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Piko 1988 jacket, Forever 21 top/shoes, Gap jeans, 80's sunnies c/o 80s Purple, VJ Style clutch

These were taken in the morning sometime last week when it was slightly chilly/windy... I swear I'm not crazy for wearing a jacket! Haha anyway, go-to for that morning: basics. A white top, denim, and fun shoes eased me into the busy day. There are just so many important things (though, at this point, importance is subjective... like, oh, midterms/finals and projects and essays and whatnot) lining up that I'm starting to fall behind on completing smaller tasks. I'm still trying to find time to finalize the look of the blog shop - hopefully it'll be ready to go in a week or so!

What the hell, this is my first post for May... it's already May?! 2011 flew by. And not to mention... 4-5 weeks left of this life I've grown so accustomed to and comfortable with. Like I've been saying, what a bittersweet feeling it is. I'm trying to savor every single day and also leave it behind as if it were just any other ordinary day.


Anne-Hélène said...

I love your outfit ;)

Sassi said...

wow, gorgeous look!

Ms. Allee said...

Love your outfit,,you look gorgoues!*


Luca said...

Beautiful photos!

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Blond Panther & Louboutin... said...

Basic but i loooooove it...
Love the shoes ;D


pancakeSTACKER said...

Love this look, Jenny! You definitely look comfy chic! I love the jacket. It looks so fuzzy and warm, haha. I seriously can't believe it's already May. Soon it will be summer, and then fall, and then another year! Savoring each and every moment is key :) Enjoy your last few weeks of school, girl!


Raffles Bizarre said...

Ooh very nice, I love this look! The necklace is cool!

federica R. said...

perfect outfit :)


whitney said...

In love with this look! Your jacket is amazing.


amalie said...

great outfit. LOVE your shoes! and that looks like a comfy jacket xx

Pretty Things said...

simple but great outfit



Sweet Harvest Moon said...

Beautiful outfit!!


Karen said...

Your outfit looks amazing - especially for just pulling something together!!! WOW!! Sometimes, simplicity is in order!



Laura said...

I love your outfit! It looks amazing!


Ria :) said...

ohh just lovelyyy :)

Indigo said...

Wow I love this...you are so very pretty xxx

Catherine said...

yeahhhh, you are wonderful. Gorgeous outfit xx

The Fancy Teacup said...

Those sunnies and lace up shoes look totally rad. Adore the entire "go-to" outfit, it's so chic and comfy looking. Good luck on all your exams, hun!

much love.

Coralie said...

I love your jacket ;)


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FashionableAsians said...

Love the outfit! Especially those shoes, fierce :P

mirjam schuurkamp! said...

Girl, you look absolutely wonderfull!


i have a new outfit post, maybe you can check!?

xxx model from holland

daniell said...

love your style!
you look amazing!♥

Manon H. said...

Love your basics ! Great jacket !


monster cakes said...

Love that necklace and clutch girl! And I just got a pair of cheap sunnies from 80sPurple and I'm totally smitten. Great shop! Good luck on midterms and papers! xo

Nettie said...

You are so pretty! <3

Opposite lipstick said...

love it!


Steffys Pros and Cons said...

i like the fuzzy black jacket :)

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

By Sara Romero said...

ooo im excited about your shop, cant wait to see it. Also I love your shoes and your toes look just like mine, the 2nd toe is slightly longer :) hehe. Where are you moving to in a few weeks?


PS: good luck on finals!

Yvette said...

love your outfit!

New updates online! come check them out!

Anonymous said...

f a n t a s t i c !!!!!!

Zoë Kate said...

Great look! Awesome accessories! I know what you mean about the end-of-term scramble, I'm right in the middle of it too! Good luck!


Stylised Dialogue said...

simple yet stylish and stunning. as always.


TheStreetFashion5xpro said...

I really like your look...lovely shots and post!

Jennifer said...

loving your coat & shoes!!!


It-Blogirls said...

you look so great
this outfit is amazing

Priscilla said...

I love your shoes! Xx

monkeyshines said...

dandy shoes!


TOPCOAT said...

love the shoes, gorgeous photos! xx

GretchTM said...

Very nice casual look for you! I can't wait to graduate. I'll officially be a grown-up. haha

Karoline Kalvø said...

You're so gorgeous. I love the outfit, as always. Amazing cardigan and shoes.

Love from Norway
Karoline Kalvo

Cara said...

You look gorgeous in these shots! Love the sweater, especially becuase you paired it with the basics...those sunglasses are lovely too, and I am loving your hair in these photos! Great shoes...all around fantastic look Jenny!
xo Cara

Star-Light said...

gorgeous outfit!


Gioia said...

Amazing outfit, love everything about it! Beautiful pictures btw

Gemini Tauberge said...

ooh that sweater is to die for!

Rachella said...

love it. simple yet so stylish x

Nikki said...

You look a miilion dollars! x

AlvianaKalin said...

you look amazing dear, I love the whole outfit


Stephanie said...

loving this look, perfect for the day in the life of a college student =) you look great!

Sarah said...

It didn't even cross my mind to think you crazy for wearing a jacket since the temperature has been consistently chilly here even though May has arrived. Stupid Oregon.

Your shoes are GREAT and I like the look of the top. I'm drowning in midterms right now and I wish I looked as classy about it as you seem to. (:

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The Little Dust Princess said...

You look lovely, as usual. : ) If the title of your post is referring to The xx's song...then I LOVE it!

I'm Just Me said...

chic!!! love the look!!

http://imjustmefashionblog.blogspot.com :))

Shasie said...

Great outfit!

Live Life in Style

the nyanzi report said...

i love that first shot.

The Fashion Writress said...

Perfect outfit and ur jeans is amazing :)


vintage process said...

Love your look! Amazing!

Style Worthwhile said...

Love that fur jacket! I love how shoes can add so much spice to a simple outfit! Good luck with all your midterms/finals, etc! :)


Meisha.Style said...

morning light makes perfect pictures! love this simple look!!!

Rene Braun said...

Great photos and blog!



FashionFreak/Mihaela said...

Omg you look so good! I love this outfit.


Kathleen said...

seriously looove how you still can rock jackets even when it's hot outside ;). but no lie girl, i agree, the weather has been strange where in the morning it's reaally cold and then super hot later on. aanyways, you look lovely as always Jenn! :)
and omgg, we think alike, am putting together a post w/ sunglasses too. i love yours tho!! super chic and chanel-esque.
hope you're having a great Monday girl! PS. super excited for you you're almost graduating!! (sry its jst cuz we're almost done w/ school here at Cal!)

<3, Kathleen.

BlueVanilla said...

Cute! Love those shoes!
Hot Pink Day

Taj Acosta said...

Love love the sunglasses! Great outfit super glam look! xo

Francesca Felix said...

you look so damn cuteee
love your shoes!

Angela Sim said...

What? Your jacket seems to have POCKETS (I find it a hassle when I find out my outfit has no pockets at all). And I wonder what color nail polish you have on your toes -- it seems like the perfect nude/blush color! I'm excited for the blog shop, but I hope your midterms and assignments won't wear you down too much.

Thank you for the comment! And I think I'll need concealer all the time because I have dark circles 24/7 no matter what (hereditary trait </3). I don't even know how you can manage to concentrate during all-nighters. It was fine for me the first few times but now I just can't pull it off.

dylla said...

is that jacket for sale ? :D

Shelby said...

Great casual look, so chic! I am in love with those shoes, the perfect gladiator <3shelby



Love the cross necklace/pendant and the big sunglasses..



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cryskay said...

i absolutely, positively love your blog & style. its so effortless! i'm from cerritos so borderline OC/LA - i get the best of both worlds. isnt fukada & frostbites the best??? i think i could eat at fukada everyday! where are you from? xx

Anouk said...

You are really beautiful!
And love the necklace.


Advice From A Caterpillar said...

WOWOWO! your shoes are sooo amazzzzing!!!!
You loook gorgeous!
xo Advice From a Caterpillar Store


Annie said...

LOVE this look! Go check out http://www.fashion-ade.com/ to add some pieces like this to your virtual closet!

Beckerman Girls said...

Diggin' your shoes..the hardware on them is totally kick ass!!! The vibe of your blog rocks!!! rocks the world!!!!
xoThe Beckerman Girls


Gina Michele said...

Great shoes!

♥ Gina Michele

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Taylor said...

Awesome sweater!

Amber said...

love that cross! So amazing!


Anonymous said...

i love the 2nd photo of you!
you're so pretty, Jenny! :)
annd those f21 shoes are amazeballs!
i love forever 21's shoes, they're always so cheap but really sturdy haha. good luck with all your schoolwork!! and hopefully you can get more sleep! i know i definitely need more rest.

stop by sometime, xx natalie

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wendayfang said...

aw, your photos make me smile :)
lovely outfit post by the way! you look gorgeous!

Raspberry said...

Wow! Love this look! Great job dear! Adore your style!

XO Raspberry & Rouge


Hélène, l'obnubilée . said...

J'adore :)

Judy Nguyen said...

Simple is definitely me too. Love this look on you.

Lilla * Gi said...

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blakejacobsen said...

You look incredible in denim. I love the top and necklace and etc etc. I sound like a broken record.


janet said...

gorgeous look and great pics! <3

Leah said...

Simple but perfect outfit, good choice !