Forever 21 leather fringe vest/white slip/lace-up sandals/beaded necklace/cuff, Old Navy cardigan, American Apparel pleated skirt, Topshop turquoise ring, Lucky Brand beaded bracelet

Sometimes, when the wind starts blowing like crazy, it's fun to run out and discover all the ways your long accordion skirt can fly ha!

Flying Overseas by Theophilus London


Chloe Rushworth said...


I love love love the skirt.

C x


The Fancy Teacup said...

The pleated maxi skirt and those sandals are true beauties!

1. I love Glee.
2. You need to go visit Europe, you will never be the same. Simply amazing.
3. Anything with sugar? Heck yes.

Have a lovely weekend dear!

much love.

MAE said...

I am in love with your rings and that skirt <3

Have a great weekend Jenny.

Britt+Whit said...

wow I love all your rings! and the Fringe is adorable. You look amazing!

love from San Francisco,



Cara said...

Gorgeous skirt and lovely accessories! Loved reading more about you ;) And again, great tune.
Happy weekend!
xo Cara

Henar said...

Aww, this is beautiful !
I love it !

Henar <3

Nikki said...

Pretty look :) i love your jewelry! x

Linnea said...

oh, your blog and clothes are amazing!

YinGSaran said...

look so great
love your skirt : )


serenadeveryday said...

I LOVE the pleated skirt. The color and how it flows: Gorgeous. I must get my hands on a long maxi dress or skirt. {*AHHH!}
You're so tall! How tall are you?

Looks like we have quite a few things in common. I have a second stomach... specifically for desserts! {*HAHA} I can be stuffed but I'll ALWAYS look at the dessert choices. BF always laughs at me cause I'll be holding my stomach in pain after the meal but have a huge smile on my face once dessert is in front of me.

Tea, tea, tea is the way to go! I don't drink enough fluids. I rarely drink water but if there is tea, my cup is constantly emptied and refilled.

My favorite fact is #6. I LOVE dogs as well. A puppy/dog was #1 on my Christmas list to Santa every year until I realized my parents were Santa. Then I made it #2. {*LOL}

Sorry for the rants n rambles. =)

<3 S.

Collections said...

Love your skirt! The first statement you made about having a sweet tooth and cooking etc. definitely hits home for me, I'm the same way! And for the past couple of days I just haven't been in the mood to cook either

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lady stardust said...

I love ittt!!


oh, yes, that skirt...:))))

Camilla. said...

That skirt is amazing on you, this is stunning

X Camilla


kileen said...

i'm so in love with this skirt and will have to see about finding it! where is your clutch from? it's so beautiful and the perfect size!

cute & little

Haute-fly said...

I adore the accessories and long pleat maxi skirt.

Lovely style post,

Steffys Pros and Cons said...

i adore that skirt... and the vets is amazing!

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

YazmiinAktar said...




Anonymous said...

what lovely pictures and the color of skirt is amazing through the photos, i love dogs too but it's unfortunate i'm quite allergic to them.


Leah said...

This outfit and these pics are absolutely amazing!

xo L.

Dylana Suarez said...

The skirt is gorgeous! I love the way you style it! I have the rusty orange version of it that I just wore recently. The metallic sheen is just THE BEST!



Anonymous said...

I love it! A lil' jaelous that you can take pictures with your hair that elegant in the stormy wind. I tried to, but couldn't get just one pic where all my hair wasn't all over my face. haha :)


Celine said...

Love how the vest edges up the soft skirt :)

Star-Light said...

wonderful look!

love the vest and skirt!


Reckless Rekha. said...

Pretty love your skirt so much and those jewellery's.

Definitely come to Europe by which I mean London hahaa you'll have fun <3

christina said...

LOVELY skirt!!! :))
i have the same terror with airpalnes but i try to keep travelling...it is so worth it when you discover a new destination, doesnt it? im from europe (Greece) and ive never been to America (so far). Hopefully soon i ll get to visiti NY :))

hannah said...

STUNNING!! lovely job!



Violet said...

haha yeah i know how you feel i always think maybe i should smile and when i try it seems so cheesy. but i get some in there here and there.

love this skirt and the accessories you mixed it with! especially the cuff bracelet.

i wanted to be most of those things when i younger too

Vi from Cali

Francesca said...

I have a fear of clowns also!!! hahah especially IT.. have you seen that movie? FREAKY
beautiful skirt!

Shevah said...

First of all I love the outfit. Its so free and beautiful. Second, I always really enjoy learning about other bloggers. So many of my favorite bloggers I wish could be my friends in actuality. Haha. :)

cuteredbow said...

This outfit is pure perfection ! Love this outfit !


Jane said...

I am in love with your look! I need this skirt, the color is amazing for the spring, summer...
Jane :)

tiptoes said...

I really just want to wear this whole outfit.
You look amazing!


wendy said...

This is absolutely incredible.

mirjam schuurkamp! said...

YOU are breathtaking!

i have a new post, maybe you can check?


xxx mirjam

Kathleen Murillo said...

you are always SOOO inspiring Jenn. and this has to be one of my FAVE outfits from you yet. i love all the soft colors esp the AA skirt stands out so perfectly, k I need one of these in my life!! lol. and only one reason why I love the wind, FOR PICTURES lol.
love all your facts about you too, & love how ambitious you are and driven. TRAVELING, me too! ps. always love your taste in music.
have a wonderful weekend girly!!! <3

<3, Kathleen.

Shelby said...

found your blog via chictopia, and it's fabulous! i LOVE your style... this look is especially amazing, the layers and the skirt and the SHOES!!! following you and i can't wait to see more!! <3


Diya said...

wtf forever21 had a leather fringe vest and I MISSED OUT ON IT????

you look like a bohemian princess...so gorgeous.

Michelle Elizabeth said...

Jenny, I love your blog! It's deff one of my favorites and you are one of the best bloggers out there! I wish you the best in your blogging. You've got me hooked on your creative outfits and gorgeous photos!


Chelsea Lane said...

ahh I adore this look! your photos are gorgeous, love your accessories :)


Jennifer Rod said...

what a lovely skirt.

-i agree with you lately i dont get much tv time but regardless i think most shows are just blah.
-i love anything sweet, any day
-coffee and tea for me... sleep deprived is kinda norm these days
-and im with you, europe is a must for me too...

have a nice weekend, :)

Tieka, Selective Potential said...

Oh gosh, how am I now just stumbling across your blog?! You are stunning! I absolutely love this outfit!

xo, selectivepotential.blogspot.com

Trou, .bleuebird said...

I am loving pleated skirts this season. Just gorgeous!

Angela Sim said...

Who knew you could make a fringe vest so classy! I swear I saw those bracelets/cuffs at Express, that's crazy! Love the pleats and length and color of the skirt; that sounds like pretty much everything, so I guess you can say I love everything about it!

It's so fun to read about you (and see a "cracked" smile)! I hope you get the chance to travel to the places you'd like to go; I'm itching to travel too, definitely! But I'm not so good in the air... strength-of-my-stomach-wise.

I'm Just Me said...

pretty!! love this!!

http://imjustmefashionblog.blogspot.com :)

Dilan Dilir said...

you look amazing!

Anonymous said...

Amazing outfit, love the skirt and the details!

Phuong said...

beautiful outfit, the skirt is amazing

Travel In Style

Kelly. said...

Love the skirt! I work at American Apparel and I don't think we've sold any of those! I'm glad someone's wearing it it's beautiful on you!

federica R. said...

amazing skirt *__*


Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

I don't even have T.V. channels!! I watch things on dvd or through netflix instant play. I only see Glee once it comes out on DVD. I love your outfit by the way.

rose said...

I am dying over your skirt! Too cute!

It-Blogirls said...

This outfit isAMAZING
Love the selection of colors
you do great!

Lena said...

You look perfect! Love your skirt! How I love maxi..!

blakejacobsen said...

That skirt is almost as beautiful as you are.

She Wears, She Shares said...

Happy to learn a couple personal facts about you, especially when this fashion blog world can be visual most if the time.



Anna said...

Aww no! You should watch Modern Family :) It's a lot better than HIMYM even though I watch that too.

Marissa said...

Oh my goodness, obsessing over your skirt doesn't even begin to explain! I can't believe that's from AA. Do they still have it? You look lovely as usual, doll!



Jacquelyn S. said...

I lovelovelove dogs too and I hardly watch TV. I have to watch anything I want to watch online since I don't have cable at home haha. Love your blog, you're gorgeous! Now following :)


GretchTM said...

Lovely outfit! I enjoyed reading your facts. Congrats on the award. You are definitely stylish! :)

Mallory said...

this is amazing,you look beauuutiful! i love your blog, following :)



Kristy said...

WOW! Very Fashionable! Love how u combined the colours and clothes AND jewellery! I would wear it! :-o Greetz Kristy

Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

Perfect. x hivennn

Kookie B. said...

gorgeous as always! i have a similar fringe vest! you just gave me an idea on how to wear it. :)


Rachella said...

you and your pictures are so beautiful. I really like this skirt and your blog is amazing. Unfortunately I didn't discover it before! But you have a new follower. Please check out my blog too and follow if you like. ;) I'd love to hear your opinion about it.

Mirror of Fashion said...

So much in love with long skirts nowadays. Looks great on you!

agnes said...

tu est très jolie et j'aime beaucoup ton look
Tes bijoux me plaisent beaucoup
Très jolies photos

Sofie B said...

Wow you look great! Perfect outfit, and lovely pics!

//Sofie - http://misssoffy.blogspot.com

Michelle Lee said...

love your photos always
great outfit :)
also I always pass those awards because I simply find it hard to write about myself ..
do you listen to korean music or had a chance to? hope you will be able to listen to mine and my cousin's sometimes later!


jenh said...

been following this blog since you first started! so happy to see how many followers you have now :) keep it up!

- J

Trend Steps said...

you're so pretty! love your blog. great outfit!!

Anonymous said...

amazing outfit and blog in love with your maxi skirt. you have super gorgeous style.i'm a new followers and link you too.hope you'll do same :)

Jocelyn Garrity said...

def one of my fav outfits ever! love it. very creatively styled.

Ruby Girl said...

hey lady. this look is top of the line! found you through "steffys pros & cons". super glad i did, cuz your style is FABULOUS, girl! so following you now. <3 EverRubyGirl.blogspot.com

MoandKa said...

Wow! It's just a amazing outfit!! I love the combination of the west and the skirt! So bohemic but still big city-clean.. i hope that it's okay that I post this in my blog!



Bridget Fossedal said...

THAT SKIRT!!!!!! Holy wow.

Emma said...

love love love, awesome boho look! Oh go to my blog well If U want have some amazing pics of boho hippie looks, Cali Styel!!! ;)

xo Emma


Anna S said...

Gorgeous outfit! :)

Amanda said...

Amazing skirt!

betsie said...

i love your blog, i am a new reader .

do check out betsie.

Nadia Aboulhosn said...

omg youre perfect!

Mariel Torres said...

that skirt looks so gorgeous! lovely blog lady

Nesta said...

The ring with the blue stone is awesome ! I really like your bracelet aswell !!


Sunny Side-Up said...

Random thought/compliment:

You have such a pretty smile and wonderful cheekbones!!!

lol. God bless!