Forever 21 cropped lace tank, American Apparel pleated skirt

A preview of my shoot with How I Met Your Style. It was a little nerve-wracking but fun... can't wait to see it up on their website!

I haven't been making any large shopping hauls--only a thrifted item here and there--in the last three-four months. To say that I'm itching to partake in some major retail therapy is a slight understatement. I'm constantly perusing for stuff online to ease my shopping desires, haha. Online window shopping FTW. Saving up is always ideal but sometimes I can't help but to look at my closet and think, "What the hell am I gonna wear today?" Gotta work the brain juices to figure out how to remix some pieces. Happy hump day and 'May the 4th be with you'! (Sorry, had to.)

When I'm Small (RAC remix) by Phantogram


Michelle's Style File said...

Just beautiful!


Blond Panther & Louboutin... said...

Beautiful pic ;D


NLR said...

Looking great!
Can't wait to see the rest ;-)

HAHA :-) May the 4th be with you!
I haven't heard that one before,

Kathleen said...

eek, super excited to see your HIMYS feature!! ur ze perfect blogger to be featured on there ;). and lovelove your pleated skirt, as you can tell..in my last post! ;P. omgg tell me about it..have been online window shopping like craazaay. And feel the SAME thing as i open my closet every day.
and lol at the "may the 4th be with you," i gotta use that phrase today on someone, thanks for sharing! ;)
ps. keep inspiring Jenn!! and hope u're having a lovely week so far girl! :)

<3, Kathleen.

CINDY NGO said...

heckk yeaaah, all i've been doing is online shopping! & it doesn't help when you have a friend who works at your favorite place to shop too. eeeks, i should cut up my credit card NOW. lol

& can't wait to see your feature on himys!! i'm sure it's going to be amazing. :)

can't believe i'm leaving LA again already! coming back up to SF anytime soon? miiissshyou!


Manon H. said...

It looks great ! Can't wait to see it ! Love how by describing your daily fashion issues you describe so well the entire girls daily life...!

Merel said...

Beautiful! x

Raspberry said...

Great! Curious about the rest! Cool! XO Raspberry & Rouge


The Fancy Teacup said...

"May the 4th be with you"... so cute! Can't wait to see photos from the HIMYS shoot. Love your AA almondine hued skirt!

much love.

Anne said...

beautiful picture! can't wait to see the rest of it. xx

Nikki said...

Beautiful photos ^^ looking foward to see the others ^^ Hope you can go out shopping again soon. I'm on asaving budget too, wich actually means I can't spend anything. But I think it will be worth it! x

mirjam schuurkamp! said...

looks already amazing!
that skirt, to die for

NEW POST, come take a look.

hannah said...

absolutely love your lace tank!



Little Rus said...

Amazing photo! So dreamy and summery. Gorgeous... x

FashionFreak/Mihaela said...

beautiful :O


Cylia said...

Ohh yay:) How i met Your style is so awesome! Cant wait.

It-Blogirls said...

Wow this picture is beyond great!

Steffys Pros and Cons said...

haha i feel you on the itch to shop. being short on cash sucks, but at least it forces us to wear what we have and neglect :)

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

federica R. said...

amazing pic!


Star-Light said...



Francesca Felix said...

that skirt looks beutiful!

Emma said...

amazing, really beautiful! :)

xo Emma


Christine said...

congrats on "how i met your style" it must be really exciting! :D your photos are always amazing!


Cara said...

This photo is stunning, can't wait to see the rest! Love the song too ;)
xo Cara

Mariel Torres said...

this photo is breathtakingly beautiful!

fashionwise said...

OMG !!! amazing!

Have you seen my latest post ?

carlijn said...

Looks beautiful.. <3


Ojla said...

that is sooo cool pic!!! i am in love with this skirt <3



Shasie said...

Love your new banner

Live Life in Style

Julie Khuu said...

Congrats J! Can't wait to see the final cut...What an incredible opportunity! They sure picked the right girl ;D

Happy Hump Day Sweets!


Haute Khuuture Blog

Style Worthwhile said...

Love your pleated skirt! Can't wait to see the pictures. I haven't shopped in sooo long, I'm saving my shopping for my trip to Asia, I'm so tempted to buy something though!


Marcella Alyssa said...

Pretty! Can't wait to see the photoshoot!

Anonymous said...

wow that pictures is so beautiful!!
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Antonia said...

B E A U T I F U L !! SOOO NICE :-)


S&O said...

Very nice outfit!Great shot!

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Have a great weekend!

Eve ♥ said...

lovely photo! i am defenitly following! ♥♥

GretchTM said...

Very nice! I can't wait to see the full set.

Shevah said...

Hahaha, May the fourth be with you. So funny. I'm in the exact same boat with you on the shopping. Part time jobs just don't cut it. And YEAH online window shopping rules my life. Haha!

Lidiya said...

Amazing outfit, the photo shoot looks like it will be great. I will anticipate it <3

La Petite Olga said...

looks like a beautiful skirt can't wait to see more!!

xx Olga
La Petite Olga

Emily said...

what a beautiful photo!! Great blog- following you :)


**OnYxStA** said...

love that shot...fab x

BLEURGH & Xisses

S and O said...

Now I'm intrigued!
Can't wait to see what you come up with :D

haus of chic said...

Pretty picture!!

Song of Style said...

pretty <3

Claire M. said...

I love the dress :)


Claire M.

Fash Boulevard said...

stunning. can't wait to see more. thanks love. check out my pick for fabulous friday and find out who landed on the fash fave and fash fail list of the week. would love the support. xoxo

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Raspberry said...

WOW! All I can say! XO Raspberry & Rouge


Morgane said...

wow gorgeous

blakejacobsen said...

Wooooow. I'm anxiously awaiting to see more!


giana said...

You have a great blog!! love your style, its beautiful :) this shot especially


follow on


Lena said...

Simple beautiful! Love maxi..!

Reckless Rekha. said...

This is Beautiful Jenny! So calm & Peaceful love the pleated skirt <3

Karin said...

this is so idyllic and poetic xxx

OnTheRacks said...

This is gorgeous!! Cannot wait to see all of the photos from this shoot -- love their work.

xx Laura

Sweet Harvest Moon said...

Lovely picture!


Nini said...

Just amazing!!!!! xx Nini