images via Jak & Jil, Anthropologie, tumblr, knight cat, and I Love Wildfox

Sheer, silky, and soft. Mixing it up with patterns, polka dots, and long pleating. Matching the same tones. Just some inspiration for spring and for this wispy weather we're having today. Oh, and some music for the ears to go with the photos and the mood :). Enjoy:

Fools by The Temper Trap


Steffy's Pro's and Con's said...

fabulous. i want that big cozy looking grey sweater dress, it fits the half winter half spring feeling.
<3 steffy

Carrie said...

amazing! I love the colours and fabrics!


Patricia said...

I love how you even process photos from the web so it's consistent with your own photos. you have such attention to detail!

this is the first time i'm excited for spring... i can't wait!

Natalie Suarez said...

kate bosworth looks so so stunning! :)


Linda Yen said...



gabrielle said...

its so important to offer music with fashion inspiration. i agree they go hand in hand. like this tune.


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Shevah said...

Amazing photos. I love this.


We Are The Crowd said...

i love all the colours and...floaty-ness? Well whatever it's called, i love it :)

Mollie from we-are-the-crowd.com

StephWaung said...

love the drapey tops, comfortable and chic!

Green Tea at Midnight (Jessica) said...

Really digging the flowy, coral(?) colored top. Looks so comfy, yet super feminine.

Anonymous said...

Such a great post!love all of these pics!

Ariana Miranda said...

great post!!!! love your stuff!!


Kathleen Carla. said...

i loove each piece so much, you def know how to create amazing inspiration posts. i love the soft colors and the sheer/silky fabrics, my all-time faves for spring.
& PS. I looove your taste in music ;).
P.P.S. from your last comment on my blog..giirrll, YOU are one of the prettiest bloggers I've met on the blogosphere, mean that with love! ;).
hope you have a fun & relaxing President's Day Weekend! :)

<3, Kathleen.

Kelly. said...

These photos are fantastic. I'm new to blogging and your blog has really inspired me. The photo of Kate B. is great, love maxi skirts.


Maria Maliki said...

Great inspiration

rewind and play again said...

nice pictures, very inspirational ! just love the first three pictures ♥

Jan said...

I just listened that song,
it's great!
&These pics are wonderful as well (:

Michelle's Style File said...

I love the first pic.


STEPH J said...

Oooh I like that peach coloured chiffon/georgette tunic! I am totally digging the mutes/neutrals this season... with the occasional pop of brights. hope your day's been good! ♥

Stylison said...

I like the first photo!


federica R. said...

amazing photos!


SimuĊĦa said...

Catherine said...

amazing inspiration. Love it <3

Miss EBlog said...

Such pretty pictures :) x

Alexandra said...

aww,the colors are so calm and quiet. I like the last photo,the drawing on the diary that stand in fur!


Phuong said...

Great photos

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