Senso "Suare" platforms

Prada suede peep-toe sandals

Dolce Vita "Dolcetta" buckle boots

Jeffrey Campbell "Tardy" platform boots

Surface to Air "Pandora"

I'm never as crazy for bags as I am for shoes. My eyes are always glued to black ones in particular, I guess for the simple fact that you can never go wrong with black. Black never goes out of style. Platforms, too, for me, at least. I can't even think of going back to what-it-was before platforms became popular again. Thoughts?


Raspberry Jam said...

Amazing shoes!



Violet said...

yes i agree you can never do wrong with black and im seriously loving each of these shoes especially the pradas and dolce vita... and yes platforms are a blessing hopefully they never go out of style agian

Vi from Cali

Sarah said...

Swoon, swoon, swoony swoon! I love these! I definitely have an obsession with black shoes! My bf thinks these chunky heels look like Nintendo Wii controls! X
Burn the Blonde

Cara said...

Oh, be still my heart...those Prada peep-toes...!!
xo Cara

It-Blogirls said...

stunnnig shoes!

We Are The Crowd said...

All those shoes are gorgeous! I agree, you can never go wrong with black...its goes with everything!

Sian xx

Dilan Dilir said...

really nice shoes!

BlueVanilla said...

Ill take 2 of each! So good.

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Andrea said...

love the last pair <3

Aimee said...

Those Dolce Vita "Dolcetta" buckle boots are SO CUTE! Neeeed them!


Julie Khuu said...

That Prada one totally tops my list...Love that tiny hint of gilded gold detailing...makes for the perfect all year round shoe! Beautiful selections hun!

Peace. Love. LOL!

Haute Khuuture Blog

alannah. said...

ooooh those prada suede peep toe heels look perfect for my feet ;) x


Arnold Teja said...

All of those shoes are gorgoeus!

Shasie said...

These shoes are so great and such your style too
Live Life in Style

Francesca said...

those dolce vita dolcettas are fab


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cryskay said...

drooling over those pradas.. hmmm life before platforms? jelly shoes, skechers, those shoes w/ wheels. LOL.

monkeyshines said...

dandy chunky heels!


Trinny said...

the last pair is hot!

Lena said...

Awesome shoes!

Mary said...

shoesshoesshoes...hahah i think i'm drooling!

Collections said...

The Prada shoes are incredible.

Fashionable Collections

Leah said...

Hi, I’ve just post on my blog an article with my favorite outfits for May, you’re in, if you don’t want I can deleted the picture and off course I’ve linked to your blog. Thanks Leah.


Suz said...

the prada's are definitely my favourite! love the simplistic aspect

Masoom R. Minawala said...

If I'd say these shoes were fantastic, that just wouldn't be enough appreciation! Same goes for your blog :)

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Tiffamour said...

Suffering the same addiction, girlfriend.. Love the picks!

Come and play in sf again!

La Mode En Rose said...

hi! nice blog! i would like to have new blogger friends! I always follow back = )

kisses from La Mode En Rose = )

bridget said...

I've had my eye on sky high prada platforms for so long!! Cute picks! =)


FashionFreak/Mihaela said...

They're so amazing!

My blog♥mfashionfreak

Ice Pandora said...

The second shoe by Jeffrey C. reminds me of a mix between Jeffrey itself and Dr. Martins :P haha
Love the song by Drake you've post earlier!


clara said...

those shoes are all incredible. especially the jeffery campbells. love.
i more or less just stalked you hardcore and you're crazy mad cool. i'm sure you knew that but just fyi, you just gained an enthusiastic follower.

Shevah said...

GAAAAAAHH. These are all so amazing. Want.them.all.

Helena @ BrooklynBlonde said...

I'm obsessed with the Prada pair! I was ready to sell whatever I needed to (of my own, via eBay) to get them at the Saks sale, but my size was gone :( BOO.

Emma said...

ohhh want them all!!!!! New post hope u check it out :)

xo Emma


Chantelle said...

Agreeeed. Platforms ftw. I love the "Pandora" shoes you picked. *drools over keyboard*

agnes said...

elles sont superbes, et j'adore les Prada

Sara said...

The prada ones... ohh amazing! :)


Sarah said...

I completely agree. Although I love bags, I am totally obsessed with shoes. I would rather buy an amazing pair of shoes any day.

Nichole said...

Those Prada suede platforms......I DIE!!!


beneath the glass said...

omigosh we could be best friends, lol...i have a major shoe addiction, and i too always go for black (most of the time). I've been dying over those Senso ones forever, and the Prada ones!! I love the boots too. I actually own the Surface to Air ones and they're amazing!! Had to give up like half of my closet on ebay to get them, but so worth it, lol!

And yeah, if platforms weren't in I think I'd be barefoot :)

Beneath the Glass

Bonita Silva said...

Hi Jenny,

I'm starting to get into platforms but I'm finding it SO difficult to walk in, outside of the house because of the uneven surfaces, roads, grass, inclines, slopes, etc. i'm SO scared of wearing them out to an event for fear of falling over. I'm used to wearing heels of pretty high heights, but platforms are the worst for me (so comfortable for the height, but so scary walking on uneven surfaces). The one's I bought were the Lita's in black and brown. I want to take those babies out on the town but I keep opting for other shoes out of fear of falling over.

Since you seem to love platforms so much, any tips would be SO SO SO SO SO useful and very much appreciated on how to walk easier in them!