Rusty nude

Le Mont St. Michel top, Chicwish lace shorts, Romwe purse, Style Rev pashmina scarf, Forever 21 boots and choker

As mentioned in my previous post, I'm not entirely a fan of pink hues... but the light rust color of this blouse is an exception. Initially I wanted to step out in the top and shorts only but I thought maybe I'd look too neutral so I threw on this cashmere scarf to provide some contrast.

Heading to New York in about two weeks. I am stoked to visit NY again - especially since this time around the weather will be so much more enjoyable (mid-70s vs. 14 degrees in January). I've been on the hunt to find nice, comfy flat boots, within a reasonable price, to stomp through NY grounds with... no luck so far :(


Sandra D. said...

I love how you used the blue to contrast with the nude tones! Great look!


Jenny said...

love the necklace! at first sight , thought it was the collar because it blends in so well with your shirt in the first photo!

Jenny xx


Kimmy said...

you look gorgeous as always.
Have fun in NYC.

accidental encounters

Sheryl said...

Oh gurl, once again..another fab outfit!! I am a huge fan of NUDE/Rust shades.

Have fun in NY babe!! Have a great evening :)



Julie Khuu said...

Oooh sexy chic Jen! Love how delicate every piece is separately but totally packs a summer punch as an ensemble! That bolt of blue is a brilliant move!

Peace. Love. LOL!

Haute Khuuture Blog

Anonymous said...

Gosh, I love rusty/nude/peach hues!
You look so gorgeous, Jenny :)

Xoxo Natalie

mary louise said...

i adore those shoes and the necklace! gorgeous


Jen S. said...

what cute shorts!!!!


Krissy ~ said...

gorgeous outfit, love the contrasting scarf!
have an amazing time in New York!
Krissy xoxo

CINDY NGO said...

eeeks! so excited for you! i wanna be in NY during NYFW, too!

i love the neutral tones with the blue! you are too gorgeous, love. ggrrr.

cody says he misses his gf! come visit us soon. :)


Rosie said...

I love this look on you, it's very soft and feminine.

Kellory said...

my hubby's name is Rusty so this title had me laughing ;) I love this ensemble, good decision with the blue scarf!


Ashleigh Nicole said...

Love, absolutely love!!

xo Ashleigh


Dylana Suarez said...

This outfit is really amazing! Will you be at NYFW??? I will be there for the weekend, Fri/Sat/Sun! Hope to see you!



Merven said...

This is such a cute outfit! Like the bleu color on it! And adore your shorts xx

Courtney said...

love this outfit so much. gorgeous... beautiful blouse/shirt combo.

I Can Be Many Things

Erica said...

oh my god that blue color looks SO good with that burnt nude. Amazing eye!


Davina said...

i love love love this outfit!

Michelleesque said...

This is perfect! I've been looking for a blouse like that for a while now. I hope your hunt for the perfect boots ends soon! Be safe in the East Coast [with the natural disasters going on].

kileen said...

i'm absolutely loving this pink blouse on you and the contrast with the blue scarf is perfect!

cute & little

Amanda said...

Oh I love the top and the shorts are just divine!

daintiness said...

Your outfit is so dainty + feminine, but your scarf contrasts that. LOVE IT. +++ on the shorts. Have fun in NY. I went there last year around this time and I wish I could have went again. So different from ca but awesomeee :)

Vasilieva said...

these shorts are pretty, loving the lace, works nicely with that nude top


Ria :) said...

i love your shorts, they are soo soo cute :) xxxx

I'm Just Me said...

cute look, love the shorts!!
http://imjustmefashionblog.blogspot.com :)

The doll on fashion said...

Such a pretty outfit and the necklace is great!

The doll on fashion

Anonymous said...

amazing look!
love the shorts!


Marcella Alyssa said...

I love the blue scarf! I don't think the outfit would have been the same without it.

Have fun in NYC!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

You look amazing!
nice shoes!

Sylwia said...

so cute :)


Estefania Lovelifefashion said...

I love it! So delicate and pretty. the hint of blue is just amazing.
I liked the booties a lot :)
kisses beautiful.

Rachel said...

I love the way you've knotted your scarf twice at the bottom - I'll totally be doing that next time I wear one - thanks for the tip!

Manon H. said...

The perfect outfit ! Love your skirt and blouse and necklace !!


The Petite Blogger said...

love ur shorts!!!

The Petite Blogger

Nikki said...

oh, I love the shorts! x

Jeline said...

Love your outfit! You look gorgeous. ;)


FashionFreak/Mihaela said...


my blog♥mfashionfreak

monkeyshines ♥ said...

cute shorts!


Martina said...

lovely outfit love these soft colors

Catherine said...

I love your shirt, I love your shorts, but mainly I looove the blue touch! What a bright idea:) Your outfits are the best. xxxx

Anonymous said...

i love lace shorts!! cute post :)

KaNini's said...

This is incredibly beautiful! Love the touch of bloue in this look!
I'm your newest follower, a very happy and inspired one! :D

Girl about town.... said...

Beautiful outfit! Have a fabulous time in NY, you may find your dream boots there!

Girl about Town XxX

Cara said...

Love the rust color of the blouse paired with the white lace shorts, such a beautiful look! I have so been loving the F21 chocker too, what a fantastic find!
xo Cara

Marijke said...

I love this colour combo! :)
Very nice

Špeli said...

Oh you look so pretty! Big like for the shirt!


Alexa said...

i love this color combination

beneath the glass said...

i love this combo of neutrals with the bright pop of blue. you have such a knack for pairing just the right pieces together. i love that choker! what are you going to NY for? So jealous! Oh, and you look gorgeous in the dress below! Can't wait for fall shopping either :)

Beneath the Glass

Ariel said...

Great look The shorts and colors work beautifully, Love how its very monochromatic till you have the pop of bright blue. stunning as always<3

Sarah said...

I love the look with and without the scarf! Those shorts are gorgeous!
Burn the Blonde X

Angela Sim said...

So so so cute! I love how bright the blue is against the rest of your outfit. Simply genius...

Ah! I've been looking for cute, white lace/crochet shorts, flat boots, and a classy satchel for school, but have found none.

Have fun in New York! It always seemed like too much of a bustling place for me since I live in the suburbs. But it'd be nice if I visit NY at least once!

Camilla said...

I so need lace shorts now :)

xo Camilla


Lauren said...

SO CUTE. Love your outfit! Especially the bag.. I'm a total sucker for bags

Ewa said...

you look amazing! <3 i love your top!
greets from poland


Anonymous said...

went to new york last year over labor day weekend for the first time and instantly fell in love!

i just recently bought a pair of flat boots on www.endless.com and i'm loving them. i don't know your specifics on the particular boots you're looking for, so just type in dolce vita bailey in the search bar on endless and they'll pop up. hope it helps!

the rust color of the blouse is beautiful!


M said...

So incredibly beautiful. I think you were right to include the scarf - very feminine beforehand, and so the scarf just gives the outfit an edge. Stunning.

Che said...

I totally bought some amazingly cute comfy flat boots at (don't laugh) Bass Pro Shop. So if you can find one in your area, totally go! They look uber cute like riding boots and they are tough (I wore them to play an impromptu game of tennis in and they didn't get all torn up).


Francesca Felix said...

I just bought a rust colored sweater and im obsessed..this tone looks great with your color. Enjoy new york love!!!! cant wait to see some pics from there... by the way.. what camera od you use or editor? I love the feel of your photographs


Lindsay said...

I love the blue punch! Good use of color!

DNA (designers+artists) said...

I love that you added blue contrast to the hues. So lovely!


Ninnisi said...

your shoes are so lovely!

Eva said...

Lovely colours! xoxo


Pauline Lieb said...

Your shoes are amazing and so beautiful !


Allie said...

LOVE THIS. So great for the last days of summer!




Jacklyn said...

amazing look!


Aaron said...

the rusty color of that blouse is gorgeous and the shorts are perfect. A great summer weather outfit.


*Glam Chameleon* said...

Love those nude tones but most of it I love how u cut everything with electric blue detail, so much freshness in a sudden moment, great!:)

Michelle Lee said...

such a pretty look! :)

alex said...

Ph my gosh. I just fell in love with your outfit! Everything is great here, and I love your skirt! Ahh, I love this!

Bir Alışverişkoliğin İtirafları said...

great look!


Izzy/Bella said...

I saw this on lookbook. I LOVE it. Best outfit ever.


Izzy/Bella said...

P.S. Just saw you'll be in NY. I live in NY and am a massive shopaholic haha. Sad but true...I'm writing a piece about best places to shop and eat in NYC. Please check it out!

Anonymous said...

That top is TO DIE FOR! I love it on you skin tone!

Anonymous said...

love your lace shorts! may i know what size is ur shorts?? is it a M or S?