New york photo diary ii

Layers: American Apparel, Forever 21, thrifted, vintage, Urban Outfitters, Necessary Clothing, Topshop, borrowed from boyfriend. Freeze. Ice cream. China Town. Coffee and tea, repeat. Rockefeller. Getting lost. 5th Ave. Madison Square. Gelato. Lower East Side. SoHo. Pizzeria. Make-shift sleds. Central Park hill. Flat Iron. Hell's Kitchen. Financial District. Hand warmers. Thai food. Queens.


S said...

Love your metallic skirt. That pizza looks so yummy!

We Are The Crowd said...

Amazing pictures! I want to go to New York so badly now! <3

Love Ellen

MeganRose. said...

again, awesome! looove the metallic skirt mixed in with all the wintry layers!

Cylia said...

ohh waow. very well photographed.. so pretty. the little details and the light and everything. so pretty. well done:) i like very much.

Sarah said...

Take me back to NYC NOW!! I love your style, the layers are perfect for the NY weather and you look amazing! I love how you style your outfits and your/your boy's photography is beautiful! X
Burn the Blonde

kristy eléna said...

gorgeous photos! made me feel very excited to be moving back to NY. also really loving your style. i found your blog thanks to Sarah from Burn the Blonde who tweeted about it.

Kristy Eléna - Full Time Fabulous
Vogue Gone Rogue
Twitter: @kristyelena

Meg said...

I, too, just came from Sarah's recommendation! You have an absolutely gorgeous blog! Love your photos and your style, definitely following you :)
The Jersey Gem

Reg Rodriguez said...

amazing photo diary!!! :)


freyja said...

Wow love all of those picture, amazings post ! :)


Anonymous said...

Love all your photos,your my new favorite blog!

Anonymous said...

I'm loving all the photos!
You made me want to fly to NY... now!:)


Shevah said...

The photos are amazing and beautiful.


vogueish said...

love the boots and great photos!!!!

TinaRose's said...

you're fabulous!! i love every single photo!!! <3

lannnie said...

Hi Jenny! I love the photography here. You always manage to put pieces together people wouldn't usually and make it work. Your blog is an inspiration! One of the reason I started my blog. Keep on inspiring!

Laura said...

I love the photo's! I'm following you now!
xoxo laura

Marcella Alyssa said...

Is that snow in that one picture? Amazing. P.S. Those boots are wonderful but it seems like it would take you a million years to lace up hahaha!

Halie said...

Great mix. Love this look.


Angel said...

These are really cute pictures. I really like your crochet headband/head wrap/turban (I've been wanting one!). Haha, gelato and ice cream in cold weather! I do the same.

Marisa Scott said...

yum pizza!.....*drools on keyboard*

Cara said...

You are so beautiful! Love the picture of you looking over your shoulder, and those boots are great...fashionable yet I'm sure good to treck through NYC with! Looks like so much fun...thank you for sharing!
xo Cara

pancakeSTACKER said...

Sadly, I am not from NYC. I'm originally (and currently located in) the SF Bay Area. I went to school in LA and lived right smack dab in Westwood for the last four years and just recently moved back to NorCal. I visited NYC for the first time this summer and am sure that it is my soul-mate city hahaha. I'm hoping to make the move out there very, very soon.

Love these photos just as much as the last batch. So many beautiful shots! Were you in NYC for anything special or just a visit?

Stop by again soon!

Laura said...

Beautiful pictures, your blog is really great! Hope we can follow eachother!

Ryan Chua Photography said...

LOVE the photos!!
I wish I was in New York too!

Nice outfits as well!

Gertrude said...

Loved these photos!! :) The boots is gorgeous by the way! x

lady sélénite said...

Love your style, the silver dress is amazing !

snoWhite said...

woaaa i love your shoes
and i love ny!!

i'm soo jealous :)

take a look at my blog (: and maybe follow me on bloglovin or Facebook


Blah Blah Becky said...

Ahhh I'm dying to go back to NY, even more so after seeing these gorgeous photos! Thanks for sharing. Lovely boots by the way.

I'm your newest follower ^_^


SC said...

Your boots!!
I just got a pair of vintage boots (mama) and they look A LOT like yours! (the laces, the heel ...)



Anna said...

Fantastic photos and style as always. New follower.


Izzy Melhuish said...

Ah made me so excited to go to NewYork next month! Thankyou for sharing these pictures they are amazing! love your blog, izzy x x


Anonymous said...

LOVE all the photos! :)

A, J and S said...

NYC is captured so beautifully in all these pictures! I can't wait wait to go back to NYC and experience the amazing city again.

Purdey Singleton said...

Gorgeous x

Kittenish Behaviour Blog

Anonymous said...

You remind me of rumi neely!
awesome photos though! :)
stop by sometime, xx natalie

Erika of Style Activist said...

YUM Thai food! You are so pretty, Jenny. I adore the sunnies. NYC is always a smashing time. Will you be coming back for NYFW?


Jennifer said...

your photos are absolutely amazing!!! i will be in New York next week for the first time!!.. this most has made me even more excited to see the city! although i am not excited about the cold! :(..xx

k said...

OMG! I just found your blog and you're SO gorgeous!!!! Definitely follwing!


Marisa Scott said...

LOL your pup is peeing on the lampost behind you in the pic where its just your thigh-high socks and the floral pattern of your dress..lol by far my fav photo in the bunch, awesome! have a great week hun!


oomph. said...

thanks for sharing the pics! looks crazy cold. sounds like you had a great time.


Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

considering how cold I know it was and has been in NYC you look very comfortable!!! great photos!

Anonymous said...

I love your photos. May I ask what kind do you use or if edit them yourself? and as always i love your outfit post.

SML said...

i love, love, love these photos. i haven't been to NY in years, but they make me want to go right now!

channerozemafotografie said...

hello jenny from the block!
i really like your photo's !
what kind of camera do you have? (:
keep up the good work!