June 2011


Night and day

Natural Super 'Monumental' printed tee, H&M skinnies, Old Navy cardigan, vintage shoes, Darrell Roach cuff

Hot summer days and cool summer nights--both times of the day I've been wearing this ultra soft printed tee from Natural Super. Love the obscure object and the gradient. Dressed up the tee with one of my favorite vintage heels and dressed down with frayed short shorts.

I've been working a lot these past few months and I'm finally getting a month break! Time to REALLY soak in the freedom and enjoy having zero responsibilities (kinda)... before school and work resume again. Can't wait for the weekend and July 4th shenanigans :)


Summer heart

vintage button up, Mu Dan bell bottom pant, Jeffrey Campbell Foxys, H&M choker, Forever 21 sunnies

Mu Dan seems to be ideal for summer eh? These bell bottom pants were so fun to walk in, and a total breeze not to mention haha. Wish I were tall enough to walk in them without platforms but alas, thanks to my Asian genes, the deed is entirely impossible. Much thanks to Eilatan for saving the day with these incredibly comfortable suede JC Foxys!

P.S. Updated the blog shop with some stuff. Stop by :) Also, blogger friend Liana just started her online vintage boutique, Crystal Hearts Vintage, so be sure to check that out, too! x

The Sun by Summer Heart


Free weekend

Mu Dan dress, Lucky Brand shoes, vintage beaded top, Forever 21 necklace

This Mu Dan dress was perfect for my lazy schedule this weekend--billowy and free flowing. I love the cut, the fabric (modal/silk), and the bat wing-like sleeves. Moseyed around in this super soft dress and it couldn't feel more like summer.

You know how when you catch up with friends, you almost always have to eat out? That pretty much sums up my weekend.


Dinner time

Gap blazer, Free People top, American Apparel shorts, Ozone thigh-high socks, Michael Kors bag, Forever 21 heels/necklace, Urban Outfitters watch

Yes, thigh-highs during the summer. I'm not crazy, I swear--it cooled down by the time I stepped out in these sweet Angora Jambiere socks from Ozone (c/o Tracey, thank you!). I love thigh-highs, especially pairing them with short shorts... it just balances out the look somehow. Anyway, felt slightly preppy and decided to go with the mood with a blazer and pleated top for a sushi dinner with friends.


Laced with yellow

vintage scarf, vintage lace tank, Exstaza lace shorts, Forever 21 sunnies/lace-up heels, and Darell Roach bronze cuff

That's a lot of lace huh? I layered two lace tops to make one breezy, ready-to-wear-on-the-go top, and paired it with my favorite brown lace shorts. Added on this statement cuff from Darell Roach (c/o of Lovely from TFO, thanks!) to complement and pan out the brightness of the scarf. This cuff is, I think, the perfect touch for amping up a less than stellar outfit because of the texture, color, and size. Easy going outfit with a bit of sass for a day full of errands. Lately I haven't been able to function properly without checking up on my planner 4-5 times a day. Anyone else have that problem?


Inspire to desire

Images via knighttcat.com, theglamourai.com, Tumblr, NYmag.com

Longing for everything posted here--the clothes, the shoes, the accessories, and more importantly, the feeling that each picture produces (excluding the smoking picture, I'm not a smoker haha). I wanted to sleep earlier today so that I could get up early and finally drag my arse to work out but I was sorting through my 'inspiration' folder and this was the end result: blogging, hehe. Once again, sleeping at 4:00 am. Cool. Not. Anyway, I've decided I should stop trying to convince myself that walking up a few flights of stairs in 4-5 inch heels is sufficient exercise, because really, who am I kidding? And it's summer, so let's get down to business. Time to feel healthy again! Good night/good morning world.


It's burning bright

Kensie space dye sweater, VJ Style asymmetrical chiffon skirt and snake double ring, vintage cheetah-print shoes

Aside from the cloudy, gray mornings, the past few days have been gorgeous. Perfect for messy buns, holed sweaters and wispy skirts, no? I love this VJ Style skirt so much. It has the perfect amount of sheerness, it can be worn tucked or loose with an asymmetrical hemming--romantic either way. I chose to tuck in the longer parts of the skirt to even it out and I wanted to tone down the girlishness a bit with the cheetah-print shoes. I usually hate looking extremely girly but today I let my mind wander and I got dressed listening to this sweet song.

On Bended Knee by Kero One


The 4th

Balmain tank, One Teaspoon denim shorts, Rebecca Minkoff M.A.C. clutch, Isabel Marant boots

Already thinking of July 4th and what I'd like to wear during the holiday. Deeply coveting that clutch and those beautiful suede boots. That Balmain top is edgy and festive but not too obnoxious... I like. All pieces seem so perfect for a laid back summer day in July.


Wild hearts

Forever 21 tie-dye sweater, H&M cheetah-print shorts and button-up, Jeffrey Campbell boots, vintage bag

I can never get enough of cheetah-print anything. I wore these sweet H&M shorts on a hot day during my first day of summer! And it felt MARVELOUS... both the shorts-wearing and having the day free from the monotony of school and work, hah. Looking forward to more summer nights welcomed with mild, cool weather. x