pretty nifty... and handy for busy days on-the-go. My sister's wedding is in five days and it seems like stress is perpetually stuck to my side like a Siamese twin.

Thanks for all the feedback from my previous post on NY. I've been emailed by a few asking if I'm partial to Nikon, and I guess I can't say that I am... I do love Canon and admire it for its extremely smooth, buttery images but I just happen to use Nikon, and that's it. Anyway, until next time (when stress decides to stop gnawing at my head)! x


Ny state of mind

The Highline. Brooklyn. Lobster rolls. Cupcakes. Flea markets. Outdoor seating dining. Truffle oil, lots of it. Pizza. Cookies. Brick roads. 2 am chatter. Underground sake bars. Chelsea Market. Meeting new people. Coffee. Buying flats for the first time in a very long time, out of necessity. SoHo. Fashion Night Out, madness. Garlic soy drumsticks, absolute deliciousness. Meatpacking District. Watermelon shots. Sandwiches, and more sandwiches. Obviously too much eating.

These are the rest of my photos from NY. Gosh I miss this city.