July 2011


That 70s feeling

images via honestlywtf.com

Summer '11 brings me back to the 70s for some reason. These are just a fraction of the copious images sprawled over my desktop and lingering in my 'inspiration' folder. I've decided to use Pinterest to start cataloguing my inspirational photos the right way--what a life saver :)

Hope your weekend is fantastic xx


Knits and boots

vintage knit cardigan, VJ Style crochet dress, vintage floral vest, Forever 21 boots/necklace, Michael Kors bag

Two things I can never get tired of: knits and boots. Welcome: autumn. Except it's summer... oh well. These were taken a while back, but I guess I just overlooked these photos haha. Anyway, if it's not already apparent from my random outbursts on Twitter, I'm a HUGE sucker for boots. I rave on about a new pair to my boyfriend almost every other day... BUT I always come back to these ones from Forever, the cheapest pair of boots I own. Weird :)



vintage scarf, Free People blouse, H&M shorts and cuff, Guess shoes

Literally threw on whatever felt easy going for the day and decided that an animal print was needed in the same color spectrum. Ta-da. Bf took these narcissistic photos of me after dancing ourselves silly + while waiting for our garlic lobster ravioli and steamed broccoli (YUM) to cool. Nothing better than just winding down to good music, hearty food, and home-made, fresh-squeezed organic strawberry lemonade...


My own truth

Denim Refinery ombre chambray button-up, SOLD Design Lab Spring Street skinny, Dolce Vita 'Jemma' boot, H&M cuff and choker, Ray-Ban Wayfarer, Michael Kors bag, Ebay chain bracelet, VJ Style snake ring

Who said you shouldn't ever mix your blacks with your browns and your blues? I'm quite obsessed with these DV boots as I am with these SOLD Design Lab skinnies (that fit me like a glove and provide a-ma-zing flexibility!) and this brown faux-leather cuff from H&M--so I decided to break the age-old rule and mix all three colors. Go me :)

When I need to whip out sunnies, I usually wear my Forever 21 ones or my oversized Ray-Bans (pictured) but just recently I received medium-sized wayfarers from BonLook and I can't wait to feature them here. BonLook has a lovely variety for both men and women (personal favorite: rounded vintage sunnies) and is offering readers $15 off of everything (except sale items) with the code "JENNYBL"! Check it out here.

Helena Beat by Foster The People



Cotton On blazer, Forever 21 blouse, American Rag shorts, Dolce Vita 'Jemma' boot, VJ Style bag, H&M choker

Despite it being summery and bright out, lately I've reverted back to donning neutrals. Nothing makes me feel more comfortable than wearing the basics: black tights, black boots, a pair of shorts, a white blouse, and of course, my favorite print e-v-e-r (cheetah). Strolled through my favorite town with my favorite person (boyf) in these babies, my favorite (yeah, I'm being quite repetitious with the word) boots at the moment. Emphasis on the 'favorite,' in case anyone didn't get the gist through the title of this post lol.

Use Somebody (RAC Remix)


See me through

Oh My Frock sheer/lace blouse, Forever 21 shorts/bracelets, VJ Style bag, Nine West sandals, Darrell Roach cuff

Excuse me for the repetitious blouse x shorts combo but it is summer and I am definitely feeling lazy without my planner (I've lost my beloved planner, RIP). It's been a while since I received this gorgeous blouse from Oh My Frock but believe me, I've been wearing it out during any given opportunity. I love how it's perfectly sheer in the front, with lace detailing for the entire back--great for the summer heat and still incredibly appropriate for night time shenanigans.

I'm trying to fix my sleeping schedule and reach some sort of decent normalcy, and some days my efforts look promising... but other nights, like tonight (or morning?), fixing my insomnia has become futile so I'm really just stuck in this weird loopy limbo of odd hours. Sounds all too familiar. Happy Thursday folk xx


On hair

Bumble and bumble texture creme, Corioliss .7" curling iron

As I mentioned in my previous post, it's kind of odd to realize that some people are at all interested in my hair! Honestly, my hair routine is less exciting than... pretty much everything lol. I don't comb or brush it (although I should--recently in a magazine I read that combing it every other day helps distribute the essential oils that sit near the roots). I don't usually do anything to my hair except wash it with generic Dove shampoo and conditioner. Sometimes I'll wash every other day if I can cope with some oil (I hate the feeling)... but I will admit that occasionally alternating my shampoo usage between two-three days definitely makes my hair feel thicker and shinier.

For as long as I can remember, I've stayed away from hair products... everything from hairsprays to volume lifts to blowdryers, yep. I am very picky with my hair as I am with my lips and I'd rather do nothing to them because doing anything at all makes me feel super self-conscious. I guess I'd rather deal with my stubborn baby hairs than have put-together, sticky, stiff hair.

When I do feel the need to dress up my hair, I rely on Bumble and bumble. I was never too happy with any products or brands until a few months ago when I started using Bumble and bumble's surf spray. Finally, it was something I was able to put in my hair and still feel comfortable. Although I quickly got over the spray because some days my hair would fall flat (Asian genes, gotta love 'em) and lose the waves it had initially started out with.

Late June, I tried Bumble and bumble's texture creme and only then I felt entirely satisfied with a hair product. It's definitely an upgrade from the Bb. surf spray and a little goes a long way (so get to your nearest Sephora or hair salon and grab one of these presh babies!). It does everything the 5 oz "hair (un)dressing creme" says it does: it loosens the hair but gives it a nice hold. Run one or two dollops of the creme through damp hair, let it dry. Then style as you would with your hairdryer or a curling iron. I used a Corioliss .7" curling iron from Misikko.

I LOVE this curling iron. When I received the package from Misikko, I was almost scared to touch it (it looked like a wizard's wand!) haha--I'm such a noob when it comes to hair styling. It didn't have the clamper like most curling irons I had used in the past but it turns out, using a curling iron without one is so much more hassle-free. It really curls your hair without making a dent anywhere and the electrical cord swivels freely. I quickly got the hang of it and now I'm able to make really noticeable curls or just loose waves. Really great product, not lying.

If you've been looking for a solid hair styling creme and/or an effective curling iron, the Bb. texture creme and Corioliss iron are my recommendations. I've never gotten so many compliments about my hair during my days out, seriously.

Misikko is offering $10 off of any purchases over $100 with the code 'JFTB10'!


Old town

Chicwish blouse, DIY Gap shorts, Jeffrey Campbell boots, Zara bag, Shop Akira necklace

The boyf and I strolled through old town Orange before having dinner with some friends. Lately I haven't been wanting to come out until after 5-6 pm, when it gets cooler, ha. On another note, I've been getting a handful of emails regarding my hair, strangely... not that asking is weird, but the fact that my hair is interesting because I don't do much lol. BUT I'll be posting something about hair soon.


Better late

H&M tank, Chicwish 'Navy Breeze' shorts, Jeffrey Campbell 'Harrison' wedges, Shop Akira necklace

I'm a bit late in posting these but better late than never, right? Snapped some quick shots of my outfit in celebration of America's birthday. I usually don't don stars and stripes, maybe just the traditional red, white and blue, but thanks to Chicwish for sending over these super cute July 4th-appropriate shorts! Happy Friday! xx



vintage silk blouse, American Rag shorts, Rebecca Minkoff 'Boy Toy' satchel, Forever 21/Urban Outfitters/Express/H&M/vintage accessories

A bit behind on posting concurrently with the day photos are actually taken, woops. This weekend, I had the time and pleasure to hang with some girls on my first "blogger meet-up," haha. Brunched with Kathleen, Jamie, and Aimee and continued the day with more eats and shopping -- a typical girls' day.

Received this gorgeous satchel from Rebecca Minkoff the other day and I haven't been able to leave it indoors since. It's a fun color and the patterning on each diamond of the satchel is so eye catching. So nice against a neutral, simple outfit... love it! Anyway, hope everyone had an amazing weekend. xx

Heartbeats (cover) by Ellie Goulding


Ice cream weather

Shop Akira striped button down, American Apparel shorts, Zara shoulder bag, Nine West sandals, vintage scarves, vintage silk blazer, Forever 21 sunnies

The days are getting hotter and all I ever want to wear are shorts and a top... and maybe a scarf to make the ensemble a tad more interesting, haha. Stayed in this Shop Akira 'Jailbreak' button down (c/o of Natalie, thank you!) to keep cool from day to night. Perfect billowy top for the heat -- it feels so nice against the skin. For a late night movie date later on in the day, I threw on a vintage silk blazer and decided I wanted to switch out the unicolored scarf to create an eclectic mix of prints.

P.S. Rite Aid ice cream is so good sometimes (or maybe all the time? ha). Can you believe a couple years ago they were only .49 per scoop, I think? Nostalgic goodness.