So even weather.com couldn't have prepared me for this bone-chilling winter. Winter in So Cal? Yeah, totally nonexistent. Winter here in New York easily makes winter in California feel like a hot summer day. And I'm starting to regret some of the things I've brought with me... and that I was born with the inability to conserve energy and warmth, causing me to layer up with three shirts, three coats, two leggings, three pairs of socks, two pairs of gloves, a hat, and boots... totally making me a quasi-immobile marshmallow/newb NY tourist. Not cute nor is it cool, lol. And to think I wanted to take cool outfit photos :(


Steph said...

Just want to say that your blog is really inspiring and I've voted for you a few times in those contests posted. I'm from Cali and I'm moving to the same weather as NY and I was hoping I could see how u stay fashionable in the weather too cause I know its gonna be difficult for me! Hope u have a fun time there can't way for ur tourist pics :-D

jamie-lee said...

well going on holiday.. you can always go shopping in LA ;)

Anonymous said...

They have true winter weather there in NYC. even if you weren't packed "right," you're in good hands. you can go shopping at so many places!

cool blog!

-- charlie kane

Cylia said...

aww girl! no time for shopping? NY is really cold during winters..

Esther said...

hey jenny hope your enjoying NYC :)* take good care of yourself though :) dont get cold! HAVE FUN :D XXX


me. said...

Oh geez, just looking at that photo makes me cold. I hope you don't catch anything! Try and stay warm!


P.S. weather.com is not accurate at all.

Anonymous said...

Really great blog !


Anonymous said...

OH my I so want to see you taking outfit photos in your bundled up glory. :) Don't worry....you'll get used to it in a few days. It's the worse when you face a sudden change....but it will be alright. Trust me....I come from a country with 40 degree celcius weather most of the year and now am living in a country with negative temperatures 4-5 months of the year. :)

Look forward to hearing from you


Tashrin - A Toronto based personal style blog

Ollie Things Beautiful said...

I say just another excuse for you to go shopping! ;) But what you packed looks very cute, especially the leopard scarf :)

Views From My Window said...

The weather is going crazy
and we make it happen....!
Enjoy of NY. That's the more important!!
Love your blog! I will follow u!


GlamorousGirl said...

and today here was so sunny :) jelous?
love ur blog
hope u check out mine


Trend Steps said...

Haha, it's freezing cold here too. But just think of a warm place and cuddle up under the blanket and you'll be alright! :D

Kathleen Carla. said...

aw i hope you keep yourself warm girl! bundle up in all those layers of fabric, and you'll be fine. i bet you'll improvise with what you have to produce a beautiful outfit in the end. no worries Jenn! I hope you have an amazing trip :).

<3, Kathleen.

Lesley said...

what an adorable blog! i just found you and i am so glad i did! your photos are beautiful and so are you!

i'll certainly be back :)

Little Rus said...

You are so gorgeous! Just found your blog via another blog and will definitely be back to read and browse more. x

Ellie Lee said...

Your photos are stunning!! Seriously!! Can't wait to see your photos from NYC!! You look amazing in that previous post!! Far cry from Snooki/Snooki-like!

PS/Which camera are you using?

Ellie Lee said...

Your photos are stunning!! Seriously!! Can't wait to see your photos from NYC!! You look amazing in that previous post!! Far cry from Snooki/Snooki-like!

PS/Which camera are you using?

Angy said...

I love your camera, is it fuji?

great blog, i really love your photography and your style, I will follow you, please follow me back ;)


Brian Quach said...

Stunning pictures. Your blog really inspired me to make one of my own!! Please check out my photo blog and give it a follow :)


Hillary said...

Great blog :) What camera are you using?

I love NYC and I am very jealous that you are there :p


New follower :)