Faking gold

Piko 1988 coat, vintage scarf, thrifted Allison Taylor silk blouse, Forever 21 leggings/pumps/accessories, thrifted bag

As soon as the rainclouds drifted away, I ventured out to welcome the sun-kissed air and finish last minute Christmas shopping. There's always something so beautiful about the day after a good rainstorm during the winter time- it has a warm, golden flare to it, almost reminiscent of spring mornings. The change in weather shook up my mood and I thought it would be fun to channel a modern 70s look with fur, cheetah prints, leggings, and nude shoes. These pumps from Forever 21 resemble YSL's/Steve Madden's 'Caryssa' pumps, but are just as (maybe not, but it's doable) comfy and cost almost 70% less!

Cheers to the holidays, and I hope everyone is having a spectacular Christmas! Much love and gratitude, xo.


Dominique said...

i love these pumps wish I could get them. You seem to get shoes as they hit the shelves of f21. COOL!!!

Jen S. said...

what a cute outfit....MERRY X MAS!!!



You are wearing an amazing outfit again! you have such a great blog!!

I will put you in my favourite bloggers list!

please follow me back and hope you'll do the same for me!

merry christmas!


FashionableAsians said...

Lookin fab! i love your bag, what a great find! Merry Christmas!!

Lisanne & Carlijn said...

omg i really love your blog, great photos en style!! i'll be around to see some more of it :) xxx

Shevah said...

You are so gorgeous! I love those pumps. I've been wanting to buy some nude pumps for a while now and haven't found the perfect pair. I'll have to stop by my Forever 21 and see if they still have them. Merry Christmas!


Jemima L. said...

Woww..you look Amazing, Love it! :)
xoxo, http://spyonmefashion.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

Hey I found you on Chictopia and your blog is absolutely adorable!!! I'm following on bloglovin' and I'm gonna put you in my blogroll :)
Merry Christmas.


fhen said...

Totally love this look
love leopard prints so much now
and im a new follower of your blog!! :)
please follow back if you like my blog as well :)

merry christmas and happy holiday dear!xoxo

Andreea said...

You always look amazing:) I love this outfit and the photos are just gorgeous!<3
Happy holidays dear!

♥ kisses ♥


Theonlyfashionprincess said...

Amazing! The pictures ánd the outfit are goooorgeous.
Merry Christmas!
Come visit my blog too, if you want.

LVE+JOY said...

Oh my gosh I love this look. It's so chic and understated but the rings and scarf bring an interesting, traveller-esque flare to it.
You are gorgeous missy!
I have a new post up on my blog. Drop by if you like, or follow me – it would make my day!

Z--- said...

You look fabulous!!!!xxx


monster cakes said...

Those shoes are way cute! You fooled me, I never would have guessed forever21. Great find! xo

ShopeDelano said...

Love this outfit! You've worn the leather leggings beautifully!

My new outfit blog

WENDY said...

Love your shoes! They looked more than Forever21 if you know what I mean :)


jamie said...

OMG!!!! i have that bag in white!!!!!!!!

jamie said...
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Kaitlyn McCall said...

Just found your blog!
I absolutely adore your style. I would definitely wear every outfit you put together.

Do you live in LA? I was considering a fashion internship/ career there after I graduate in May, a lot of my opportunities are in NY, but I really think I might like LA better.
I'd love if you'd e-mail me anything you think I should know about LA vs. NY!

You definitely have a new follower :)
Hope you visit me!



Sunny Side-Up said...

Amazing outfit. Everything about breaths vintage sexy!