Stars and stripes

Forever 21 coat/plaid top/silk blouse/skirt/accessories, UO heels

Wandering into hidden woods and ethereal spots is so fun- they provide for great photo ops and a bunch of creepy stares from passerbys.

Thank goodness I started documenting my outfits. Daily pictures remind me of what I do and don't have- it's so scary that I cannot even remember what I had just purchased a few days ago... this has gotta be unhealthy. Anyway, most of what I'm wearing is from Forever 21, old and new, but mostly new. Plaid is pretty much a staple this time of the year. I paired it with the starry-patterned, silk blouse to add an extra layer of warmth- plus the lines go well against the stars, no? The gray coat is a byoot in person. It is fitted just right and is of the perfect length. Lastly, the knotted black skirt! Oh how I love it. I have a rather small frame so the knots on the front of this dress accentuate all the right parts. Yay for manipulation! :)


Lynzy said...

Your pictures are always so gorgeous! Just love stopping by here

xo Lynzy

Kaleido Mind said...

you, your style and your blog are AMAZING!

following you;)

Reg said...

gorgeous photos as always!!! what camera do you use? :)