April 2011


Makeup bag

For those who have asked me about makeup tips/brands... here it is:

Foundation: for every day, I usually use a light layer of Bare Escentuals' matte foundation with a Bare Escentuals buki brush. It's never "cakey" and it really doesn't feel like you have much on... which is what I think makeup should feel like. If I were to go out and needed to dress up, I would use Make Up For Ever's HD foundation for a more "finished" look. I've actually just started looking into liquid foundations - I usually hate the look and feel of them but I found myself actually being content with Make Up For Ever's. I only use one 'dollop' and try to spread it evenly with Sephora's foundation #47 brush. Still trying to get the hang of it...

Concealer: I use one or the other, depending on the occasion. For a more "brightened" look, I use NARS concealer in custard. For some reason, using this concealer makes my skin lighter and brighter so I like to use it only when I feel like I'm going out on a nice date or GNO. For every day concealer, Make Up For Ever's "full cover" camouflage cream #10 is my go-to. It's fast to apply and they have so many different tints that you're bound to find one that really gives you a 'natural,' clear look.

Blush: I love Tarte's natural cheek stain in "Tipsy." It's rich in antioxidants and is naturally preservative free! I usually put one dab and spread it out accordingly with my fingers. At first I was really skeptical about using my fingers but the blush is incredibly light so it doesn't feel like you're tugging on your skin. Plus, Tarte's blush gives you just the right amount of pink 'tint' needed for a more 'natural' look haha.

Primer: didn't even know this existed until this past year. Oh boy. I recently started testing out some small sample primers and I'm really starting to dig the "Photo Finish" primers from Smashbox. I sometimes have red undertones so I've come to appreciate the Photo Finish "color correcting" primer (in green) since it balances out my skin tone. Of course, I find that adding primer takes a little too long so I only use it when I feel like getting spruced up.

Eyes/brows: for eyeliners, I am rather old-fashioned. I like using pencils - currently I use Estee Lauder's Artist's Eye Pencil in "Softsmudge Black." It's not too dark/hard but it does the job to 'open' up the eyes. Plus, I like the smudgy look so it's quite perfect. Sometimes I'll add a thin line of Sephora's Nano in "Silver Green" to create a slight 'disheveled' look. Other times when I want a bolder look, I'd use Stila's Smudge Pots in either "Brown" or "Black Cat" - but having to use a brush to apply detracts me from using them more often. For lashes, I use Bare Escentuals' Flawless Definition mascara in black... never clumpy and never messy. Eyebrows are filled in with Benefit's Browzings in medium - it's fast and comes ready with two handy brushes.

Lips: I hate the feel/smell/taste of lipgloss/lipstick so I'm really picky and end up just sticking to lip balms almost all of the time (I love Rosebud Perfume Co.'s strawberry lip balm and Burt's Bees' Honey lip balm). BUT I do like Make Up For Ever's matte lipstick in "Rouge Artist Intense" and Estee Lauder x Michael Kors' Very Hollywood lipstick in "Bungalow Pink" (not pictured). Both are smooth and come on just right - they don't smell or taste like anything, either. As for lipglosses, I do have an odd affinity for the ones from Victoria's Secret... select ones, of course.

By no means am I an expert (lol!) but I hope this helped somewhat, and sorry to put it off for so long - I just figured I should put up one giant post to answer everyone's questions at once than to repeat myself a bunch of times! x


Waiting patiently

vintage lace top, vintage denim vest, American Apparel high-waisted skirt, vintage leather tote, Steve Madden booties

Sorry for the lack of updates, I guess sometimes you just get overwhelmed with the "everyday-ness" of life... and this "everyday-ness" is marked by essays, midterms, work, more work, getting sick, sleep deprivation, physical and emotional fatigue, etc. I'm not even sure how I managed to get a few shots in, haha. Oy vey, when that burnt orange tote comes out, it usually means I'm being a busy bee - I can fit a lot of my daily essentials and school essentials--water canteen, apple, notebooks, planner, lip balms, sunglasses, etc.--in that entire bag and not look like I'm lugging an entire suitcase around. Whew.

Happy Friday and happy weekend, everyone!


Floating through sunset blvd.

H&M blouse/skinnies, Sam Edelman wedges, Nine West leather bag, vintage leather belt, Forever 21 bracelets/necklaces

...the essay I thought was due tomorrow is actually due on Thursday so here I am blogging away because of the extra two days given to cram. Let's be honest, I haven't actually started on that essay anyway (even when I thought it was due tomorrow a few minutes ago) lol. Five weeks of school left and senioritis is raging stronger than ever!

I got to check out an outdoor bazaar-type of event at Space 15 Twenty on Saturday before seeing JGL at the Vista. Such a quaint little place Space 15 Twenty is. I spotted a bunch of vintage goodies (leather skirts, sheer polkadot skirts, unique sandals, cheetah printed shorts, etc.) and ate at Umami with Cindy and Cody - peep the adorable kid in the photobooth picture! And since Steve and I were in the area, we had to visit this bakery for some delectable treats. Those cupcakes are THE best I've had in my life. Thank goodness I don't live close by or else I'd be really broke and really unhealthy.

Movie night with JGL was so inspiring. It was, more or less, a compilation of songs, stories, sketches, videos, etc. done by Hit Record crew/members. And although the work showcased was great, I could. not. stop. gawking. at. Joseph Gordon-Levitt. He's such a ham... I sort of died inside when he ran past me in the movie theater. Sitting less than a foot away from JGL was more exhilarating than you can imagine. Anyway, I enjoyed it (thanks bf for the tickets!) and I'll leave you all with a heartwarming excerpt from one of my favorites of the night (video here):

"We can never be like you so we reduce you to simplicity. But you have sparks of divinity. You are married to infinity. We make you fear your imperfections but in fact, they are the diamond of your being… and they will always offer imaginable variations. You have forgotten how to dream because we’ve removed it form your language. But there are things inside you that are mysterious and magical and impossible to explain, and if anything, cannot be rationally explained…" - Wirrow

Float On by Cities Aviv


Rooms and 'dos

images via tumblr, weheartit, thedecorista, and songofstyle

Just some inspiration for the day... spending a good portion of my days wondering how I should style my hair (after I learn about hair products and hair flat/curl irons, etc. first) and how my future house would look like. Anway, the boyf and I are gonna see Joseph Gordon-Levitt in LA today and I am absolutely STOKED... it's definitely a treat from the minor stress attacks I've been having these past two weeks. I'll be sure to update with lots of pictures (*crossing fingers I get to take one WITH him - no, really) ASAP ...after I finish my essay due on Tuesday, boo.



silk polkadot dress/envelop clutch c/o of VJ Style, Lucky Brand beaded bracelet

Took some photos for a couple in a field of yellow(!) wildflowers over the weekend and decided to get a shot of my outfit at the very end. Love the polkadot pattern and the lush green color of the dress AND I've been using this clutch to death. They've become some of my favorite items to date :) If you end up ordering something from VJ, keep in mind that their sizes run a little bigger - this dress was an extra-small but fit me like a medium, almost.

For those curious, Brownie's tumor is benign so he'll be receiving a tumor removal instead of an amputation of his leg, thank goodness. Not much else is happening in the next couple of weeks... except for midterms, papers, the Joseph Gordon-Levitt show on Saturday (the charming Santos surprised me with tickets), a shoot with HIMYS, and possibly a visit to a flea market (finally!). I'm only starting to realize how much time I have left as a college student and I'm freakin' out. I'm appeasing the qualms over graduation by hanging out with as many friends--some new and some old-but-never-really-got-the-chance-to-hang-out--as I can before leaving these four years behind. Bittersweet...


Army x comfy

Designers Remix leather jacket, Balmain leather shorts, Wren shirt dress, Rebecca Minkoff clutch, Palladium boots, Ballenciaga green bracelet, Ray Ban sunnies

An outfit inspired by today's weather and the color (army green) that seems to fit my mood as of late. 1) that draped leather jacket is delicious - yes, delicious. 2) the Palladium boots above look similar to the ones I received a couple of days ago (courtesy of Palladium)... believe me when I say they are uber comfy! I had to run errands all day yesterday (disheveled outfit here) and these boots made it seem like I was walking on a rubbery cloud haha.

Two things

vintage dress

1. Clothes for sale - because of my pet's circumstances and partially because of the recent spike in emails about buying my clothes, I've decided that I will open up a blog shop type of thing. I hope to get it up ASAP but I wanted to let you guys know ahead of time - especially those who have inquired about specific items. This vintage dress is one of the items I will be selling. It's cute, it's girly, and it's actually one of my favorites. Love the asymmetrical hemming and the lace and polkadot tulle combo going on. I will keep you guys updated and please, please give it a look when it 'opens'! Brownie and I would definitely appreciate it.

2. Thanks to those who helped and have sent their prayers to Brownie. Much thanks and much love.



Forever 21 leather fringe vest/white slip/lace-up sandals/beaded necklace/cuff, Old Navy cardigan, American Apparel pleated skirt, Topshop turquoise ring, Lucky Brand beaded bracelet

Sometimes, when the wind starts blowing like crazy, it's fun to run out and discover all the ways your long accordion skirt can fly ha!

Flying Overseas by Theophilus London


Lovely denim days

vintage denim shirt, Levi's DIY denim shorts, mom's vintage top, Forever 21 thigh-highs, Kimchi Blue t-strap heels

Woops. These photos were meant to be posted earlier but I guess I just forgot about them! Although these were shot about a month and a half ago, not much has changed - I'm still living in comfy denim and still waiting for my hair to grow out lol. Hope everyone has a fantastic Wednesday! We're half way through the week, and even though it's gonna be a rainy weekend, we're almost there to Friiiday, yeah! x

Lovely by John West