September 2011


New york weekend

Random tid bits from my trip to New York a few weeks ago. I don't think I took enough pictures to match the amount of fun I had. I visited NY for the first time ever in January and I don't think I was able to appreciate it as much as I could've... the second time around was amazing. Though the first night we came in, it was horrible. Flights were delayed left and right, until finally, hours later, I was able to get into Newark, NJ... where it was pouring like I've never seen it pour before. Pretty scary stuff for a born-and-bred Californian girl, you know what I mean? We got into Manhattan alright though, and the five days after that were perfect. It seemed like we brought the sunshine with us! I was hoping to layer on some goods but the days were a still a little too warm (and sticky) and the nights were just right with light layers. The two coats packed in my luggage stayed put and were entirely useless... oh well. I also got to attend the Rebecca Taylor show during NYFW but as I was rushing out of the apartment I stayed at, I left my camera behind. The collection was sorta wispy, and beautiful, and so appropriate for spring. I was also invited to attend LuLu's blogger brunch/breakfast event but I mixed up the days and unfortunately missed it. I spent a good chunk of my time eating, though... no regrets there. I've got one more little photo diary from NY to post and that about wraps up my trip.

Today is the last day to vote in the Chictopia Influential Blogger Award! Chictopia's teamed up with American Apparel to send one person to New York for NYFW in February. I'd LOVE to go back and actually get the chance to document it right. It's been a busy week for me (I've been able to sleep earlier now, miracles do occur apparently), so hopefully I can get back to your comments later on today. Thank you (!!) for all of your support. Hope you guys have a fantastic Friday and an even better weekend... I'm gonna lay low and get some rest after a little birthday celebration later on today.

Weekend by Smith Westerns


On the go

VJ Style cardigan, ASTARS motorcycle jersey jacket, Kasil 'Minx' skinnies, Romwe boots, Trend Essentials ring, Jessica Simpson hat, Melie Bianco bag

Nothing ever slows down, even when you're feeling under the weather. I've been on-the-go lately, trying to balance a bit of blogging, working, freelance stuff, and some 'me' time... I almost forget to stock up on food sometimes! Just the other day I had a little bit of time to finally drop by Trader Joe's to look for breakfast foods and snacks. Gonna save me a lot of trouble trying to trek out to the nearest Jamba Juice for $3.00 steel-cut oatmeal with banana for breakfast. Except I just learned this morning that the steel-cut oats I got from TJ's take about 35 minutes to really thicken and settle... ugh. I'm not really a morning person, so you understand my woes. First world problems... haha.

Outfit breakdown: I've been really into layering thin jackets lately, and I like how drape-y this cardigan is. It really doesn't take much effort to look semi-presentable with the black velvet lining running down the sides... real cute. I love the moto jacket from ASTARS - it gives the girlier cardigan a bit of edge. As for the shoes, I haven't gotten/worn anything made out of PU in a while, mostly because they're usually uncomfortable for me, but surprisingly these ones from Romwe are quite easy to walk in. Lastly, this ring is my most-worn accessory right now; love how it's so simple and sorta milky.

I know I've been a shameless bugger about this but voting for the Chictopia Influential Blogger Awards is closing in two days! Please vote for me (top row, second to the right) if you have the time, I'd appreciate it greatly. They're sending a lucky winner to New York in February for NYFW and I'd love to be that person. Regardless, thanks for the support guys. Wish I could transmit (that sounds odd, doesn't it?) an e-hug to you all :)


Summer accents

Romwe knit sweater, Forever 21 sheer blouse, Chicwish lace shorts, Urban Expressions clutch, Lucky Brand 'Bambi' boots

I'm always wavering between what I like more, the bright sunshine and slight breeze, or the crisp autumn air. I was beginning to complain about the increasingly hot week we were experiencing until during that magic hour it cooled down a bit... and I felt so at peace riding alongside the golden gleam (I think this may be why I love the color yellow so much). This summer has been great, and I'm trying to remind myself, before the summer is completely over, that I am incredibly blessed to live in such gorgeous weather. Sometimes you take the good, simple things for granted, you know?


Raspberry feeling

Forever 21 blouse/vest/headband/necklace, Kasil 'Artisan' chambray pants, Guess sandals, Melie Bianco 'Gigi' crossbody, Michael Kors watch

This weekend I hopped on over to DTLA to preview some of the bags from the fall collection at Melie Bianco. Everything was so put-together and ready for the upcoming season. I had never come across Melie Bianco until I received a bag from LuLu' and I kid you not, every single day I wear the 'Drew' tote, I get approached about where I got it from. So the lovely ladies at Melie Bianco offered my readers 15% off their entire purchase with the discount code "FROMTHEBLOCK."

I'm still really stuck on button-up blouses (and if you can't already tell, the same goes for the braided headband) and I'm trying to find ways to integrate them into fall, especially with ones that pop with bright colors like this berry-glazed sheer blouse from Forever 21. These "lazy" pants, I like to call them, from Kasil, were perfect for adding that touch of fall with that lax paperboy feel...

Not too sure what happened to the Bloggers' Wardrobe contest, but I want to say thanks to everyone who voted! Some people told me I was rounded into the top 20 but I don't even know how they know that, haha. On the other hand, if you've got some time, please vote in the Chictopia Influential Blogger Awards! They're sending one person to NYFW in the winter, and I would love to go back next season to document FW :). Anyway, thanks for the support, guys - I really, really appreciate it.

Sending happy vibes this week with much gratitude... happy Monday! x



Vintage floral blouse c/o Shoppalu, Levi's Demi Curve ID skinnies c/o Levi's x, Steve Madden wedges, Forever 21 braided headband, Melie Bianco bag

It's so good to feel the last of our summer days without the humidity (NY has its name written all over it). Chilled out while waiting for my tortas with a simple but vibrant chiffon blouse from Shoppalu + uber comfy denim. Can't get enough of this braided headband from Forever (bought two) - right now it seems like it goes with almost everything. Gonna transition from summer to autumn with those sweet headbands.

Good Girls by Sucka Free CJ


Theyskens' theory ss12

images via Vogue

I know Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein have yet to present their collections but I think Theyskens stole the runway with his. As a denim enthusiast, I'm loving that brilliant blue with specks of green and the faded blue color he chose for the denim pieces. The first photo could work for spring or fall, IMHO. Ironically, the versatility, effortless cool aura, and use of muted tones despite it being a collection for spring has me going crazy for everything Theyskens' put out. For years I've strayed away from anything pastel but after looking at the beautiful pinkish purple dress, I've added that color scheme to my list of things to look out for when I'm shopping. Does anyone else think of "The Rainbow Fish" when you look at that dress?



Forever 21 sweater, vintage vest, Zara boyfriend jeans, Lucky Brand Bambi boots, Kmart cross body bag, Ecote beanie, Michael Kors watch

Whoa, it's been a while since I've been on this thing! It's quite late (still running on eastern time) and I don't feel like sorting through hundreds of photos from NY just yet... so here's a prequel to my photo diary and pretty much the summation of my trip: 'laxed fit, lots of food, lots of walking, and lots of laughter. Oh and unpredictably, lots of sunshine.

Unfortunately I had no wifi access while I stayed in NY but I hope to get back to most of you tomorrow. Right now I'm trudging through emails that I've been so luckily dodging for the past seven days...

There are a few days left in the Bloggers' Wardrobe contest - if you could vote for me by first liking the BW Facebook page, and then my picture, I would definitely appreciate it! The Chictopia Influential Blogger Award also runs until the end of the month so please cast your votes! Much thanks and gratitude :)


Goodbye sunny california

Kahlo suede dress, Generation Love knit sweater, AK Vintage necklaces, Beso Beso bracelet

Leaving for LAX --> NY in t-6 hours and I'm wide awake, huzzah! Astonishingly I finished packing WAY before 2:00 am - I'm almost sure tomorrow I'll regret packing so late and finishing so early, though, when I realize I've forgotten to pack my skivvies or contacts or something equally important.

We're in for a lot of rain in NY so I'll leave my blog with something reminiscent of the beautiful weather we have here in LA. Not complaining though - I can't wait to try all the foods once more, smell the Manhattan air, and really just have a good time in NY, rain or shine.

Thanks for all the support on Bloggers' Wardrobe contest ('liking' my picture to vote) and Chictopia's Influential Blogger of the Year awards. I'm gonna try my best to respond to you guys over my NY trip. XO!



Chicwish cut-out blouse, Mink Pink shorts, Stitched + Adorned braided necklace, Dolce Vita 'Jemma' boots, Michael Kors watch, Ray-Ban wayfarers

I am so behind on posting, but better late than never. LOVE these shorts I got from LuLu's a couple of weeks ago. Isn't the wine color gorgeous? For some reason the color reminded of cotton candy, which prompted me to pair the shorts with the light blue top here. Kinda weird color blocking thing going on but I like it. And if it wasn't already evident through my previous posts, I've been going wild with knotting the ends of my button-up blouses. It makes me feel like I've still got a bit of summer with the knot, but with a tinge of autumn, with the long-sleeves and all.

Packing for NY commences... tomorrow... AKA when I start to lament over my die-hard habit of procrastination at 3 am in the morning haha. I spent a good hour and a half yesterday on Yelp, tracking down some places I'd like to try that I didn't get to try the first time around in January. My stomach grumbled in lust for hours thereon after. EXCITED!!

If you've got some time: cast your vote in the Bloggers' Wardrobe contest by liking their page first + if you'd like to vote for me, 'like' my picture here. Also, cast your votes in the Chictopia's Influential Blogger of the Year awards if you haven't already! I forgot to say... congrats to all the nominees; I'm still kinda psyched that I'm lumped in this group of amazing people on Chictopia. x



Forever 21 blouse and suede skirt, Steve Madden wedges, Ecote beanie, Michael Kors watch

Lately I've been really into accessories for the head - hats of all sorts (but mainly for the upcoming season), headbands, etc. I picked up some cute headbands from Forever and this beanie from UO and I haven't been able to convince myself to leave the house without something resting on my head. Also finding myself foraging a lot more than usual for suede goods. This suede skirt was from Forever, can you buh-lieve?! I got one in black and brown and probably would've went the whole nine yards and gotten the rusty red color too, if only they had one in my size ha. In addition to my latest suede craze, I've finally taken up the Steve Madden Westiis last week. I had been eyeing them all summer but was finally pushed to get it after dying in a pair of heels I had been wearing that evening. These wedges... so comfortable AND incredible height. Currently being over-worn.

Other than minor outfit details, I'm currently 1) obsessed with macarons, 2) trying to find some time to draft a pseudo-itinerary for NY, 3) freaking out over what to pack given the 60% possibility of ongoing rain in NY, 4) trying (more like failing) to update my iPod with songs... I'm so bad and impatient with this, it's horrible, 5) learning how to correctly apply shades of eyeshadow (the Urban Decay NAKED Palette is a little more overwhelming than I thought), 6) wanting you guys to help me out in the second installment of the Bloggers' Wardrobe contest! I mentioned in this post that I was in the running to participate in BW and now they want to see how many 'likes' my photo can get on their Facebook page. You'd have to 'like' their Facebook page first, and then 'like' this picture!

And of course... the Chictopia contest is still on until the 30th of this month: please vote for me if you haven't already! Thanks everyone xx