March 2011


These shoes

Jeffrey Campbell Ford booties

Minimarket wedge sandals

Joe's Jeans Brenda wedges

Topshop platform sandals

Maurie and Eve boots

It should be noted that I am a sucker for laces, cut-outs, platforms, boots, straps, and block heels. These beautiful shoes epitomize a perfect spring/summer day/night for my feet. Lust lust lust...


Back in motion

Forever 21 baseball tee, vintage black dress, vintage bag

Eeks, sorry to sound like a bore and be so repetitive but school's starting up again and I'm getting back into the motions (of heavy senioritis that is, haha). For some reason, when I feel overly casual (which is pretty much 80% of the time), baseball tees become my best friend. They're casual but boyishly cute, no?


Gritty glamour

images via tumblr &

Came back from a weekend in Sin City and this is my Vegas-esque inspiration. Not gonna lie, I had a slight withdrawal from blogging haha!


Silver cage

vintage silk blazer, H&M lace dress, True Religion denim vintage shorts c/o of True Religion, Sam Edelman wedges, Kmart bag

When St. Patty's came around, I realized that I don't have very much green in my wardrobe... and that I really am a homebody. Unfortunately, my weekend was not filled with drunk debaucheries, but instead was marked by relaxed journal writing, leisure reading, and movie watching. Nothing exciting, but hey, it's spring break and I have no school agenda to follow and that's exciting enough for me lol.

How befitting, then, that my outfit matched my agenda on St. Patty's day: unexciting, but comfortable and reminiscent of me. I love throwing on a nice, oversized blazer, a simple shirt (in this case, a dress [worn here as a dress] tucked in to become a shirt), and a great pair of denim shorts for an assuming, laid back day. SO excited when I received these fab boyfriend shorts from True Religion's new Premium Vintage collection. They're uber comfy and look great cuffed or as mid-thigh bermudas. I was living in them the entire weekend until rain greeted us yesterday... bah. Well, here's a groovy song to offset my blasé outfit:

Flight Facilities - Crave You ft. Giselle by flightfacilities


A little bit of both

Hussy Symbiosis dress, True Religion denim vest, Jerome Dreyfuss shoulder bag, ACB wrap leather bracelet, Givenchy bracelet charm, Rick Owens boots

It's always eye candy for me when there's a bit of simplicity mixed with a bold print... or if an otherwise completely girly outfit is splashed with a bit of 'boy' and ruggedness. So giddy looking at this, geez.

On another note, acouple of days ago, Spilled Milk magazine featured me on their fourth online issue. Check it out here :)


Leopard and lace

vintage cheetah-print silk top, vintage ruffled lace vest, H&M lace dress, Forever 21 purse/knee-high socks, thrifted wedges, UO necklace

For some reason I really love juxtaposing lace and leopard-print material -- one has an innocence to it, while the other has a fierce flare. I remember saying in one of my earlier posts that I seem to be all about unusual balances, eh? Also, originally the leopard and lace stood alone (sans the thigh-high socks) but then when it came time to snapping some shots, the weather instantly turned nippy, warranting the thigh-high socks. Gotta love fickle So Cal weather. Anyway, please excuse the poor quality of these photos... sometimes when you're trying to recuperate from a three-week long cold while you're drowning yourself in notes and books to study for finals, you don't really have the brain matter to function properly, nor do you have the time to pose in front of pretty places. Soo, in front of the house did it for me, ha. Alright, I got my quick blog fix and now it's back to studying. As if I haven't reiterated this enough in my head: I can't wait until it's Friday (Friday, Friday -- anyone else have that Rebecca Black song on repeat? HAHA).


My wings are like his

Obey tee, Forever 21 leather skirt/lace-up booties, Kmart bag, American Apparel tights

After the stress and horror of 10th week (as if finals week is any better lol), I had some time to paint my nails... this time, it's a seafoam green. I don't know if this is common with other girls but I tend to construct my outfits around my nail polish color, which is coincidentally reminiscent of my mood haha. I asked my bf if I could borrow one of his cool printed tees to pair with this two-toned leather skirt I picked up at Forever 21 a couple days ago. The darker, mustard square patches are buttery and the lighter squares have a suede-like finish. It's just slightly loose on me but this skirt is so buttery soft, it's unbelievable I got it for the price that I did. I love it when Forever 21 carries 100% leather goods.

I just can't seem to stay diligent on Friday/Saturday nights, meh. Decided against studying for finals and went to a show in LA instead. A couple friends and I went to the Echoplex to catch Geographer playing some of their songs and geez, these guys are much too talented (seemingly more so in person) with their vocals, cello, and drums that it was mind-blowing. Michael Deni, the singer, has so much soul in his voice and it was definitely transparent through their performance.

Kites by Geographer


Rainbow braids

Totally just watched all 3:10 of this and I am in awe of how incredibly cool this looks. If I ever muster enough confidence to dye my hair a honey blonde, or dye my hair in general, I would definitely go for this 'do. Free People never ceases to amaze me. On a more serious note, I am really sorry for the horribly destructive 8.8 earthquake that Japan experienced yesterday... text 'REDCROSS' to 90999 to make a $10 donation, or go to their website to help. Big events like this really make me appreciate the little things in life... hope everyone living near coastal grounds is safe and sound. x


OC sunshine

Forever 21 sweater/sheer cardigan, thrifted maxi, Nine West messenger

Does anybody else find it annoying that at times when you need to arduously study, the weather is gorgeous as ever? We are currently being spoiled with perfect weather and it isn't helping with my case of senioritis. I guess I didn't mean to take blog photos with this outfit (let's be real, I look frumpy lol) but I thought the different prints on the maxi looked great against the lush green color of the grass. Plus my bf wanted to show me this park with these huge and healthily grassy hills :)


Olympic blvd

thrifted cardigan, Sam Edelman wedges, Forever 21 headband/socks, American Apparel tights, Kmart bag

It's starting to feel so weird not blogging in so long... the last week of the quarter is here and I am so happy but so pooped at the same time. Starting winter quarter with filler classes I was convinced that I would be taking it easy but I realized, nine weeks later, that I've definitely underestimated one of my classes. Don't you hate it when that happens? Hopefully next quarter fares easier...

Anyway, my weekends have been preoccupied with trips to the Fashion District to find suitable bridesmaid dresses for my sister's wedding! Luckily the hunt stopped last week and we found a beautiful, one-shoulder style in a deep rosy pink :). So excited for the events coming up in the near future... but for now, I have to stick to writing essays, reading, and just doing work. Bear with me as I continue to live in overly casual clothing.


Pristine x girly

images via tumblr &

Goodness - pristine girly GOODNESS. As much as I say I don't like girly things, I can't help but be drawn to the look for spring. Dresses adorned with petals galore, jewels, glitter, and chiffon layers (how beautiful is that Roberto Cavalli floral dress in the second picture and the Dolce & Gabbana top/shorts in the third to last picture?). For a casual day out, J. Crew does the fresh look so well with their clean cuts and neutral tones in their spring 2011 lookbook. Pastel anything, rose suede (not pictured but the Proenza Schouler PS1 = to. die. for.), white, and champagne tint = so right, right now. Long, long locks straightened or curled, or layered and pulled back. I can't wait for my hair to grow out completely so that I can try and emulate the beautiful goddess look for the upcoming season, hah! :)

Falling In Love At A Coffee Shop by Landon Pigg


Stereo love

Forever 21 plaid coat/necklace, Victoria's Secret striped shirt, Old Navy jeans, shoes from Ebay, Nine West bag

The weekend is here and I could not be happier! Coincidentally, with the school week coming to another end, and with another essay crossed off my to-do list, my sickness is becoming slightly less debilitating. WOOP! In celebration of this feat, I am multitasking by piecing this post together while bopping my head to this wildly addictive song (hence the unimaginative blog title "Stereo Love"). Nevermind that I have another long essay due this coming Tuesday... I'll worry about that after I've decided that I've had enough of sleeping in, haha.

As for the outfit, it was just one of those days where I looked into my closet and thought to myself, "I HAVE NO CLOTHES." Definitely hate that feeling... especially when I know I should feel guilty for staring blankly at the stacks of folded jeans and sweaters sitting above a row of jam-packed dresses, shirts, and coats that are hung adjacent to a dresser full of shorts, skirts, and tees. I told myself to grab three items and this is what I came out with. Never thought plaid would look decent with stripes but I guess it worked? Hope everyone has a fantastic Friday and an even better weekend! x

P.S. if you emailed me in the last couple of days, sorry for the lag in correspondence! I will try my best to reply to each one before the weekend's over.