February 2011



Forever 21 sweater/fringe vest/acid-washed skinnies, Sam Edelman boots

As of late, I've been feeling horrible with the incessant coughs... nothing worse than having to stay indoors when you feel too sick to even do anything productive. Goals to meet at least 1,000 words for my paper by yesterday night failed as I was distracted by the Oscars (Natalie Portman is my girl and I loved her speech). I have yet to watch "The King's Speech" and I'm sure it is great but I was definitely rooting for "Inception" on all fronts. Michelle Williams looked absolutely iconic and I'm pretty sure I spent at least ten minutes gawking at Mila's and Halle's beautiful gowns.

Outfit/pictures were captured thankfully during a brief mildly-windy hour. The boyfriend and I trekked out to a nearby park to test out the comfort of my new wedges, courtesy of Eilatan (THANK YOU)! Just for the record, the wedges are too comfortable for my own good.


Sunny days

Alexander Wang cut-out shirt, Vanessa Bruno shorts, Pamela Love rope crescent breast plate, Orit twine bracelet, Alexander Wang hobo bag, Alexander Wang booties

Cannot get over how great all of these pieces are... especially the boots and the Orit sterling silver/cotton bracelet. I guess I'm trying to convince myself that warm weather is almost here by coming up with this summery outfit. Can you guys believe that it snowed in parts of L.A. today? Actually, just 15-20 minutes away from where I was, too! Because of this magical (albeit small) snow fest occurring in L.A., I want to ignorantly believe that the world is coming to an end. Or maybe I'm just thinking it is because my throat is feeling all kinds of nasty this weekend. Okay, I really should sleep. /end ramblings of an #insomniac.


Go-to green

thrifted silk blazer, Forever 21 top/pants/sunnies, Coach scarf, Steve Madden booties

Not sure if it's the erratic weather or if it's the stress of Week 8 that's making me feel sick but when I'm feeling lethargic and unmotivated to dress, I put on something with a pop of color to make up for my lackluster inner being lol. Love this silk blazer that I thrifted in mint condition! Anyway, I'm currently three weeks shy from spring break and I could not be happier. My last quarter as an undergrad college student starts next month and senioritis has been plaguing my soul for the last six months... oh boy. Hopefully I'll be able to survive the next few weeks of nonstop paper writing - I'll need to recover from this sickness in time for Vegas in mid-March :)


Sweater weather

Piko 1988 coat, thrifted sweater, Exstaza lace shorts, Forever 21 headband/boots

My go-tos for rainy days are definitely slouchy, oversized sweaters. I've been living in this pink one since I think I've abused my green one for too long. The rain keeps me indoors, which should make me productive in finishing the load of schoolwork I have... but I've been feeling sick and unmotivated to focus on one tedious task for more than 10 minutes. Looking forward to spring break, meh.


St. valentine's

Collection B jacket, Forever 21 floral dress/bag, Ebay shoes, Old Navy henley

Happy Valentine's everyone! I'm usually more of a low-key girl when it comes to celebrating Valentine's day so the boyfriend and I spent a very normal afternoon chasing eateries. What else is new right? Hm, not much. Except for the 'fringe' bangs masking my forehead. I've been wanting to get them for a year now but I decided on an a-line cut last minute (a year ago) and well, rocking straight bangs while going through the eventual awkward hair length (consequently looking like a mushroom head) was not my thing, ha. So here they are now, finally, after a little over a year of waiting for my mane to grow. Also, thanks to Yuri from Lookbook for sending the jacket over!

I've been having NY deli withdrawals and I've been searching high and low for a deli like Katz in New York... finally I found one in LA and I could not be happier lol! Call me crazy, but I've been having daydreams about Katz's pastrami sandwich and I just had to find a notable comparison. Muchos gracias to the boyfriend for being patient and understanding my delusional and unequivocal love for food. Hope everyone had an amazing Valentine's, coupled or not! x



H&M cropped jacket, Kmart pullover, AE DIY denim shorts, BCBG bag, Target tights, Ebay boots

The shoes. Great Balenciaga/Sam Edelman knockoffs from Ebay, aren't they? And they're not half bad in terms of comfort. Anyway, we've been getting a lot of sunshine and it's making me feel lethargic - I just want to jump into summer mode already! I'm so glad to have found this lovely minty number from H&M while I was in San Fran. Cropped, thin, and beautifully colored = perfect for spring and summer, of which it is reminiscent. Summer vacation needs to come... now!

P.S. I cut my hair and now I need to catch up on posting a few other outfits from pre-new-hairdo before I post anything with my new 'do. That just sounded like one long repetitive sentence. It's 2:00 am. I should sleep.


Sf photo diary ii

Picture intensive. Whew. Here's my second and last photo diary from my most recent trip to San Fran. As I've been saying, I loved every bit of it - the people, the food, the valor, the city hustle and bustle. I ended up not taking too many outfit photos since I was ill prepared for the trip (clothing wise)... but in the first few photos, I am wearing a Kmart Jaclyn Smith button-up, H&M polka-dot blouse, Forever 21 shorts/boots, American Apparel tights, vintage cheetah-print scarf, and a Nine West leather bag. For all other outfit combos I had, I'd have to thank my boyfriend for bringing his ever so faithful plaids and for allowing me to look semi-laid back/casual cool in them, ha.


3rd and market

Oh boy. San Francisco. What can I say? Looking back at these pictures makes me miss it so much. Here's the first batch of my SF photo diary complete with food, trollies, and night lights...

The day started out early at 9:00 am at the Chictopia office in downtown SF... of course, lacking a keen sense of direction (lol), I walked in the complete opposite direction and turned out to be 20 minutes late. Eventually I found my way there and met Helen and Corinne, the lovely founders of Chictopia, and Barbro and Frenchy (the other two Style Sip winners)! After a quick breakfast, we all headed over to the Kmart in Hayward and were shown how company visuals put together themed outfits (i.e. Route 66, Jaclyn Smith, Attention). I found myself more drawn to the Jaclyn Smith line because of the sophisticated, contemporary, and pristine look I found in that section. Check out the Kmart line here.

We had a three-hour downtime before resuming with dinner and I ended up meeting up with some friends. It's always so refreshing catching up with local friends and getting to eat at places a tourist would otherwise never have thought of trying. Anyway, Barbro, Frenchy and I met with Helen and Corinne and Kmart representatives at a beautiful Indian restaurant in SOMA (it was DEE-LISH, to say the least! ...I mean, c'mon, you can't go wrong with mango lassi-flavored creme brulee). It was an awesome experience getting to talk about where/how/when/why we started blogging, providing input, and just enjoying our conversation regarding fashion over good, good food.

Helen and Corinne have heard me tell them this many times already but I want to give another huge, huge THANK YOU to Chictopia (and Kmart!) for making this all happen for me. I've always loved San Francisco but meeting some of the sweetest girls in SF and being treated to decadent restaurants made this trip particularly memorable. I will try to put up some clips I took with the Flip cam we received once I ace my midterm (modesty is overrated, lol! Jk *cross fingers*) on Thursday and once I configure how to edit video (a realm I've never ever touched). I have one more SF photo set waiting, stay posted! x