I'll try anything once

Forever 21 leather fringe vest/bangles/necklace, thrifted Allison Taylor silk blouse, American Apparel tights, vintage Esprit leather backpack, DIY American Eagle jean shorts

Aside from the random week long downpour that occurred last week, this is how California looks pretty much all year-round... and this is how my Christmas looked like. This year's Christmas day had a slight 'Indian summer' aura to it so I felt it necessary to whip out my fringed vest. I had a great weekend spending a little bit of each day with different people I love. Over the years I've been starting to appreciate how the holidays are actually more endearing and sentimental when it comes to merely spending time with people, rather than just accumulating a bunch of gifts (but it is nice, can't say it isn't). This year I didn't receive as many gifts as I had in the past but I'm more than content- the food, music, Christmas lights, and the presence of loved ones did it for me. Cheers to the holiday spirit!

Julian Casablancas - I'll Try Anything Once (cover)


A, J and S said...

I always love your outfits! They are always beautiful like your photographs.

Anonymous said...

Sexy! but still very sweet :)
Keep the christmas spirit going Jenn :)


LabelsAndLove said...

The pictures are amazing, so gorgeous! I really like your shorts.


Jen S. said...

what a cute outfit....


mariana said...

i love everything about this post.. outfit, pics and music :)

xx mary


Reg said...

i'm glad you had a wonderful christmas :) i love your fringe vest!


Kirstin said...

I love this outfit!! You look so pretty. Great photos. I love your christmas lights picture & the picture of that delicious looking dessert!!

Kirstin Marie

Jenny Ong said...

Thanks everybody! :)

dani said...

beautiful outfits!
and your blog is amazing.. i'm now following you!
thankyou for your comment which lead me here!
please come back and visit

Neon Noose said...

Beautiful pictures and lovely song by The Strokes.

Briana Le & Merissa Ren said...

you are stunning. love everything about this.

Brittany said...

Such great photos, you are so gorgeous! Love your backpack and your outfit. Can't wait to see more, i'm your newest follower :)


A said...

Lovely! You have a striking resemblance with Rumi from fashiontoast especially in the 3rd picture

Sunny Side-Up said...

Cute outfit and I really like the Christmas-y picture.

God bless!