Untamed hair

H&M blazer, thrifted top/necklace, DIY jean shorts, American Apparel tights, Forever 21 headband/bracelet/boots, Old Navy messenger bag

For nights that are cold and for when your hair is excruciatingly stubborn, this headband from Forever 21 is the best. Excuse the painfully yellowy look of the photos- my walls are painted yellow and the color seemingly seeps into everything!

I have an unhealthy obsession with shoes and nail polish. Tonight, my obsession with the former is raging and I am finding myself abusing that 'add to cart' button on several online stores. HELP?


jemina said...

Love all of your pictures, and that bracelet is tdf

Wishing you a lovely weekend :)


gabrielle said...

love this look!


Jasmine said...

That hat/turban is wonderful Jenny! I need one in my closet for my own bad hair days! Your shoes are so great too Jenny! How you find all these amazing things at F21 just baffles me (like that amazingly huge-buttoned cardigan in your last post) since I can never find anything in that store! But of course you work (or worked?) in that store so I'm sure you have all the secrets down! I'm really enjoying your blog Jenny!

Anonymous said...

I love this look!!!