Rooms and 'dos

images via tumblr, weheartit, thedecorista, and songofstyle

Just some inspiration for the day... spending a good portion of my days wondering how I should style my hair (after I learn about hair products and hair flat/curl irons, etc. first) and how my future house would look like. Anway, the boyf and I are gonna see Joseph Gordon-Levitt in LA today and I am absolutely STOKED... it's definitely a treat from the minor stress attacks I've been having these past two weeks. I'll be sure to update with lots of pictures (*crossing fingers I get to take one WITH him - no, really) ASAP ...after I finish my essay due on Tuesday, boo.


Mary said...

Gosh, i really love the library/study room.

Jess said...

Gorgeous inspiration photos, I really love the last bedroom photo :) And I loooove Joseph Gordon-Levitt too! :D xo

It-Blogirls said...

these pictures are truly amazing
So inspiring, light and beautiful!

lady stardust said...

I love those pics!!

▲Tyna said...

oooh, love this post! ♥ great inspiration .)

Janka said...

oh.. how amazing !! :)

xoxo Chocolate Muse

Blond Panther & Louboutin... said...

nice pics ;D


Eléne said...

The room photos are amaaazing! Creative juices are certainly flowing after this post. Love it! x


Baoto said...

Joseph Gordon Levitt <3

I really love the future house photos!! And I'm really gonna do my hair just like those..


Raffles Bizarre said...

Great selection, I especially like those shoe cupboards. That dog is amazing!

jos xx said...

beautiful pics...so enchanting and inspirational!

jos xx

Manon H. said...

Amazing pics ! Some great hair styles !


Julia Calhoun said...

thank you soo much love!!!

babe, I start a Question & Answer round on my latest post, feel free to ask me what ever you want to... I am answering all questions :-)
Would be great if you would be a part of it!!

Kisses Julia


Rachella said...

great pics and he's just so hot x

Shasie said...

Is that Joseph Gordon Levitt? He's so fine!


hannah said...

love the cubic closet system!! and joseph gordon-levitt is not bad either!



Antonia said...



celeste said...

LUCKY! joseph gordon-levitt is totally eye candy, he's so adorable. very beautiful inspiration too.

Shevah said...

I love posts like this. Such pretty interiors. And Joseph Gordon Levitt is so handsome. :P

Fashion Rehab said...

I love the pink room. There is nothing better than having an amazing walk in closet. sigh!

Fashion Rehab

Francesca said...

those hairdos and that braid is rediculous. i wish i knew how to do that

La Petite Olga said...

gorgeous pictures!!! Love the hair dos...

xx Olga
La Petite Olga

Steffys Pros and Cons said...

i love the braided do!

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

Reckless Rekha. said...

Amazing pictures! Love the hair braids i really want to do them. The black & white furniture room looks amazing <3

Sarah said...

I love the plait and the blonde hair! Great new header too! X

Burn the Blonde

Shelby said...

wow very cool pictures. i need to learn how to do the braid that goes across the crown with the hair hanging down! thanks for such great inspiration <3shelby


Anonymous said...

I really need to try to do all those hair styles. So amazing. And I am so in love w/ JGL

xo Sherrie
Closet Hound

Natalie Suarez said...

super cute! i LOVE red hair! :)



Liana said...

wow all those rooms are amazing, wish my house would look as cool! and i love the braids, now i'm regretting cutting off all my hair..
where are you going to see JGL? i can't believe you get to see him! you should totally try to get a pic with him, even if you look like some crazed fan, it's worth it! did you see him in Inception? sooo hot! :P

hope things start becoming less stressful for you soon :) how's your dog?

Fashion Bag 411

Lena said...

So nice! I love it!


I just discovered your blog, and it's great! I wasn't expecting this ... I loved seeing your blog and know it.

So, I follow and I hope in my blog!

Sweet Harvest Moon said...

Perfect combination!
He's so cute!


Kathleen said...

i seriously am loving these photos, i love interior design, check. i love hair, check. best of both worlds ;). and omgg super excited for you about the JGL show!! take lots of pics girl! and hopefully you'll get a hug from him too!! ;)
happy easter Jenn! and hope you had a lovely weekend! :)

<3, Kathleen.

uhooi said...

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Style Worthwhile said...

Love the braided hair photos!! Omg I'm so jealous that you get to see Joseph Gordon-Levitt!! He's definitely a cutie :)


ThE fAsHiOn WoRsHiPeR said...

Love all the hair inspiration :)

XoOx-Kelli K

Cara said...

Love the hair do's...especially the blonde braid...beautiful!
xo Cara

Mademoiselle N. said...

really impressing pictures
i hope ill be able to decorate my home like this one day :)
check out my blog aswell

monster cakes said...

Most definitely eye candy, and I thank you for it. Yum...

Glory said...

Love all the hair pics!
Im a sucker for braids.
& mmm Joseph Gordon-Levitt is definitely man candy <3


Prêt-à-Penser said...

i WANT the shoes "library" so baddddddd :(


Anonymous said...

Love this pics

meandyou said...

Where did you find the braid picture! Do you know of a "how-to" site? I loveeee it!

blakejacobsen said...

I've been told a handful of times I resemble Joseph Gorden-Levitt. Which totally rules.

My comments are always so awkward and irrelevant.

I love the first image the most.


Leah said...

Nice choice, love that kind of haircuts, so sweet.


GiorgioC said...

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love it :D

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shoe cupboard said...

Gorgeous inspiration photos, I really love the last bedroom photo :)