Study break

Forever 21 blouse/cardigan/cargos, UO necklace, thrifted lace tank/cheetah-print heels, vintage belt

Too much studying warrants a quick five-minute shoot, haha! I kind of like the way the girly lace offsets the boyish feel of the cargo pants, and how the structured look of the heels offsets the comfort of the oversized cardigan... I'm all about odd balances.


Sasha said...

Hi Jenny, I’ve just discovered your blog. Your looks are fantastic, and so are your pictures. Speaking of the latest outfit, I like each piece of it and the way you styled it. The shoes are amazing)
Keep up the updates)


Lia Waroka Putri said...

you r just awesome!

Lynzy said...

I absolutely fell in love with your blog when I found it today. I used to have a fashion blog (fromskirtstoskillets.blogspot.com) until I no longer wished to have my photos online (for personal reasons) and now have another blog! (http://sparklingfootsteps.blogspot.com)

I will be back for sure :)

xo Lynzy

jemina said...

Your blog is amazing, and you blog like a veteran, I'm following ya :)

Happy Weekend


Style Activist said...

Hello Jenny :)

I just found your blog through a twitter recommendation and eeekkkkk , so glad I did!
You are fabulous and gorgeous!
And those thrifted heels may be the best thrifted find I have ever seen!

Keep workin' it girl!
I am your newest follower.

style activist

Cella Babee said...

I love the shot of your shoes in the air! Hahah so cute :)

Anonymous said...

favorite post so far!

Sunny Side-Up said...

I really like those shoes so much. They have this comfy, sexy feel to them. Sigh.....I want a pair.

Stay sunny and warm!