December 2010


Partial to the night sky

Forever 21 cardigan/scarf/lace-up boots, Nine West messenger bag, Gap button-up, DIY jean shorts and beret

Lynzy from Sparkling Footsteps asked me to do a guest post on her blog while she's away in NYC for the holidays. It was so sweet of her to ask me because I've never guest blogged before. Actually, I never even knew what it was until she mentioned it, ha. Thanks Lynzy for being patient with me and answering all of my questions! Head on over to her blog to view the rest of my post :)

P.S. today's weather was absolutely bone-chilling... tis the onset of winter in So Cal, eep.


City jungle

Dear Fieldbinder cropped jacket, DSquared gold bracelet, Alexander Wang velvet clutch, Dear Fieldbinder smock dress, Mango stone ring, Costume National stone ring, Alexander Wang leather shorts, ChloƩ Sevigny x Opening Ceremony platforms, House of Fraser fur scarf

This is my first Polyvore creation! Oh gosh that was tedious and dangerously fun. These are just a few pieces that I pictured would be perfect against New York's city scape... although the stuff I chose are probably not suitable for the snow storm that NY is experiencing. I just hope that our flight leaves/arrives on time... delays are no fun. Countdown: 14 days.


I'll try anything once

Forever 21 leather fringe vest/bangles/necklace, thrifted Allison Taylor silk blouse, American Apparel tights, vintage Esprit leather backpack, DIY American Eagle jean shorts

Aside from the random week long downpour that occurred last week, this is how California looks pretty much all year-round... and this is how my Christmas looked like. This year's Christmas day had a slight 'Indian summer' aura to it so I felt it necessary to whip out my fringed vest. I had a great weekend spending a little bit of each day with different people I love. Over the years I've been starting to appreciate how the holidays are actually more endearing and sentimental when it comes to merely spending time with people, rather than just accumulating a bunch of gifts (but it is nice, can't say it isn't). This year I didn't receive as many gifts as I had in the past but I'm more than content- the food, music, Christmas lights, and the presence of loved ones did it for me. Cheers to the holiday spirit!

Julian Casablancas - I'll Try Anything Once (cover)


Faking gold

Piko 1988 coat, vintage scarf, thrifted Allison Taylor silk blouse, Forever 21 leggings/pumps/accessories, thrifted bag

As soon as the rainclouds drifted away, I ventured out to welcome the sun-kissed air and finish last minute Christmas shopping. There's always something so beautiful about the day after a good rainstorm during the winter time- it has a warm, golden flare to it, almost reminiscent of spring mornings. The change in weather shook up my mood and I thought it would be fun to channel a modern 70s look with fur, cheetah prints, leggings, and nude shoes. These pumps from Forever 21 resemble YSL's/Steve Madden's 'Caryssa' pumps, but are just as (maybe not, but it's doable) comfy and cost almost 70% less!

Cheers to the holidays, and I hope everyone is having a spectacular Christmas! Much love and gratitude, xo.


Spring inspiration

images via, Tumblr, Bleach Black, Polyvore, and Oracle Fox

First picture: seeing Rebecca Taylor's SS'11 line made my eyes gleam. Every piece is so romantic and I'm definitely digging the vibe. I'm still unsure of how I feel about sheer skirts, but Rebecca Taylor executed the idea well and made them ever so subtle in the first two pictures (from the left). Second picture: Chloe Sevigny x Opening Ceremony Mary Ellen Platform to the left and Lover Tilly Lace Mini Dress to the right. Perfection all around. Third picture: Beautiful Roberto Cavalli dress and beautiful model. Clean, pretty, girly, muted, slightly sexy and lacy- all great for spring. Fourth picture: lovely silk sequined "Grappa Jacket" from Obakki... love its lack of shape/form. Last picture: I'm not sure whose couch this is but it's one heckuva couch; the textures and color scheme = perfect.


High and dry

thrifted Allen Allen sweater, Forever 21 scarf/socks/platforms, Perry Ellis lumberjack hat, thrifted bag/floral dress

It doesn't look like I was braving the rain in the pictures but I definitely was. As forecasted, the rain has been unrelenting and has pretty much taken away any opportunities to gallivant the places I've been meaning to go to. So Steve and I trotted over to Joe's Italian Ice for a BOGO deal only available on rainy days... and even that was a rigorous 15-minute drive. Soon after finishing my ice cream, I realized the rain was coming down too hard and it was getting too cold to sport socks under a pair of heels- I changed into my rain boots a little later on in the day and found walking through puddles to be fuss free and exhilarating haha.

The sweater and bag are my most recent thrifted finds and I l-o-v-e them! The sweater is a real nice earthy color and it has an incredible shape. The bag was in mint condition and has been a great companion in the rain. Christmas shopping has taken a toll on my piggy bank and I think I'll have to get back into thrifting for a little while- not that I mind, though :). It's definitely interesting what you can find- sometimes you can end up with a $5 gem, or you end up buying something (that you normally wouldn't at full price) that you can spruce up by DIY-ing.

Christmas is here in FOUR days! Time flew by so quickly... I felt like December just started a couple of day ago. In 22 days, I'll be roving the streets of New York (cannot even emphasize my excitement and stupor over the idea so I'll just leave that up to the countdown). I've been picking up some great pieces for the trip and I can't wait to wear them once I get there. 35-degree weather, I'm ready for you (I hope)! To end the post, here's some ear candy to soothe the soul. I've been listening to this against the sounds of the raindrops and I am feeling super relaxed right now. Enjoy:

Pete Kuzma feat. Bilal - High and Dry (Radiohead cover)


Stocking stuffers

Now I know Christmas is for the celebration of meaningful relationships with our friends and family but it's always fun to dream up that long list of unattainable (or very unattainable, actually, given my full-time college student status, lol) material goodies. So here it is, Santa, do as you wish (haha!):

Aldo Hessling Heels, Topshop Ginger Shearling Coat, Topshop Cameo Style Box Bag

ZARA Open Knit Jersey, ZARA Cable Knit Jersey

Lover Lace Cami Shorts (may I add that these are the most perfect lace shorts I've come across?)

Topshop Glitter Velvet Playsuit by Kate Moss, Marc Jacobs Saddlery Loulou Bag, Phillip Lim Cross Collar Dress, Marc Jacobs Yellow Jumble Laptop Case, Christian Louboutin Greissimo Pumps, Langoliers Black Isis Necklace

A girl can dream, and well, Christmas time is definitely a time for wishful thinking :)


Baby you can be the muse

Forever 21 cheetah coat/skinny pant/laced-up boots/feathered necklace/turban, Lucky Brand top, Nine West bag

Sorry for the mini hiatus! This weekend was rather relaxing and enjoyable but it seemed like a whirlwind at the same time- maybe it was a result of sleeping at really late hours (I'm so sensitive to caffeine it's not even funny) and then waking up late only to feel like much was needed to be done. Yesterday I celebrated a 21st birthday of one of my great gal friends in LA with Korean taco truck burritos, Japanese chicken wings, cupcakes, our friends Patron & Grey Goose, and dance parties. Uncontrollable laughter, good music and good food, and great company makes for an extraordinary night... sleepovers at age 21 are definitely a lot more entertaining haha! Anyway, isn't this cheetah coat amazing?! I was waiting to find a nice one at a thrift store or a vintage flea market but while getting some birthday shopping done at Forever 21, I found this and fell in love with the price and surprising quality of the coat. It's pretty thick and it kept me really warm even with just one layer underneath. Such a great find.

Winter break has commenced and I am so excited to start devoting my time towards crafty projects. I've got a few DIY projects in mind so a trip to a nearby thrift store is in order so I'm really excited to get my hands on some great pieces and make them golden. I'm also planning on cooking up designs and illustrations of my own... time to tap into Jenny circa 2001. In two weeks I'll be heading to Mammoth and experiencing snow for the first time EVER (yeah, where have I been all my life, right?). In one month, I'll be in New York for the first time EVER. Stay tuned folks :) but in the mean time, check out my Chictopia account (and if you're a member, please vote for my picture as I'm trying to win a trip to SF!) and this song that's been on heavy rotation for the past few days:


Neutral tones & knits

Some inspiration for upcoming winter and spring:
1. Crochet Fringe Vest from Free People
2. Silence & Noise Chiffon Knot Seamed Skirt from UO
3. Floral Dress from Lonely Hearts
4. Tape Yarn Beach Sweater from Free People
5. Dress and coat from Lonely Hearts
6. New Horizons Maxi Cardigan from Free People
7. Grey Antics Ultrasuede Split Back Dress from UO


Right before the pour

Gap jean jacket, Forever 21 floral dress/shorts/booties, Jessica Simpson clutch, Target stirrup tights, DIY draped necklace

Random downpour yesterday! Luckily I snuck in a few shots before the rain greeted my Sunday... ha-ha, get it? Gotta love California weather... so unpredictable. I thought it was going to be mildly warm so I wore these shorts and a light jacket... only to regret it a few hours later. Ah, well this post ends here- I'm trying to get my sleep cycle back on track so I should be sleeping soon... I'm determined to become an early bird this winter break... happy Tuesday!

P.S. boots = amazing find at Forever 21. I was on my way out after an unsuccessful search for Christmas gifts and then lo and behold! I spotted these lovelies. Another item to add to the list of Christmas gifts given to myself, oy.


Bricks and scones

Forever 21 coat/crochet halter/pants/accessories, UO heels, Jessica Simpson clutch

Spent the weekend in Beverly Hills and around L.A. with the boyfriend and his family- sampled decadent food and martinis prepared by world renown chefs, had Subway and Thai food respectively for lunch and dinner, got tea and scones (and ice cream!) for dessert. Best believe that my stomach was more than happy.

I'm beginning to appreciate mild winters that frequent So Cal. I can walk out in one semi-thick coat over a crocheted halter and I'd feel perfectly fine... mild winters allow for some freedom of movement, haha. Still, can't wait to experience bone-chilling temperature! 38 days until New York! Yesterday night I searched for places to eat at and I am already brimming with excitement to try some of these restaurants I stumbled upon on Yelp.

And... I've decided to debut my boyfriend, ha. That's him in the first picture- we did a little role reversal and I became the person behind the camera! Lastly, here's a song that I've been obsessed with for the past hour... cannot. stop. playing. this. song:

Mr. Little Jeans - Rescue Song (RAC Mix) by Remix Artist Collective


Stars and stripes

Forever 21 coat/plaid top/silk blouse/skirt/accessories, UO heels

Wandering into hidden woods and ethereal spots is so fun- they provide for great photo ops and a bunch of creepy stares from passerbys.

Thank goodness I started documenting my outfits. Daily pictures remind me of what I do and don't have- it's so scary that I cannot even remember what I had just purchased a few days ago... this has gotta be unhealthy. Anyway, most of what I'm wearing is from Forever 21, old and new, but mostly new. Plaid is pretty much a staple this time of the year. I paired it with the starry-patterned, silk blouse to add an extra layer of warmth- plus the lines go well against the stars, no? The gray coat is a byoot in person. It is fitted just right and is of the perfect length. Lastly, the knotted black skirt! Oh how I love it. I have a rather small frame so the knots on the front of this dress accentuate all the right parts. Yay for manipulation! :)