May 2011


Electric blue

Joie beaded sheer blouse, Lush wrapped dress, Kanna wedges, vintage denim jacket

For reasons unknown, as yellow is usually my summer pick (and favorite color overall), blue seems to be my color of choice as of late. This season I am seeing all shades of blue... and this beloved Joie blouse epitomizes my current obsession with the hue. The color is brilliant, it can be dressed up or down, and it's sheer! Too bad it weighs, like, 10 lbs (not exaggerating), which makes it awfully tiring to get in and out of... haha. Anyway, it's the last week of the quarter for me (come Monday afternoon next week, I am greeting summer with open, loving arms) and it's the final stretch - wish me luck!

P.S. I should really try and stop biting my nails, eh?


Night lover

gifted Denim Refinery ombre chambray button-down, Forever 21 polkadot skirt worn as a top, American Rag zippered shorts, vintage scarf, Lucky Brand Nellie lace-up wedges

When I'm feeling lazy, of course I opt for something classic: denim. This button-down ombre fade denim shirt from Denim Refinery spices up a plain outfit and adds intrigue and uniqueness--love it!

I just wanted to do a quick post to let you all know that I've officially finished putting up my blog shop. Go check it out here! Hopefully, if final papers and projects go well (lol yeah right, right?) I'll be adding more stuff next week. Sorry for the delay, but the vintage dress in popular demand (posted a few weeks back) is the first post on the page and is officially up for grabs... now!

P.S. pay a visit to my newest sponsor, LuLu's! Chock full of great dresses, shoes, bottoms, etc. at very affordable prices. x

Beatbox by The Sounds


Summer layers

Forever 21 sweater, American Apparel corduroy shorts, Nine West sandals, gifted 80s Purple sunnies, vintage bag

After a week of indecisive weather, we are finally greeted with gorgeous, perfect weather for the weekend! I shed some layers and welcomed the sun in these shorts that I will most likely be living in for the rest of the warm months. Too comfortable, very light, and pretty much the perfect color.

Experiencing a high of senioritis at the moment. With senioritis I've got major wanderlust--I'm constantly thinking of where I can go for the summer with my budget. Listening to this song makes me want to drive off into the California sun and chase the sea breeze, along the coast (but seeing as gas is $4+ a gallon, I don't see that realistically happening any time soon... eff):

Pursuit Of Happiness (cover) by Lissie


Madewell f11

images via

Loving the easy, clean looks from Madewell's fall 2011 lookbook. Most of the looks are layered lightly and produce a preppy/eclectic/tomboy aura--awesome. Big ups to the play on texture and pattern that surprisingly don't overwhelm one bit (example: gingham blouse paired with the polkadotted pants). But for now, I'm enjoying the perfect, warm weather!


Socal blues

BB Dakota top, Forever 21 leggings/cuff, Nine West sandals, vintage scarf, UO necklace, Michael Kors bag

Experiencing a whirlwind (literally speaking, too) of weather types this week, cold and blue being one of them. I put on my leather jacket immediately after taking these - it's been too cold to step out the door without something to layer! On another note: I'm walking the big stage and receiving my official bachelor's degree in about three weeks, GASP. "Uni" is coming to an end, and it is quite possibly and subsequently marking an end to my care-free days (so it feels). Womp womp... hate to admit it, but I will miss college. Grad school just can't be the same.


Ruby red vintage

vintage leather vest, Forever 21 lace vest, vintage floral dress, vintage leather purse, UO watch, Kanna suede wedges

You know when you're really exhausted but you force yourself to stay up to finish some assignments and then you just reach that point of no return - godforsaken insomnia? I'm at that point. Not sure why blogging seems to be the most viable thing to do at this hour because I really cannot form coherent sentences when I'm running on five hours of sleep on any day... but uh, here's my attempt at a post. My apologies if I make no sense.

Weekend was filled with loud music and food! The outfit pictured above is what I wore to the Sun God festival in San Diego - it was great, and Jimmy Eat World even better than great :). Watching them live, after years of yearning to catch them perform just one song, was surreal. They were my favorite band in middle school and seriously brought me through my years of teenage angst/puppy love heart break haha! Jimmy Eat World was amazing, to say the least. Nostalgic goodness. My music-infused weekend ended yesterday with a 7-hour concert at Wango Tango in downtown LA. I thought I had quit Wango Tango for good two years ago but when my sister told me she won front-row (pretty much) tickets to the show, I couldn't resist. Definitely a great experience getting to be SO close but I'm not sure if I can handle a bajillion girls screaming their hearts out for new Bieber lookalikes (Cody Simpson?) anymore.

It will be yet another busy week but I'm hoping to get my blog shop finalized and ready to go by the end of this week. Be on the look out! x


Plain jane

vintage knit cardigan, Kensie space dye pullover, Forever 21 leggings, gifted Corso Como 'Leila' wedges, Kmart crossbody bag

When life gets hectic and when I don't want to look like a chump in sweats, I find that black leggings, a white tee, and an oversized cardigan are the next best things... that, luckily, don't make you look like a completely lazy arse. Although I'm not fond of purple, the Kensie pullover provided a nice pop of color and contrast. And, lastly, much thanks to Corso Como for saving the day with these wedges that they sent over last week. So comfy but exciting enough (with the studded gladiator straps) to spice up a really basic outfit.

After finishing up some research tomorrow, I've got to plan out what to wear for Sun God and for Wango Tango. Am I the only one who styles my outfits according to how my hair looks? When I had the fringe/bangs, I felt the need to wear sky-high platform boots to go for that punk look haha. I went in for a trim the other day and came out looking like a young little Asian boy. I swear, sometimes hairstylists get too happy with their scissors. One inch almost always translates into three. Dang it.


What's golden

Gerard Darel wide-leg pants, Giuseppe Zanotti sandals, T by Alexander Wang silk tank, brim hat from Amazon, Alexander Wang clutch, Alexander McQueen leather wrap bracelet, Carrie Saxl pendant necklace

Not sure how this equation works out exactly but a Polyvore collage = product of boredom + stress + procrastination + shop lust. Major shop lust.


Spring hues

BCBG pleated top, H&M blouse, vintage floral vest, Forever 21 leather skirt, Jeffrey Campbell booties, Nine West leather bag

Hope everyone had an eventful weekend and a lovely mother's day! I worked myself to exhaustion this past week and with Friday being my only day off, Steve and I took a quick trip to Disneyland, woo. Having sacrificed shopping-for-momma time to make some monies, the sibs and I ran some errands and went on a furious hunt for last minute mother's day gifts earlier today. And thanks to the quirky LA weather, it's no surprise that I'm not quite sure how I should dress nowadays - one hour it's sunny and warm, and then it's honestly chilly and windy the next. My allergies are going insane 24/7.

Looking forward to the end of this week, though. It seems as if I might be able to catch one of my favorite bands (Jimmy Eat World) play in SD and my sister won tickets to Wango Tango! All in one weekend. Awesome way to celebrate the end of yet another school week... but ay, the beginning of the end is coming too soon. Kinda scared.



Forever 21 cropped lace tank, American Apparel pleated skirt

A preview of my shoot with How I Met Your Style. It was a little nerve-wracking but fun... can't wait to see it up on their website!

I haven't been making any large shopping hauls--only a thrifted item here and there--in the last three-four months. To say that I'm itching to partake in some major retail therapy is a slight understatement. I'm constantly perusing for stuff online to ease my shopping desires, haha. Online window shopping FTW. Saving up is always ideal but sometimes I can't help but to look at my closet and think, "What the hell am I gonna wear today?" Gotta work the brain juices to figure out how to remix some pieces. Happy hump day and 'May the 4th be with you'! (Sorry, had to.)

When I'm Small (RAC remix) by Phantogram


Basic space

Piko 1988 jacket, Forever 21 top/shoes, Gap jeans, 80's sunnies c/o 80s Purple, VJ Style clutch

These were taken in the morning sometime last week when it was slightly chilly/windy... I swear I'm not crazy for wearing a jacket! Haha anyway, go-to for that morning: basics. A white top, denim, and fun shoes eased me into the busy day. There are just so many important things (though, at this point, importance is subjective... like, oh, midterms/finals and projects and essays and whatnot) lining up that I'm starting to fall behind on completing smaller tasks. I'm still trying to find time to finalize the look of the blog shop - hopefully it'll be ready to go in a week or so!

What the hell, this is my first post for May... it's already May?! 2011 flew by. And not to mention... 4-5 weeks left of this life I've grown so accustomed to and comfortable with. Like I've been saying, what a bittersweet feeling it is. I'm trying to savor every single day and also leave it behind as if it were just any other ordinary day.